Are Leesa Mattresses Toxic? (Correct Answer Is Here)

Are Leesa mattresses toxic? Many people wonder about this question when considering a new mattress from Leessa mattress for their sleep sanctuary. I always value my well-being, so I have researched non-toxic mattresses a lot.

Today, I will explore the materials used in Leesa mattresses. Let’s follow this guide to discover everything about them! 

Are Leesa Mattresses Toxic? 

The short answer is No. Leesa does not ever chemically treat their fabrics, foams, or mattresses. The company also always checks materials carefully when manufacturing its mattresses. 

What are Leesa mattresses made of?

The Leesa mattress has 3 foam layers and a fabric cover, each layer having specific characteristics: 

  • The first layer: This is a comfort layer, helps you sleep comfortably and stays cool thanks to the breathable memory foam. 
  • The second layer: This layer is known as a recovery layer, provides support and relieves pressure on your body. 
  • The bottom layer: The bottom of the mattress is made of a robust memory foam material that imparts structural integrity to the mattress. This material allows it to retain its desired shape and enhance its longevity over time.

The company also mentions that its memory foam has a CertiPUR-US certification. CertiPUR-US is a certification program created by the flexible polyurethane foam (FPF) industry. It ensures that certified FPFs meet the standards for their emissions, durability, and content.

According to the certification, the foam has no harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, flame retardants, lead, or anything that harms the environment. 

Please note that these products contain polyurethane foam that allows users to compress and fit them into a box for delivery. Yet, polyurethane foam is not organic or natural, and it has some synthetic compounds called VOCs. So, despite being safe, they are not entirely natural. 

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Do Leesa mattresses have fiberglass?

Yes. These models have fiberglass in their support core. This fiberglass material enables optimal airflow within the mattress, facilitating a fresh and well-ventilated sleep environment. These mattresses do not have flame-retardant chemicals, instead, Leesa uses a unique fiberglass to protect the foam from fire. 

The manufacturer covers fiberglass in a fabric sleeve, so it is not directly in contact with your skin. Thus, it’s safe to use and not harmful to your health. 

Is there off-gassing with Leesa mattresses?

Yes. When I first set up my Leesa mattress, I noticed a slight smell that was off-gassing. This issue is normal and happens with many new products. Fortunately, the smell will disappear after a few days. I keep my room well-ventilated by opening windows or using a fan to speed up the process. 

Another tip to deal with off-gassing is to remove the mattress cover for 2 days to let the air within the foam out. Doing these things helps the off-gassing smell to disappear, and now my bed feels fresh and comfortable to sleep on. 

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Do Leesa products have latex? 

No. Latex is a natural material often used in this industry, but Leesa doesn’t use it. Latex comes from the rubber tree’s sap. The manufacturer collects and processes the sap to make latex foam, which is famous for its supportive properties. Thus, it is an important component of natural or organic mattresses.

Even though you can’t find latex in Leesa mattresses, they are free from harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can rest assured about their safety, as they do not pose any concerns in that regard.  

Where Is Leesa Manufactured? 

The manufacturing of Leesa mattress brand takes place within the United States, as the company operates 2 separate factories situated in both Virginia and California. They both use modern technology and have a team of experts who oversee the production process. The Virginia factory is in Bedford, while Leesa sets up their California factory in Avenal City. After assembling the mattresses in these factories, the company will ship them to your house. 

The headquarters of the company is in Avenue, Virginia. The proximity of the manufacturing process to the head office adds to the sense of satisfaction. 

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Is Leesa A Good Mattress Brand? 

My mattress from this brand is comfortable and gives me a good sleep every nights. This mattress has a balance of support and cushioningMoreover, they are also non-toxic because the manufacturer does not use any harmful chemicals. This brand enjoys favorable reviews and boasts a stellar reputation with customer satisfaction, making it a good choice for your sleep.


So are Leesa mattresses toxic? The answer is definitely not! The company only utilizes safe and free-chemical materials in the manufacturing process. Hopefully, Lessa mattress brand and our reviews can be ideal for your needs.