How To Choose Right Reading Lamp For Bedroom: 5 Easy Tips

There are many lamps on the market that can make you confused when choosing one. You keep wondering the same question if two lamps are enough, how big they should be for your room, or if the reading lamp will fit your room’s purposes. 

Whether you are reading in bed or lying on your comfort cushion, it is important to have a good reading light. Therefore, depending on what goals you want to achieve while buying lamps, choose the ideal reading lamps for the bedroom.  This article will guide you throughout to make your decision on how to choose right reading lamp for  bedroom.

What Are Reading Lamps?

A reading lamp is a piece of furniture that functions specifically for reading. The lamp directs light to where you want to read, which helps you read easily and also reduces eye strain.  This kind of lamp is usually kept on the table or in a small wardrobe in the bedroom, but you need to measure the bed or the table for a better purchasing experience. They not only keep you comfortable while reading but also be an aesthetic decor for your bedroom.

How Many Lamps Do You Need?

Generally, if you are single, you only need one lamp for the bedroom. With partners, two lamps for each side will be perfect for happy reading time. You should eliminate the source to make your room bright. It should not be enough for you to read. If you have a large bedroom or King-size, Queen-sized bed, you should also consider having two lamps for the comfort of reading.

How To Choose Right Reading Lamp For Bedroom

Now, we provide you with some tips to choose a proper reading lamp for your bedroom:

Light levels

Picking the right brightness level is important for your eyes since reading in low light levels is quite harmful. It will not cause lasting damage to your vision but will lead to eye strain. The eyes have to adjust more frequently when you are reading in conditions where there is not enough light. They become weaker.

However, in the bedroom, you need to opt for a reading lamp that is not very bright but still gets you enough light for reading. The more bright the lamps, the less chance of falling asleep. So it would be recommended to have warmer lights for pleasant reading in bed.


The size of reading lamps matters if you are a bedtime reader. The purpose of having the lamp is to give enough light for reading, so you won’t need the lamps that stay over your head or shine directly into your eyes. This kind of lamp should be measured by the width of your table or small cabinet and the nightstand on which the lamp is placed.


The correct reading lamp shade can balance the lamp.  The shade is responsible for adjusting the light of the lamp and also adds character to the table lamp and a more cohesive look.

The rules shade’s height should be about two-thirds of the reading lamp’s, and the width should be at least twice the widest lamp’s width. For the ideal bedtime reading, the shade suggests being near eye level while sitting up.

There are no quick rules for choosing the shape of table lamps. However, the lamp’s shade should be in the same phase as the reading lamps. For example, if the lamp is rough, it will elegant if you choose the sharp one for shade.


The room is your own little space. It should be a suitable match with your lovely decor and keep your comfort place more self-expression personality. As long as it goes along with everything in your room, the style is up to you.

Temperature of color

Choosing the right color temperature for reading in the bedroom is crucial. It boils down to your preference for either a warm or cool light. A higher color temperature gives off a cooler light, while a lower temperature produces a warmer glow. For a comfortable reading environment, aim for a color temperature that is no higher than 3000 Kelvin and not lower than 2700 Kelvin.


This guide provides ideas for selecting the right reading lamp for your bedroom, considering brightness and style. Choose lamps that don’t harm eyes and complement your room’s decor. Consider modern, tech-inspired, or traditional designs, and incorporate patterns and colors like palm trees, Hawaiian, or holiday themes.