Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass? The Shocking Truth

No one has had any problems with Lucid mattresses thus far until accusations of the brand’s fiberglass construction are raised. Does Lucid mattress have fiberglass? 

Public opinions are mixed: devoted fans try their best to defend the label, while others are just in two minds about which is true and which isn’t. It’s time for us to put a stop to this madness!  

Keep scrolling through our guidelines for the awaited revelation. 

Does Lucid Mattress Have Fiberglass?

The answer is yes! It’s shocking, we know, considering the millions of comments and praises that Lucid has received over the past few years. But it’s time to get down to the truth. 

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How Much Is The Fiberglass Ratio In Lucids Mattresses?  

Studies and experiments by mattress experts have confirmed that 80% of Lucid mattresses contain fiberglass. However, the proportion between fiberglass and other substances in the products has not yet been determined. 

Why does such a beloved brand like Lucid still cave into fiberglass usage? There are several reasons:

For example, fiberglass has been shown to insulate temperatures, resulting in stronger thermal barriers. Once blended with other highly combustible substances, they could bring sleepers exceptional comfort.

When the mattress catches fire, the insulating fiberglass acts as a protective coat, melting (rather than burning). It delays the fire’s spread, meaning the flammable parts within your bed will take much longer to contact the flames. 

Sounds good, right? But none of those benefits can compensate for the significant health consequences that we will discuss right after this section.

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How Are the Fiberglass In Lucid Mattress Dangerous To Your Health?

Building Engineers and other professionals often use safety glasses, gloves, and protective suits during their fiberglass handling, but that’s because they know the material exists in the first place. 

Can you imagine what would happen in your house, where most fiberglass is totally undetected? 

Fiberglass and skin irritation often go hand in hand. Sneezing and coughing due to fiberglass inhalations are also common – the result of fiberglass going deep into your lungs and throat. Worse, people with asthma might have to brace themselves for aggravation risks! 

And all of these are just for short-term exposure. We are not surprised if long-term contact with fiberglass leads to severe cancer or even death! 

Some mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattresses as a fire retardant. However, fiberglass can be harmful to your health, and it is important to be aware of the risks before purchasing a mattress with fiberglass.

How to Handle Lucid Mattresses In The Best Way?

The common issue that is difficult for many users of Lucid is finding solutions to prevent the contamination of fiberglass in the house and ways to preserve the mattress in the long term. 

Here are two effective methods to help you handle these problems:

Manage Fiberglass Contaminations

Here are some critical steps to ensure these harmful particles no longer invade your house:

  • Identify their exact source on the mattress. Once done, seal and put it in some casings/containers to remove it completely from the bed.
  • Switch off the house’s HVAC [1] system to prevent the fiberglass from spreading to other places.
  • If some of your clothes have contact fiberglass, don’t put them in the washing machine. Otherwise, the glass wool will stick to the machine and contaminate other clothing items!
  • Always protect yourself with gloves, respirators, goggles (or even protective suits if the fiberglass level is severe).
  • Open all windows to welcome fresh air. Do not hesitate to invest in a good air purifier. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning a Lucid mattress is no different from a carpet or even a floor:

  • Strip the linens, then dab a toothbrush into the dish soap and hydrogen peroxide mixture. Scrub the toothbrush lightly across the mattress before blotting it dry. 
  • Vacuum the mattress from the bottom to the top to remove lingering fibers, dirt, and dust. Then sprinkle some baking soda to deodorize. Leave the baking soda for 30 minutes before vacuuming again. 

About Lucid Mattresses

Lucid is manufactured in China and offered at a very low cost.

Three criteria—comfort, safety, and high quality— are used to evaluate Lucid mattress options. They are proud to employ only the highest-quality materials in their products.

How about the special benefits that this mattress brings? Let’s take a look at this in the section below!

What Is Special About Lucid Mattresses?

Whatever you say about Lucids, here’s one undeniable fact: the brand has been around for years and is still favored by millions of customers worldwide. What is the secret behind its success?


Every Lucid model offers three versatile firmness options, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for your preferred sleeping position. They are rated as follows: 

  • Medium Plush: the softest out of the bunch, whose firmness falls on 3 (from a 10-score scale). It will be a lovely mattress for anyone desiring optimal pressure relief. 
  • Medium: This mattress is a solid 5 (medium-firm on our firmness scale), suited to combination sleepers/ people wanting both body support and pressure relief. 
  • Firm: With an impressive firmness rating of 8 from 10, it’s undoubtedly the best mattress for solid spine support. Stomach or back sleepers will definitely fall in love with them.

Motion Isolation

Aside from the low price, Lucids excels at motion isolation. Are you one of those sleepers who often have insomnia or get up constantly at night? Be confident that the memory foam will dampen all your movements, ensuring they do not disturb your sleep.

What Are The Most Popular Models And Products From Lucids?

Lucid mattresses’ diverse product lines are a big advantage because they are suitable for many different types of sleep patterns and help consumers freely choose their options. 

Let’s explore four popular mattresses from this brand below: 

10-inch Memory Foam Gel Mattresses

These 10-inch mattresses combine cooling gel memory foam and plushness with supportive, dense bamboo bases to create an unmatched medium-plush firmness, perfect for every sleeping style. 

Even better, the impeccable bamboo and gel charcoal infusions keep your space odor-free and comfortable. 

12-inch Gel Plush Memory Foam

This 12-inch mattress model fuses cooling gel and soft foam to ward off unnecessary heat and support cool sleeping on hot summer nights. Plus, the soft, delicate layers are perfect for side sleepers that need optimal contouring. 

10-inch Hybrid Bamboo 

Made of 100% natural substances, the Lucid hybrids are the best choice for allergic or sensitive people. 

Furthermore, the number of foam layers is neither too little nor too much—just enough to keep you cozy without overheating problems. 

Non-Mattress Products

Lucids is an all-around bedding brand that doesn’t just focus on mattresses. Hence, do not be surprised if other sleep-related goods are also listed as the brand’s all-time best-sellers. They include: 

  • Adjustable Bed Bases: They elevate your sleeping experience to a new level with just a button. Feel free to lock, lower, or lift the base to your heart’s content!
  • Gel Foam Topper (3 Inches). Summer heat might be a pain at times, especially during your slumber. Why not tackle it using Lucid’s temperature-regulating, plush foam topper?

How to Tell Whether Your Lucids Have Fiberglass or Not?

Before attempting any prevention methods, it is critical to first determine whether the mattress contains fiberglass. After all, as we already mentioned, not every Lucid model contains these materials!

  • Check the woven layers. If there are smaller fraying shards, they are fiberglass. 
  • Ask the local retailers whether you should remove the covers. If they strongly warn you against doing so without giving any precise reason, chances are the mattresses have fiberglass. 
  • Look for customer reviews, which will mention fiberglass issues if there are one. 


Does Lucid mattress have fiberglass? Unluckily yes! 

There are many prevention and cleaning tips available to keep the problem from worsening. And if your current budget can afford it, do not hesitate to buy replacement mattresses immediately!