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How Much Should You Pay For Pillows? 7 Secrets & Today’s Best Deals

The price of the pillows depends on the kind and brand you want to purchase. Feather pillows are often more costly, although latex pillows may be a better alternative for individuals on a budget. How much should you pay for pillows? It is dependent on the pillow’s quality. You may purchase pillows for as little as $20 or $2000 for high-end pillows. Finding a suitable pillow will provide you with excellent sleep quality and comfort without breaking the budget. Let’s explore the following article in detail!

How Much Should You Pay For Pillows?

Pillows may be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $2000 for high-end pillows.

Memory foam filled, feather filled, regular foam chips loaded, and other types of pillows are available. You’ll have to experiment to see what works best for you.

Bamboo pillows: $30 – $500

Bamboo pillows get their name from the bamboo fibers that make up their casings. They provide a great sleeping surface for your head and neck.

Many bamboo pillows are adjustable, allowing you to use them in various sleeping positions. Sleepers may adjust the feel of their cushion using bamboo pillows that have inside zippers.

Depending on their features and distinctiveness, they range from $30 to $500.

Many businesses run regular hot deals and promotions. For example, Amazon offers you a variety of prices with free shipping, saving you a lot of money.

Polyfill Pillows: $10 – $100

A polyfill pillow has polyester as its pillow fill. Polyfill filling is the most common stuffing because of its soft, resilient, and exceptionally fluffy nature.

It is most people’s favorite option since they are hypoallergenic. Pillows made of polyfill may cost as little as $10 or $100. It all depends on your preferences.

Cotton Pillows: $20 – $1000

Cotton can absorb up to a fifth of its weight in water before becoming moist. So you’ll never have to worry about a sweaty, hot pillow when you use one.

Cotton pillows are the most adaptable of all the cushion types. They are appropriate for various sleepers, but they lack the flexibility of feather pillows.

For all of those reasons, you may find the cotton pillows in the price range that vary from $20 to $1000.

Latex Pillows: $30 – $800

A latex pillow conforms to your natural sleeping shape, giving significant head, neck, and shoulder support and guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep.

There are two types of Latex. Synthetic Latex is derived from petroleum products, whereas natural Latex comes from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis).

As a result, their prices also fluctuate quite widely, ranging from $30 to $800.

Down Pillows: $100 – $2000

Down is softer and fluffier than feathers. It’s more pricey than feather pillows, but it provides better overall comfort.

However, they’re also not recommended for sensitive individuals. They’re also not suitable for sweaty people since they contain no moisture.

Anyway, this item is excellent. It comes with prices ranging from $100 to $2000 depending on the style and quality desired.

Feather pillows: $30 – $2000

Natural duck or goose feathers are the materials of feather pillows. They provide medium to firm support for back and side sleepers.

Feather pillows are suitable for those who change sleeping positions often during the night since they quickly fit the contour of the new position.

Feathers’ thicker structure gives more support and lifespan for your head and neck. They are thus enclosed in a well-stitched, high-quality casing.

The quality of pillows varies by manufacturer and producing method, causing prices to vary widely from $30 to $2000.

Memory Foam Pillows: $20 – $500

Memory foam is stiff at first but softens with pressure and body heat, allowing it to adapt to the body’s curves. So, it cradles the neck and head when sleeping.

Memory foam is not a very breathable, and it may trap heat and cause discomfort. So, it is problematic for those with a high body temperature.

Memory foam pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It influences the price, but most memory foam pillows cost $20 to $500.

Why Should You Invest In Your Pillow?

Pillows are an essential part of any sleep. After all, we spend almost a third of our lives with our heads propped up on a pillow.

A proper pillow supports the complicated structures in your head and neck.

It works with the correct mattress to align your shoulders, hips, and spine.

If you’ve ever bought a pillow from the end cap at Walmart or Target, you know how a pillow for $4.99 or less feels after a few nights. It’s thin and bumpy and doesn’t keep its form for long.

These pillows are made from low-cost materials that aren’t good for your skin or hair when moving about all night. You now realize how vital a quality pillow is to your sleep.

Today, don’t hesitate to invest in a premium pillow. This money will save you from potential future neck and spine problems.

Are Expensive Pillows Worth the Money?

Investing more money in pillows means receiving better sleep. Yet, price isn’t always a consideration; a low-cost pillow might be as comfy as an expensive one.

The perception of expensive or cheap is different for each person. Thus, there are several factors that you need to consider to get a worthy expensive pillow.

If you sleep on your back, go for a flatter pillow for better head and neck alignment no matter how much you spend. If you sleep on your side, a thicker cushion will help fill up the gap left by your shoulder.

If you’re looking for a more expensive down pillow, search for phrases like “hypoallergenic,” “fill power,” “freshness ensured,” or “clean and dust-free” as quality assurance.

Besides, foam pillows tend to feel warm due to their density. So if you like a cold head at night, spending a little extra on a memory foam pillow with a cooling-gel surface might help you sleep better.

Finally, you should change the cheap items more often than you think. Therefore, investing in an expensive product is the best future value for money.

This video summarizes the useful tips for choosing the best pillow for sleep.


Now, have you known the answer: “how much should you pay for pillows?” They may be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $2000 for high-end pillows.

However, it’s important to remember that comfort should come first, then price.

Pillows should be capable of keeping you comfortable during the night and preventing you from waking up in agony.

Besides, more adjustable pillows have been available recently, ensuring exceptional value for your money. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to find a reasonably priced item of sufficient quality.

Please share with other readers and us about the pillow you bought. It is our honor to listen to you.

Have a nice day and see you soon!

David Elkie

David Elkie

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