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How To Stabilize A Metal Bed Frame? 4 Helpful Tips

Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. However, do you know how the role of a bed frame affects your sleep? One of the factors that significantly affect the quality of your sleep is the bed, specifically the bed frame. Moreover, you also need to ensure your mattress is in good condition. You will occasionally hear squeaking from a metal-framed pallet. How to stabilize a metal bed frame? This article will provide some helpful solutions for dealing with this problem.

How To Stabilize A Metal Bed Frame?

Do you have a wobbly metal frame? You may need to strengthen it to make it endure better and provide your family members with significant extra support. Below are the most effective ways to make a metal pallet more stable.

Add slats

A simple method to reinforce a standard bed frame is by inserting more slats between its metal parts. This gives additional support and relieve pressure on the current structure when adding more weight to your pallet. Slats are easily available at local shops or online. Note that, you need to measure the bed frame’s width before purchasing.

Besides, you might even have a couple of slats bolted in place. However, you can quickly fill in every gap with additional or fix old, damaged slats with better ones. The slat made of metal is more durable than a wooden bed frame. So, if your existing frame features wooden slats, replacing them with metal is a good solution.

How to add slats to your pallet structure? Follow the tips below:

  • Drill additional holes in the frame so that you can crew the extra slats in place.
  • Check to see if the replacement slats are precisely the correct size.
  • Ensure that new slats do not protrude from the old slats since they might make your bed unpleasant to lie on.
  • Insert the slat in its proper location and secure it with screws.

Tighten the screws

Next, you may need to tighten the screws, this is also the most common trick many overlook while fortifying the metal bed frames. You have to ensure that you tighten all the crews, pins, and also bolts as much as possible to have a sturdy bed frame pallet.

If these details are tight enough, it’s hard for them to come loose and keep the structure together for many years. Tightening the crews seems easy, but some people still don’t know where they should start. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Remove any decorative items such as the mattress, the pillow, or the box spring if having.
  • Check for bolts, screws, or pins by turning the bed frames inverted and over each joint.
  • Using a screwdriver, tighten each fastener as much as possible.

Screws might weaken over time, making the metal bed frame structure less stable. If the pallet is old and worn out, replacing the screws or bolts will be great.

Get a new support beam.

If you check below the pallet frame’s metal, you’ll discover a beam for weight support in the middle. These parts are utilized to offer the slats further support and keep the bed’s center from sinking.

If these support beams weaken with time, they might not be able to offer appropriate support, causing the pallet to become unstable. It would help if you substituted existing support beams for new ones.

These items are easy to find at hardware shops or furniture stores. You’ll also need to replace the support beams’ legs, which assist in the core supports strength. You can follow the following suggestions to replace the support beams:

  • Remove the current support beam.
  • Measure the support beams to determine the correct size to purchase.
  • If your previous support beam comes with a low-quality material, you have to replace it with a higher-quality beam.
  • Hook up the new support beams with the old mounting holes and secure them. That’s all done.

Purchase a new metal bed frame

While strengthening your old metal bed frame is a suitable method to save money, sometimes you need to invest in a new structure. Among the different options on the market, a heavy-duty pallet is the best choice. They’ve been built specifically for commercial use.

They are often composed of stricter materials than conventional metal bed frames. They will have reinforcement to keep them sturdy over time.

What To Do If Your Metal Bed Frame Is Broken?

Any bed frame suffers multiple weight pressure. These bed frames support the weight of the mattress, your partner’s, your kid’s, and yours. Sometimes, your children may jump on them for fun without considering the bed frame’s pressure.

Nothing lasts forever! Even if it’s a high-quality metal bed frame, it will eventually break. Some people tend to throw a broken frame away, which is wasteful. Instead, you can still fix it to make it stronger. Here are some tips:


Metal frames with legs are available in a variety of heights. Legs that aren’t sturdy enough will be unable to support your body weight and the mattress. For this reason, when purchasing this kind of bed frame, you should choose a highly durable one.

