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Does Sweetnight Mattress Have Fiberglass? Guide To Check It

Does Sweetnight mattress have fiberglass? Many people would be worried about this problem. 

Fiberglass is a fiber-reinforced plastic material. It can directly affect the health of your family members. 

It is mixed with resin to create an incredibly sturdy and long-lasting composite.

Small fiberglass fragments may be inhaled by people who touch or come into contact with the product. After a period, the particles might become lodged in a person’s lungs. 

Therefore, users may suffer respiratory problems. That is why many consumers try to avoid mattresses containing fiberglass. 

However, Sweetnight mattresses haven’t recently used this material to ensure the safety of their customers. Find out more below.

Does Sweetnight Mattress Have Fiberglass?

The answer is yes for old Sweetnight mattresses

However, if you buy the newest models, you can feel secure with the non-fiberglass products from Sweetnight.

According to the customer service of Sweetnight, the inside covers of the all-foam mattresses from Sweetnight contain fiberglass. 

It is deeply filled to guarantee that fiberglass does not escape. Meanwhile, the hybrid mattresses do not have fiberglass.

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Are There Any Other Harmful Materials In Sweetnight Mattresses Instead Of Fiberglass?

Sweetnight mattresses are presently fiberglass-free. They once used this hazardous material, but they are no longer a mattress brand with fiberglass.

When more research about the danger became clear, Sweetnight eliminated it from their products. 

They started employing alternative materials. Sweetnight is thus one of the most affordable options. 

More importantly, there are currently no fiberglass mattresses on the market. Customer safety and happiness are their primary targets. 

They no longer utilize fiberglass or other harmful substances. They want to ensure their quality is the best for buyers’ sleeping experiences. 

Their mattresses, toppers, and other products also contain no dangerous materials.

Are There Any Other Products From Sweetnight That Contain Fiberglass? 

The answer is yes. If you purchased an old Sweetnight mattress, it may contain fiberglass. 

For example, the all-foam SweetNight mattresses include fiberglass on the inside coverings. But it is strongly packed to guarantee that it does not leak.

Fiberglass is used for fire prevention purposes only. 

Some other components in the mattress are very combustible. Memory foam, for example, may readily catch fire, as do some natural fabrics. 

Once they realized the danger of fiberglass, Sweetnight no longer used it. Instead, they used alternative materials.

Is This Product Really Better Than The One With Fiberglass? 

Yes. No matter how tightly the fiberglass is woven into the mattress, there will always be a risk. 

Besides, you don’t want to be worried whenever you lie in bed, right? There isn’t any advantage to putting fiberglass inside a mattress. 

The only benefit of fiberglass is that it is fireproof. It allows mattress producers to comply with fire safety rules. 

But, once the choice involves health hazards, the cost factor is significantly less appealing.

Sweetnight mattresses do not use fiberglass for new products.

About Sweetnight Mattresses 

If you are wondering whether the Sweetnight mattress is really that good, keep reading. 

You will learn everything you need to know before making a purchasing decision.

What Is Special About The Mattresses From This Brand?

Let’s remove the sheet and check inside the mattress! We will go through each component of the whole bed’s structure. Then, discuss how various materials affect comfort and firmness levels.

The SweetNight mattress has a knit fabric surface. It is filled with foam to provide a soft and smooth sensation right away. 

The major comfort element of the SweetNight mattress is what the company refers to as high-density yet air-flow foam. 

The material is both flexible and elastic, providing a balance of firmness and pressure relief that is suitable for a variety of sleeping positions.

Additionally, the gel infusion aids in releasing heat, as opposed to a traditional foam mattress. As a result, regardless of whether the weather is hot or cold, users can expect a good night’s sleep. 

The Most Popular Models And Products From This Brand

One of the most popular mattress types of Sweetnight mattresses is the Twilight hybrid.

It provides the appropriate mix of attributes to satisfy any sleeping type. There is a gel-infused cushioning layer and a coil spring supporting the core.

That is to say, the Twilight is strong enough to keep the user’s hips properly balanced in the back and front sleeping postures. Meanwhile, the memory foam relieves strain on your shoulders and hips from the side sleeping style.

In addition, the adjustable core will help your joints and spine in every sleeping posture. Therefore, it will encourage improved posture and avoid back pain problems.

Sweetnight Twilight Mattress support for every sleeping postures.


Why You Should Consider To Buy The Products From Sweetnight?

Each Sweetnight mattress has distinct features that cater to customers’ needs. 

The 10-inch mattress with gel foam is moveable and comes in two firmness settings: firm and soft. 

It will be an ideal option for back, side, or mix sleepers who are unsure about the suitable firmness level. 

The 12-inch mattress provides a moderately firm sensation. That can help stomach and back sleepers achieve improved spinal alignment. 

These two mattress types are suitable for couples with different sleeping habits. