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Does IKEA Mattress Have Fiberglass? Popular Models

Fiberglass is often used as a flame retardant. However, it can also have adverse effects on human health. 

In case you are going to buy an Ikea mattress, you are probably wondering, “Does Ikea mattress have fiberglass?” 

Therefore, we are pleased to share with you some useful information for your peace of mind in the process of choosing the right mattresses for you. 

Does Ikea Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

Does Ikea mattress have fiberglass? The answer is no

The answer is no. Their mattresses do not contain fiberglass

Many manufacturers on the market choose fiberglass as a leading fireproof material for their products because of its low price. 

But to protect the health of users, many other manufacturers have prioritized choosing higher-grade materials instead of fiberglass, and so does Ikea. 

Is There Anything Harmful In The Main Components Of Ikea Mattresses?

No. A mattress is made with many different materials, and fiberglass acts as a fireproof material. But this company makes mattresses without fiberglass by using other fire retardants, such as rayon and polyester. 

To prevent your mattresses from catching fire, both these substances are equally efficient as fiberglass. 

One of the main justifications given by manufacturers for producing fiberglass mattresses is flame protection, but this brand offers alternatives. 

Since they pride themselves on being a responsible furniture company, they make sure that the materials used to make their products are safe for customers. 

It is safe to assume that their mattresses are free of toxins because they do not off-gas much.

Are There Other Products Of The Brand That Are Likely To Contain Fiberglass?

As mentioned, Ikea is one of the most famous brands, and they need to demonstrate their responsibility by complying with industry regulations and taking care of the health of their users to maintain that reputation.

Therefore, this brand insists that they do not use fiberglass in the manufacturing process. The materials they use are safe for human health and meet industry regulations.

Is An Ikea Mattress Really Better Than The One With Fiberglass?

Compared to mattresses containing fiberglass, such as Synthes mattresses, Ikea products are more well-liked for their good sturdiness, good breathability, and better ability to support many sleeping positions. 

Besides, their mattresses are friendlier for customers’ health than the fiberglass items that Synthes does not contain. 

At the same time, thanks to the use of other high-quality fireproof materials, Ikea mattresses can ensure their safety. 

This brand is absolutely an option worth considering if you are looking for a new mattress for your family.

About Ikea Mattress 

Ikea is a well-known brand around the world. This brand offers users a variety of products of reliable quality, including mattresses. 

So what do you know about their mattresses? Are they as good as advertised? Here is our information for you.

What Is Special About The Mattresses From Ikea?

Your selection of mattresses at this brand will never be simpler. Whatever your preferred sleeping style, size, and level of comfort, their most popular mattress types and toppings are available. 

Similar to other brands, Ikea also offers buyers a wide range of mattress products with many choices of sizes, materials, and prices. So, whatever your budget or the mattress you prefer, Ikea could be your first choice.

The Most Popular Models And Products From Ikea

Foam mattress is a worth considering option

Which type of mattress do you prefer? A wide and solid one for stretching out, or a soft and inviting one to sink into? 

This brand can meet your needs by offering their two most popular mattress types, namely, foam or latex mattresses and spring mattresses. 

Mattresses made of foam and latex conform to your body’s curve and appropriately distribute your weight. These mattresses support your entire body without putting additional strain on any particular body regions.

Its open-spring construction, however, makes a significant distinction from latex and foam mattresses in that it promotes airflow across your mattress.

Why Should You Consider Buying The Products From Ikea?

First of all, surely no one can deny that Ikea is a famous brand in the world, and this helps this brand be more trustworthy. 

In addition to its professional working style and customer care, this brand is popular with shoppers because it provides a very reasonable return and warranty policy. This makes shoppers feel more secure about choosing and using products from Ikea. 

Above all, the brand prioritises using cutting-edge technologies to manufacture products, which ensures that the quality of their products is always very high. 

What Are The Top 3 Most Popular Ikea Products?

Foam mattress is a must-try option for hot sleepers

Our first recommendation for you is their VESTERÖY Pocket sprung mattress. If you’re not a fan of memory foam mattresses, this affordable pocket-sprung product is one of our most popular options. 

Two layers of foam are placed on top of the 15.5 cm pocket-sprung core, which is then covered with polyester and cannot be removed. 

It is an ideal product for someone who gets hot at night or perspires a lot because it is classified as a “chilly” mattress to lie on. 

Our second option that you should try is the Ikea Valevåg Pocket sprung mattress. It is similar in design to their VESTERÖY, but deeper. 

This mattress has a 17.5 cm pocket spring core, on top of which are two layers of PU foam, and is covered with non-removable polyester.

Finally, there is their Morgedal memory foam. This is a straightforward and budget-friendly memory foam mattress. 

It has a 7.5 cm foam core with an additional 10 cm of memory foam on top. It provides you with a sense of relaxation and comfort.


Ikea always puts their users’ health first, which is one of the reasons why this brand does not use fiberglass in its mattress manufacturing process. 

So, if you want to own a mattress with guaranteed quality and safety for your health, consider choosing an Ikea mattress.


Do all mattresses have fiberglass?

The answer is no. As mentioned, fiberglass is a popular choice for mattress manufacturers because of its low cost. But not all brands, typically Ikea,  use fiberglass in the production of their mattresses.

Can fiberglass harm your health?

Yes. If you come into contact with fiberglass, you may experience itching, redness, and discomfort. In more severe conditions, fiberglass can harm your respiratory system.

Can you find any fiberglass in an Ikea mattress?

No. This brand has prioritized using other fireproof materials that are safer for users’ health instead of fiberglass.

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