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Does Novaform Mattress Have Fiberglass? Worries Addressed

Novaform will be the first name that comes to people’s minds whenever the topic of high-quality mattresses is brought up, gaining people’s favorable feedback due to their extreme comfort and feel. 

But note that safety should be among your priorities, too. Some are wondering about Novanorm’s containment of fiberglass, which raises concerns about whether this brand is a good choice for your family. 

So does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? Keep scrolling to find out. 

Does Novaform Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

Does the Novaform mattress have fiberglass? The answer is no.

The answer is no. Numerous tests from both regular customers and experts have shown that Novaform is a mattress brand without fiberglass.

So if problems with fiberglass have held you back from purchasing a mattress from the brand, you can breathe a sigh of relief now! 

Are There Any Other Harmful Substances In Novaform Mattresses?

No. The brand has been known for providing comfortable sleeping experiences for almost two decades. 

All its mattresses have been exclusively produced in the U.S. and are CertiPUR-certified; the brand even imports 90% of its covers. 

As a result, you can be confident that they are completely environmentally safe with ZERO:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead, mercury, or heavy metals
  • Ozone depleters

Even better, the label has clinically tested its products before every release to ensure the most stringent requirements are passed with flying colors. You can investigate Novaform/FXI CertiPUR certificates.

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Are Any Fiberglass In Other Novaform Products?

No. Almost every Novaform product (pillow, topper, etc.) is memory foam, getting extremely high scores from even the pickiest customer. 

The brand’s overall aim is to create all-natural goods that do not harm their sleepers, especially customers who are sensitive to toxicity or off-gassing materials around and inside the products. 

If you prioritize organic, eco-friendly options, they should be on your shortlist! 

Is Novaform Overall Quality Good?

Yes. There are so many experts applauding them!

Their feel is cuddly, without exaggerated sinks or tight foam hugs. Some people might prefer softer mattresses than that, but overall, their side-sleeping experience is still barely disturbed. 

Also, the medium-firm profile works for almost every sleep position, which is terrific for those who often switch poses during their slumber.

Regarding density, the Novaform enjoys a 3-3.5 pound thickness per cubic foot, quite impressive considering its affordable price. 

Even mattresses twice as expensive still lag behind Novaform in terms of foam density! 

Though certain customers are uncertain about its durability, they are only the minority; these measurements are still satisfactory to most sleepers.

The diverse options are another great selling point. They come in 8 models that vary in builds, cooling features, and firmness without big differences in materials: 

The brand simply alters the mattress’ firmness or softness by offering foam layers most compatible with the sleeper. Since no material changes are involved, there is no significant price gap among the models either.

But what if these beddings still cannot satisfy your preferences? The brand then issues a terrific return policy that enables you to give them back at any time for any reason. 

Novaform will accept them without asking you for an extra fee – and that alone makes it a tough opponent to beat in the mattress marketplace.

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About Novaform Mattress

One of the special features of Novaform mattresses is motion isolation.

What Is So Special About Novaform Mattresses?

Novaform is no longer a stranger in the mattress market field, specializing in high-quality, premium memory foam goods. 

The brand distributes various pillows, mattress toppers, and mattresses at affordable prices—a critical factor in Novaform’s unwavering dominance since its foundation.

Among the numerous reasons behind the label’s famous popularity, we must mention: 

  • Motion Isolation

As all-foam mattresses with contouring layers, Novaform products outperform many other brands regarding motion isolation. 

Its comfort system will cushion all excessive movements. So, it reduces noises that can disturb your sleep. You will find it super convenient to switch positions or get on and off the bed without making much noise! 

  • Feel

Novaform mattresses (especially its ComfortGrande lines) enjoy medium-firm feels that alleviate sleepers’ major pressure points, bringing in extreme comfort. 

The premium memory foam naturally conforms to the hip and shoulder areas, easily relieving all pressure in those sensitive areas. 

The second convoluted polyfoam layer also supports the lumbar regions, keeping pressure in your lower back at bay. 

  • Unmatched Compatibility With Side Sleepers

Though these mattresses undoubtedly work well for everyone, side sleepers probably benefit the most from them. 

These sleepers demand ample cushioning for their hips and shoulders to keep pressure buildup at bay, and Novaform’s products can guarantee this for them. 

Even better, the air channel and gel-infused foam cushions provide solid supports for the body core, removing unnecessary curves in the spines regardless of their pose. 

Novaform’s Most Popular Products


Serafina lines allow you to choose among various firmness options with three different foam layers (laced with gel memory at the top). However, some customers have concerns about their initial comfort and durability over time. 

  • Pros: Premium, all-foam layers with unmatched cooling features. 
  • Cons: Mixed opinions about its lifespan and comfort.


We highly recommend the SoFresh products from Novaform for those looking for all-foam builds accompanied by copper foam at the top. 

Their muscle rejuvenation and temperature regulation exceed anything we have ever encountered, with medium-firm profiles that suit most side and back sleepers. 

Users’ reviews are overall positive, though some claim that the mattresses’ softness and smell could have been improved. 

  • Pros: Heat-regulating and pressure-relieving designs suited for side and back sleepers
  • Cons: Strange smells; the layers feel a bit soft for some people. 

Comfort GrandePlus

The Comfort GrandePlus products soon claim their best-seller spot thanks to an impressive 14” profile, medium firmness, and extra cooling functions offered by the top EVENcor GelPlus layer. 

Rave feedback and praise for Comfort GrandePlus can be found on almost every mattress review website. Nevertheless, we did note some criticisms about its edge support. 

  • Pros: High-profile, thick foam layers that are worth your investments. 
  • Cons: Some customers are not particularly satisfied with its edge support. 

Novaform vs. Casper: Which Brand Is Better For You? 

Novaform and Casper both have their own characteristics.

Casper’s slightly more diverse materials and pain-relieving features make them a greater choice. But Novaform comes in a close second.

The difference in quality is very small, with numerous similarities discovered! 

Key Similarities:

  • Both have memory foam layers to deliver great pressure relief.
  • Both offer great values, whose quality and feel exceeds those twice or thrice as expensive. 
  • Both provide diverse models to suit all sleeping positions and sleeper types.

Key Differences:

  • Novaform only sells all-foam options. Meanwhile, you can find both hybrid and memory foam at Casper.
  • Casper delivers innerspring coils and zoned support that solidifies your spine alignment and prevents back pain. Novaform has none of those. 
  • Novaform is more affordable with a more flexible, longer warranty. 


Does Novaform mattress have fiberglass? No, Novaform is among the best bedding products we have ever experienced. 

Other critical aspects have also been reviewed with direct comparisons against other notable brands, which, hopefully, can help you make better buying decisions! 


Can we only buy Novaforms from Costco?

Unfortunately, this is the truth: Novaform mattresses are exclusively distributed by Costco. 

How long will Novaforms last?

Novaforms can extend their lifespan to 20 years if well maintained. 

Do bed bugs invade Novaform?

Yes. Bed bugs are known to infest any mattress, not just Novaforms. You must keep a close eye on them at all times. 

Felix Harvey-Gernard

Felix Harvey-Gernard

Felix Harvey-Gernard is the Mattress Expert of Banner Mattress. He has 10 years of experience researching, developing, and testing sleep products.