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Purple Mattress Lawsuit: What Unfurled Behind The Scene?

Mattress users have been overwhelmed with successive lawsuit news against famous brands – and Purple has been one of the latest names to join the madness. 

However, unlike other cases, the Purple mattress lawsuit is a bit complex, with both sides fighting viciously. So who was right? How did this infamous battle end? Scroll through our article to gain a more inclusive overview. 

About Purple Mattress – Is It Good?

Purple mattresses gain advantages thanks to their high quality.

Purple Company, founded in 2015, is lauded as among the top players in the mattress market. Most of its features are never below average; all are either decent or of exceptional quality. Let’s explore some of its best highlights: 

Motion Isolation

Purple’s motion isolation is top-notch, as expected for all-foam mattresses. Families or parents sharing the same bed would never suffer any disturbance; each motion is swallowed completely instead of being transferred across the mattresses’ surfaces, keeping everyone in their peaceful slumber. 

Pressure Relief

Another aspect where Purple shines brilliantly! Its high-tech grid relieves pressure points and contours your body curve, providing a padded feel that gently envelops you once you lie down. 

Still, Purple stays mindful of the delicate balance between too little and too much. Hence, it incorporates a transitional foam below the grids to keep you from sinking in too deep. Quite a smart move! 

Temperature Control

The high-tech grids keep up their good work here, letting sleepers stay cool for the rest of the night with their open-space construction. 

Ample airflow is allowed, releasing heat instead of trapping it under the material. Your sleep quality all year round on these mattresses is unmatched, though one or two might be necessary for a cold winter. 

Compatibility With Different Sleeping Poses

Customer reports reveal ecstatic compatibility between Purple mattresses and all sleeping positions (side, stomach, back, etc.). 

Side sleepers are a more special case, requiring a deep sink of the shoulder and hip regions to maintain impeccable spinal alignment but not too deep that pressure points might form. Purples have been very satisfactory in that regard, with a balanced, just-right mixture of support and contouring for every side sleeper who weighs under 230 pounds. 

Nevertheless, we do admit some heavier side-sleeping users (above 230 pounds) might demand more support than that – a firmer mattress, maybe? Only then can their spine alignment be kept within safe boundaries.  

Purple Mattress Lawsuit – What Happened?

What happened to the lawsuit against Purple?

Purples have had a good relationship with its devoted customers for years – which is why the spread of its lawsuit news shocked everyone. What actually happened? 

Where Did The Controversy Come From?

The Honest Mattress Review, hosted by Monahan, was published in 2016 to deliver honest and unbiased reviews of all mattress models available. 

A few months later, the website uploaded a detailed study about Purple mattresses – specifically, the polyethylene powder used to produce them – confirming they cause severe damage to users’ skin and overall health, though the brand has claimed that this is a non-toxic powder

And Monahan didn’t stop with one video; a long series of articles and videos kept spawning, stretching the topic further. He even claimed to have asked the brand itself about the powder’s usage and safety. 

Meanwhile, Purple denied all allegations and voiced its suspicion that Monahan might be working with GhostBed – a rival company that has tried to mislead the public against Purple. 

As per Purple’s arguments, Monahan’s real purpose behind the powder accusations was to defame and tarnish Purple’s credibility.

Results Of The Lawsuit 

Purples filed a lawsuit against Werner (the GhostBed CEO) and Monahan in 2017. That’s right: we don’t know where the rumors of Purple being sued come from, but the truth is that Purple is the one who filed the lawsuit itself, not vice versa. 

In its report, Purple also stated clearly that its power is proven 100% safe, providing relevant documents to back up this claim. And the effort paid off: Monahan and Werner received exclusive court orders to delete all content about Purple from their websites. 

The honorable judge announced both men were dishonest, purposefully creating and sharing false information. In 2018, Purples was granted sanctions for the lawsuit costs and attorney fees. Long story short: it came out of the battle victorious.

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Purple’s Revelation

The renowned mattress company did not just stand around waiting for the court’s final decision; it conducted its own private investigation to dig up Mohanan’s ulterior motives. 

What Purples discovered was no surprise: just as suspected right from the start, Mohanan was GhostBed’s former brand office CEO and still kept in touch with Werner. 

Further research revealed how both men plotted an elaborate attack against the Purples. Werner hired directors to secretly report updates to Monahan, while Monahan hid both his real identity and connection with GhostBed behind the newly-published “Honest Mattress Review” website.

And more secrets kept unraveling: Mohanan owned a small business, “Social Media Sharks,” which was paid $10,000 monthly by GhostBed via another company. With all this clear evidence, the court had all the more reason to believe Purple’s allegation against Werner and Monahan.

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Does Purple Mattress Receive Other Complaints?

There are still other complaints or lawsuits against the Purple brand

Yes, of course.

At this point, we all know Purple’s mattress powder is 100% harmless. How about other issues, though? 

Some complain Purple does not provide enough support for overweight side sleepers. Its gel-like texture is also not to everyone’s taste. Nevertheless, these complaints are more about personal preferences than actual pointers about Purple’s overall quality. 

The best bet is to indulge in the brand’s free sleeping trials – where customers can try the mattress out and decide whether it’s right for them. If the product underperforms, feel free to give it back or change it to another model. 


Our detailed narrative on the Purple mattress lawsuit has hopefully cleared up any misleading rumors about the brand’s quality. 

Aside from minor complaints about the lack of support for heavier users, its mattresses surpass all expectations! 

As always, the inbox and comment section is open to welcome more suggestions and inquiries. 


Are Purple products made in the US?

Yes. Every production is carried out in its U.S. facilities, which explains their high quality. No more headaches caused by China-manufactured materials! 

Do Purple mattresses have a guarantee policy? 

Yes. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for ten years (from the date of purchase).

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