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How Much Does A Kevlar Mattress Cost?

Choosing the right mattress is very important for any customer. When making a purchase, you will often be interested in many different aspects such as the brand, highlight features, or the affordable price of the product. 

Currently, Kevlar mattress products are also gradually gaining attention in the mattress market thanks to their safety and durability. 

So, why is this mattress good and how much does a Kevlar mattress cost? Our sharing will provide the answer for you. Let’s get started!

How Much Does A Kevlar Mattress Cost? 

In terms of material prices, Kevlar synthetic fibers are quite more expensive than some other materials commonly used to make mattresses, such as cotton, foam, or bamboo. As a result, this type of mattress also has a higher price compared to other mattresses

However, there is no fixed price, as product prices sometimes depend on the brand and type of the products. Currently, you can find Kevlar mattress products on Amazon or Alibaba for as low as $100 for a mid-range product. If you want a high-quality product, consider options that cost $300 or more. 

Kevlar actually is not a mattress but a fabric made from the Kevlar fiber developed by DuPont. This material not only can be fireproof or bulletproof but also nontoxic and noncarcinogenic. So it is not surprising if the price of a Kevlar mattress is costlier.

Kevlar Mattress Material Overview

This is a registered trademark by DuPont. It is a tough, stiff aramid synthetic fiber that is well known for its application in reinforcing synthetic resins in bulletproof vests or personal protective equipment. 

The advantages of this material are high strength, lightweight, and perfect heat resistance. Therefore, this material has been used to manufacture common products such as tires, gloves, shoes, and even mattresses. 

In addition, this material also has an excellent resistance to many different chemicals. As a result, it is often applied to produce specialized protective gloves or bulletproof vests.

Kevlar is a tough, stiff aramid synthetic fiber

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What Are Special Benefits From A Kevlar Mattress ?

With such a price, do you wonder what are the advantages of this material that make the mattress special from other ones in the industry? Here is the list of answers for you.

High Tensile Strength 

Compared to many other materials used in mattresses, Kevlar has a fairly high tensile strength. A mattress made with this material can have a tensile strength from 2600 to approximately 3700 MPa. Therefore, these products will withstand large impact forces without much stretching after a long time of use.

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This material can have a tensile strength between 2600-3700 MPa 

Chemical Stability At High Temperatures

This material has excellent heat resistance. And according to many studies, its chemical properties can still be stable at high temperatures as 545 degrees Celsius, and can even be stable at higher temperatures.

Therefore, in case you use this type of mattress in a thermal condition, there is no need to worry that the mattress will release substances, which are harmful to health.

Fire Resistance

As mentioned, the heat resistance of Kevlar materials is really impressive. With heat resistance up to more than 500 degrees Celsius, this type of material is applied in the production of mattresses with effective fire retardant function. This feature is also one of the top advantages of Kevlar mattresses.

This material has heat resistance up to more than 500 degrees Celsius

High Durability 

According to the three previous strengths, we cannot deny that Kevlar not only has a tight structure but is also very flexible. Therefore, Kevlar mattress products are usually very durable. If you choose a product from this sustainable material and use it correctly, its durability can last up to 10 years or more.

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Temperature Regulation 

Products made with this material are often appreciated for their ability to regulate temperature, especially mattresses. You can completely feel the coolness in the afternoon as well as the warmth in the cold night. This is an outstanding advantage of this type of mattress.

Does Any Health Risks In A Kevlar Mattress? 

Normally, many manufacturers use fiberglass material as a fire retardant for mattresses, and this material can cause allergies for users. While Kevlar mattresses prioritize health and safety, it’s essential to be informed about other materials in the market. Some mattresses use materials like fiberglass, which can pose health risks. It’s crucial to know which Mattress Brands use Fiberglass and make an informed decision.

In fact, low-quality product lines will contain very little Kevlar material, instead, there are cheaper fireproof materials that can be hazardous to their health.

Otherwise, high-end Kevlar mattresses do not need to add fiberglass, because the Kevlar material itself has effective fire resistance. However, it is not toxic to the user, even in direct exposure to the skin. Therefore, its products are always confident for the health safety level.


In the industry, Kevlar material has always been known as a premium material. It has a variety of standout benefits, as well as flexible application, not just for mattresses. 

Therefore, the price of Kevlar mattress products will definitely be slightly higher than some other product lines. However, the advantages of this durable material will certainly not let you down.


Do Kevlar mattresses have good water-resistant ability?

Kevlar is a material that can not only withstand high temperatures but can also resist water quite well. According to research, this material can be exposed to water for 200 days without changing. But we don’t recommend leaving your mattress wet all the time. 

Where can you buy a Kevlar mattress?

Currently, you can buy these products on e-commerce platforms, for example, Alibaba or Amazon. These are major platforms that help you connect with reputable mattress manufacturers to get high-quality products for your home.

Is it easy to maintain Kevlar mattresses?

With high durability, these mattresses will not take you too much effort to maintain. A handheld vacuum cleaner is what you need.

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