Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass? The Fact You Need

Most mattress manufacturers include some fire barriers in their products. A mattress treated with a fire retardant will completely extinguish a fire if it starts or at least limit its spread. Since fiberglass includes the performance of a fire retardant, it is the material of choice for most manufacturers.

According to our search, mattress covers contained over 50% fiberglass. That material may harm your health and cause several problems.

If you’re looking into purchasing Lull – one of the most famous and trustworthy mattresses in the US – the question “does Lull mattress have fiberglass?” may be on your mind.

In this article, you’ll learn some valuable facts about fiberglass and determine if a Lull bedding contains it. So, let’s begin!

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Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Lull Mattress Overview

Lull Mattress vs. Some Other Fiberglass Mattress Brands

Does Lull Mattress Have Fiberglass?

The answer is yes, as this company uses fire-resistant socks containing some fiberglass. This company also publicly admits that it incorporated fiberglass into its product construction.

Where will the fiberglass be in the Lull mattress?

Fiberglass lies under the bedding cover. On the three-layer memory foam beds, it sits directly above the first foam layer. In the unfortunate event that a Lull mattress catches fire, the presence of fiberglass within the product can help to control the flames or even melt them away.

How do Lull mattresses using fiberglass affect people’s health?

The word “fiberglass” refers to a type of reinforced plastic made by fusing glass fibers into a resin. If you gather a handful in your hands, they look just like white hairs.

You shouldn’t open the fiberglass mattress’s cover, as this could release fiberglass materials into the air and cause them to spread throughout the rest of the bed. 

A much more serious problem may arise if the fiberglass escapes from the bed and comes into contact with air. Because the minute fiberglass comes into contact with air, it will disperse and become impossible to clean up.

Contact with fiberglass can cause serious health issues, including difficulty breathing, skin irritations, nosebleeds, and more.

Most bedding manufacturers place fiberglass under their products’ covers. You can tell if a mattress contains fiberglass by looking at the label; if there are any references to glass, fiberglass, or other similar materials, then the mattress definitely has fiberglass.

Lull is honest with its customers when informed that its mattresses contain a small quantity of fiberglass to prevent fires.

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What to do when already purchased a Lull mattress?

If you don’t remove to wash the cover from your Lull, the fiberglass inside won’t be an issue. Instead, you may use the spot-cleaning approach to clear it or its cover.

Don’t worry if you’ve already bought a fiberglass Lull mattress. If your current mattress is still within its trial period, you may return it for a full refund. Otherwise, you’re welcome to use this mattress and enjoy resting on it, provided you keep the cover on.

Lull Mattress Overview

Lull is a bed-in-a-box brand that only operates online. The company currently sells three-bed kinds, including the Original Lull, the Original Premium, and the Luxe Hybrid Mattress.

The CertiPUR-US certification [1] ensures that all of the foams used by Lull are safe for humans and the environment. Since this company participates in the Sustainable Furnishings Council, they use eco-friendly packaging for their mattresses. This will reduce its environmental impact and take corrective measures to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

The Lull mattress company offers three different models under their outstanding products line as mentioned above. 

The Original model is the most affordable option and features a simple but effective design with three layers of foam for comfort and support. 

The Original Premium model takes things up a notch with an additional layer of transitional foam, providing even more support for your body’s natural curves. 

The Luxe Hybrid model combines foam and coils for the ultimate sleeping experience, with a layer of micro-coils providing additional pressure relief and a responsive feel. 

All three models are made with high-quality materials and come with a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty. 

Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper, the Lull Outstanding Products line has an option for you to get a great night’s sleep.

If you tend to sleep on your back, you’ll find that this mattress is especially beneficial for you. Regardless of your weight, you can be confident that you’ll receive the support you need. 

Your hips will sink into the cushion just enough while still maintaining adequate support. Additionally, this bed will help you get a good night’s sleep by correctly positioning your spine.

The Lull mattress offers comforting support for those who weigh an average amount or less and prefer various sleeping positions. Despite being on the firmer side, the bed has a well-balanced feel, making it suitable for those who prefer different sleeping positions.

Lull mattresses are also ideal for those on a tight budget but still require a quality mattress. If you enjoy the feel of memory foam but don’t want to get stuck in it, you’ll love this mattress. It’s incredibly comfortable and relieves pressure, allowing you to move around without getting stuck.

These factors alone are reason enough to consider purchasing this mattress. Overall, the Lull mattress is an excellent choice for those who prefer a medium-thickness profile bed.

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Lull Mattress vs. Some Other Fiberglass Mattress Brands

When it comes to fiberglass mattresses, besides Lull mattresses, there are some other popular brands. While they all offer comfortable sleeping surfaces, there are some notable differences between them. Let’s take a closer look at the construction and materials of each to help you make an informed decision.

Lull Mattress vs. Nectar 

Main similarities

  • Both mattresses use three layers of gel memory foam and are classified as medium-firm.
  • Both mattresses are ideal for side sleepers because they reduce strain on the body.
  • Each of them did well at detecting the presence of motion. When couples use one of these mattresses to sleep together, one will have fewer interruptions from the other at night. It is particularly true when they are combination sleepers.
  • You may have your Nectar or Lull delivered to your door in a bed-in-a-box manner, and both have lifetime guarantees.

Main differences

  • Both the Nectar and the Lull are mid-priced mattresses. However, the Nectar comes in at a lower price.
  • For spinal alignment, the Lull mattress performed really well, whereas the Nectar mattress only managed an acceptable grade.
  • Although Lull employs Tencel microfiber for its mattress cover, Nectar uses a polyethylene-knit combination, making Nectar a more comfortable option.

Lull vs. Leesa

Main similarities

  • Both are made with memory foam for comfort.
  • Their firmness is comparable.
  • Both mattresses feature lengthy trial periods and excellent customer service policies.

Mai differences

  • In Leesa, the memory foam is in the second layer, while in Lull, it is on top of the first layer. Due to this, the Lull has a more memory foam-like feel.
  • The Lull mattress is somewhat cheaper, but this amount isn’t much.
  • Leesa’s memory foam is in the mattress’s second layer, improving airflow and making it more breathable to sleep on all night.
  • Leesa’s comfort layer is thicker, so it is more suitable for those who weigh more than average and like to sleep on their side.


The Lull is a trustworthy brand when you purchase a mattress online. However, their mattresses contain fiberglass. 

It’s hard to avoid because, in today’s market, almost mattress brands contain fiberglass material. Therefore, ideally, you should find manufacturers that employ fiberglass in their products’ deep interior layers. 

This way, the fiberglass flakes will stay inside whether or not you take the cover off. However, for the healthiest and safest mattress, we suggest you pick a fiberglass-free one.