How Long Does A Kingsdown Mattress Last? Click To Check

Kingsdown is among the top mattress brands in the market. Yet, some people are still vague about its products’ durability. So how long does a Kingsdown mattress last? How to tell if it’s time for a replacement? After trying this brand, I have some interesting things to share here!

How Long Does A Kingsdown Mattress Last? 

Kingsdown mattresses can last 8 to 10 years. Its comfort decreases in the first four to five years, but the 10-year warranty can get you covered!  

Are Kingsdown mattresses durable?

Yes, Kingsdown manufacturer combines natural sleep-inducing materials and premium latex to provide excellent comfort. The body-conforming foam is another advantage. Moreover, these products have above-average coil counts. Thus, they can offer impressive support, and you will also feel a comfortable sleeping surface.

Each mattress often has 3 layers. The first layer adds extra comfort and visual appeal. The second layer, made of memory foam, works together with the top layer to bring your comfort to the next level. While those 2 layers prioritize comfort, the last layer makes the product durable. It has 9 inches of pocketed coils to add firmness to the foam. You can also receive support from the coils. 

Moreover, to ensure durability, Kingsdown puts its products through rigorous testing. Only comfortable and consistent products can pass the test. 

The high-quality materials contribute to durability

How to know if a Kingsdown mattress needs to be replaced?

Kingsdown products can last up to 10 years. However, they may wear out sooner due to some reason. Here are some signs to replace these mattresses:

  • Age: If your mattress is over 8 years, start looking for a new one. The old mattress can’t give you the comfort and support you need. 
  • Sleep quality: If you wake up tired or restless, then consider replacing your mattress. 
  • Wear and tear: This company uses high-quality materials to manufacture its products. However, there are still signs of wear and tear. If you notice this situation, you can know that the mattress’s quality is decreasing. 
  • Allergies: The longer you use the foam, the more mold and bacteria in the air can develop on your bed. Then, they will affect your sleep, and you may also suffer from allergies. 
  • Pains: If you feel stiff and experience pain in your shoulders, backs, or hips, the mattress no longer provides proper support. 

How to extend your Kingsdown mattress’ lifespan?

Even durable mattresses like those from Kingsdown can wear out over time. But don’t worry! You can maintain their quality and extend their lifespan by following these tips:

  • Use a mattress cover to give it a protective shield. It can help away spills, dust mites, and other things that may damage the foam. 
  • Do not stand or jump on the bed. Otherwise, you may destroy the spring and its support system, making them less comfy. 
  • Remember to vacuum the mattress regularly to get rid of dirt and dust. If you want to deep clean it, consider mixing essential oils and baking soda to form a natural cleaning solution. 
  • The foundation you put the foam on is important. In this case, using a platform bed suitable for the Kingsdown model you buy would be best. 
  • Moisture is the enemy of the foam. Thus, always keep it in a dry, well-ventilated environment. 
  • Another way to add comfort to the mattress without sacrificing its support is to use the mattress pad. It will offer a protective layer.
Tips to extend their lifespan

Does A Kingsdown Mattress Need To Be Rotated? 

Yes. You should rotate your mattress after the first month of using it. Then, do it four times a year. Rotating helps even out the cushioning and insulation materials. You can, therefore, ensure the mattress stays comfortable and lasts longer. 

To rotate your mattress, remove all the blankets, pillows, and sheets from it first. Then, lift and turn the mattress around. After rotating, center the mattress on the bed frame until it can rest evenly. And finally, put back the sheets, blankets, and pillows. 

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Do Kingsdown Mattresses Sag? 

Yes. Like any mattresses from other brands, Kingsdown products may sag over time. The sagging issue can happen sooner if you don’t handle it properly. 

There are several reasons for it. For example, the materials can break down. Continuous pressure on the same areas may cause the mattress to lose its original shape. To avoid this problem, you can rotate the mattress regularly. Plus, notice the weight restriction of the product, and obey it.


Thanks to high-quality materials, Kingsdown mattresses may last 8 to 10 years. But if you notice any signs of wear and tear before that, consider replacing the mattress. Kingsdown is a good choice for durability. Even so, you should still be careful when using it. And with proper care, your mattress can last for years!