It should be sturdy enough to withstand two adults’ weight and, most likely, and a or two kids. If you have a frame with a broken leg, how to fix it? Follow the steps below.

First, finding where the squeaky noise came from and then inspecting the box springs and the frame connectors. Use a stack of books to support this broken metal bed frame section to distribute weight evenly over the pallet structure at all angles.

Next, weld that broken leg yourself if you have the necessary tools and grasp a good understanding of welding. Otherwise, it’s best to contact a skilled welder to mend it.

The welded leg is usually not as sturdy as the others. You can get advice from the welder on strengthening it or a piece of the metal bed frame to prevent causing further damage. Getting a new leg or adding a second one near the welded piece might be the best solution in that case.

Using a wood piece

Welding may be costly. Don’t worry! If welding isn’t your way, you can try other options to repair a damaged bed leg, like using a wood piece. Common wood crossbars may be obtained at any hardware store. It is cheap and may be used in conjunction with or in place of your metal bed frame to help stabilize it.

It appears to be a straightforward task. Here is how to do it:

  • Cut a wood piece while ensuring it should have the same height as the broken leg.
  • Make sure the hardwood is at least 40 millimeters square. Remember that the broader the timber, the more stable it is.
  • Lay the cut timber piece on the lid of a jar. Make sure these cut hardwood pipes stay three in number for more significant support.
  • Lift the frame using the car jack to the position where to place three cut pieces of wood beneath it easily.
  • The remaining cut timber pieces may be set below the bed wherever you see suitable.

How To Fix Metal Bed Slat?

Slats are designed to support the mattress base or metal bed frame. They provide support for mattresses and your body weight. Slats help keep the mattress against sinking by evenly distributing body weight.

So, like the leg, slats withstand the considerable weight. Damages to slats are rare, but nothing lasts forever. If you have broken slats, you can do it yourself if you have much spare time, as the fixing process may take longer than you think.

Step 1: Remove the mattress

The first thing you should do is take your mattress out of the bed frame. Next, lay your mattress in another room to make sure it doesn’t stand in the way of repairing the broken slat. So, to check the metal frame, you should consider putting aside the box spring and the mattress from the metal frame to stabilize the metal bed frame.

Because box spring, mattress, or padding is heavy and uncomfortable for you to repair the frame, which can hide the repaired areas and also put more weight on the frame, causing it to collapse.

Step 2: Prepare the metal brackets

Note that before repairing the crack, inspect the damage magnitude. Bend solid metal with a rubber mallet after checking the damage.

You don’t need to weld, but you must prepare metal brackets. Choose the straight ones. Moreover, metal brackets should be robust. Check for rust and corrosion resistance. Most brackets include a protective layer on the surfaces to avoid scratches. These factors work together to make your metal bracket durable and attractive. Remember that the size of the metal brace mustn’t exceed the width of the slat.

Step 3: Drill a hole in the metal slat

You should avoid drilling any or many holes in the slat. One spot is sufficient on each side for the screw to pass through. Mount these metal brackets in the slat and highlight where you want to drill. Begin drilling when you’ve finished marking. Make the hole using a drill. It’s more convenient, and you’ll avoid weakening the slat.

Step 4: Fix the brackets in place.

The brackets’ function connects the two halves of the fractured metal slat. They do an excellent job of securing the brackets. Therefore, after drilling, fasten the brackets to the slat.

Step 5: Add a leg to provide support

The slat still needs additional support even when you install some metal brackets. These brackets might be able to keep the fractured slats together well. So, check all the brackets you have installed and properly repair the broken slat.

Moreover, inspect whether these brackets can withstand the weight of the mattress and yours. If the answer is yes, there is no need for a support leg. But it’s not the case, a support leg is essential.


After reading this article, have you known how to stabilize a metal bed frame? You can apply ways to make your metal pallet more stable, such as tightening the crews, adding slats, getting a new beam, or purchasing a new one. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!

David Elkie

David Elkie

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