Molblly Mattress Lawsuit: Is There a Molblly Mattress Lawsuit?

Madness has wrecked our mattress community in recent years: even giant, long-standing corporations faced legal punishments due to downgraded qualities. 

As a result, Mobblly customers cannot help but worry about their beloved brand: Is there a Molblly mattress lawsuit currently pending, too? And if yes, what is it about? 

Our professionals have spent a lot of time investigating this issue. It is time to learn what we have discovered! 

Is There Lawsuit Against Molblly Mattress?

No. No lawsuit by or against Molblly has been recorded or published by the time of this writing. And admittedly, that doesn’t surprise us at all. 

Is Molblly Mattress Quality Good?

People might have varied preferences: some wish for softer mattresses, while others want firm ones; some need better mattress countering, while others don’t. 

Yet, no one could downright accuse Molblly mattresses of being “bad quality” – simply because they never are. Each product is always laced with premium foam and smartly-organized layers, fostering good sleep while keeping health issues or effects on sleep posture at bay.

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Why Should We Choose Molblly Mattresses?

Let’s break down their performances further. 

Foam mattresses distributed by Molblly are an elaborate fusion of beautiful design, high-tech, and ergonomic contouring that can adjust to all body shapes and poses. Hence, pressure points are reduced to the maximum, keeping osseous spine changes at bay to decrease sleep-turning frequencies and form healthy microcirculation. 

Your comfort and deep sleep experience will enjoy tremendous improvements as a result, which will benefit your overall well-being in the long run!

With its premium material and design, we are not surprised Molblly has passed numerous stringent safety and appliance criteria. Some of them include: 

  • CertiPUR-US: All Molblly foam is CERTIPUR-certified, meeting durability, emissions, and content standards. Independent testing laboratories also confirmed zero harmful substances in their mattresses, such as mercury, formaldehyde, and heavy metals.
  • OEKO-TEX: Molblly has successfully complied with the “No harmful substances” policy of the European REACH regulation, containing no nickel, azo dyes, or lead.

Are There Any Customer Dissatisfaction About Molblly Mattress?

No mattress brand (or any product brand, while we are at it) can receive 100% good ratings. Hence, you can still find customer complaints regarding Molblly‘s performance, though they only come from the minority: 

  • Excess sinking: Side sleepers above 230 pounds may sink too deep into the bed. They cannot enjoy the same comfort as others with different sleeping styles or sleepers who are below 230 pounds. 
  • Difficult movements: Combination sleepers struggle to switch positions at times due to little material responsiveness – a common issue for all memory-foam solutions, not just Molblly ones. Hybrids or innerspring will be a better fit for them.

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Others About Molblly Mattress

The company has been quite well recognized for years, yet some new customers might still want a proper introduction. Let’s get to it. 

Who Are Molblly Mattress Recommended For?

Molblly started its mattress production in 2007 with the major goal of delivering durable, high-quality materials. The brand puts customer satisfaction above all else, using regular feedback and reviews as a guide to orient/adjust its product qualities. 

These products are tailored for:

  • People who want undisturbed sleep
  • Sensitive sleepers or those with chronic back pain and insomnia
  • Hot sleepers 

The Brand’s Most Popular Products

From what we gather, these two models have never left the top two spots on Molblly’s best-seller lists: 

12-Inch Memory Foam Full Mattresses

The mattress arrives with three all-foam layer systems to improve heat dissipation and support: 

  • Memory foam (2.5”)
  • Comfort layer (2.5”)
  • High-density support base foam (7”)

Its skin-friendly textile is another selling point, adapting to room conditions to keep you at an ideal sleeping temperature. At the same time, the no-sink base support conforms to all body curves (especially the hip and shoulders) for maximum pressure relief. 

Parents sleeping with their children may also rejoice, for the specialized foams absorb all motion transfer and let your child sleep completely undisturbed. 

Molblly recommends leaving the mattress on its own for 72 hours before use. That way, any pooled odor during delivery will dissipate; plus, the bed also has more time to adjust and settle its foam.

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8-Inch Memory Foam Full Mattresses

Aside from smaller dimensions, this 8-inch mattress has an identical design to its 12-inch counterpart. Those falling in love with 12-inch beds will likely adapt well to 8-inch, too! 

Since most memory foam products are quite cushy (about 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale), some people are surprised to find this Molblly one reaching a whopping 8 in terms of its firmness. Nevertheless, the sleeping experience is barely disturbed, even for fans of softer mattresses.

Also, Molblly has advertised the bed to contain no fiberglass – which prompted several buyers to unzip its cover several inches and double-check this claim. To their delight, the foam slabs are bound by knit “socks” that are matte and not shiny at all – the living proof of a fiberglass-free design. Children and adults alike can sleep on it without worrying! 

What To Do If I Still Want To File A Lawsuit Against Molblly?

In the rare case (though we doubt it will come) that Molblly distributes low-quality mattresses that cause actual harm to you or your family, it’s time to file an official lawsuit.

Before contacting legal team services (who can help you take care of necessary documents, papers, etc.), double-check that these criteria are met:  

  • You have bought a Molblly mattress with manufacturing defects (ex: containing fiberglass) 
  • This defect has caused harm/ injuries or affected your living condition. 
  • The bed is not thrown away yet. Judges will definitely require some evidence later on, so keep it somewhere safe. 


If you’re still perplexed by the question, “Does Molblly have any lawsuits?” The answer is nothere haven’t been any lawsuits about Molblly mattresses so far. Even better, the brand’s highly-rated mattresses ensure things will stay that way for a long, long time. 

So be confident in your Molblly purchases, and feel free to contact its customer support team for more guidance!