How Much Does A Helix Mattress Weigh? (Full Answer)

Helix is a renowned mattress brand with many products for different sleep preferences. One common question that arises when considering this brand is, “How much does a Helix mattress weigh?” 

The answer is depending on the size and collection. So I will answer and explain here to help you select the best model for your needs. Let’s see!  

How Much Does A Helix Mattress Weigh? 

Helix mattresses weigh from 58 to 145 pounds, depending on the model collection I show below.

Helix mattress weight chart

Helix offers a variety of collections, each with specific product parameters. I will show you the top 4 typical collections of the company.

Core Collection (lbs)Luxe Collection (lbs)Plus Collection (lbs)Kids Collection (lbs)
Twin58 83 70 60 
Twin XL61 85 73 
Full77 107 90 75 
Queen95 120 106 
King110 145 129 
Cal King115 145 129 

The Twin size is the most lightweight option available. If you want to set up a bed for a kid or a teenager, this size will be the best. It’s also compact, making moving and fitting into smaller spaces easy. The Twin XL is similar in width to the Twin, but it provides additional length for extra legroom, so this larger makes it heavier than the Twin size. 

When choosing a mattress for an adult, I prefer the Full size and up to. A Full size mattress weighs between 77 to 107 pounds. Meanwhile, if you want to choose a mattress for both you and your partner, then go for the Queen or King size. However, Queen or King size will weigh from 95 to 145 pounds, making transporting the mattresses difficult. Besides, the California king size is slightly heavier than the King size but offers more sleeping areas. 

Is the Helix mattress easy to move? 

Some methods to transport the heavy foam

As I have shared above, it depends on each model. If you buy King or California king size, you need at least two strong adults to support you due to its weight and large dimension. With Twin and Twin XL, they are easier to transport because of light weight.

Luckily, the individually wrapped coils in the memory foam of Helix mattresses provide some flexibility when navigating stairs and tight hallways. But be careful when maneuvering around corners or through narrow spaces. To move a mattress, I follow the manufacturer’s instructions, they say that you should arrange one adult on each side. Besides, lifting from the bottom makes it easier to carry around. 

Moreover, Helix also highlights that their mattresses become more difficult to transport once they have fully expanded. So, make sure to place them in their intended room or on the bed frame before removing them from the packaging. 

Does the weight of the Helix mattress affect your sleep?

No. The weight of the mattress doesn’t directly affect your sleep quality. In my experience, it’s more relevant when moving or maneuvering the foam. The weight primarily becomes a factor during the initial setup, and another case to consider the heaviness of the foam is when you want to relocate it. 

Other hand, when it comes to sleep, what matters most is the support, comfort, and overall design. In this case, Helix products won’t disappoint you! 

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Consider various factors before buying

Are Heavier Helix Mattresses Better? 

It depends. Both heavy and lightweight mattresses can affect a bit to sleep experiences. Aside from the weight, you need to consider other factors, such as materials, construction techniques, and performances that Helix mattresses bring. 

However, a heavy mattress may give a perception of durability and stability. Meanwhile, lightweight mattresses are more convenient for maneuvering and transportation.

Is The Weight Of A Mattress Important? 

While a heavier mattress may suggest the presence of more layers, it doesn’t guarantee added comfort. Initially, I used to associate heaviness with quality, but the weight alone doesn’t determine the overall performance or comfort of a memory foam mattress. Instead, the materials used in its construction are more important to consider when choosing the mattress. 

So, do not solely rely on the weight! It’s essential to do thorough research and understand the composition of the foam. You should also look for high-quality companies with a good reputation that use durable and supportive materials. 

How To Transport Heavy Mattresses? 

Start by preparing the necessary equipment, such as a dolly to lift and transport the big foam. Also, gather bubble wrap, tie-down straps, and cardboard to protect it during the move. I recommend covering the foam layers with a plastic bag so dust and dirt on the road won’t penetrate it. This tip also helps maintain the memory foam’s condition. 

In case you want to avoid the hassle of packaging and moving the mattress yourself, then hiring professional movers is a viable option. They have the expertise to handle heavy foams efficiently.

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So, I think you got the answer for the weight of Helix mattresses. It generally weighs from 58 to 145 pounds. Thus, you can select the best size and model for your needs by considering the brand’s collections. This brand is famous for its high-quality products. So, spend a little time researching the foam’s weight, material, and construction, not just only the weight of the mattress.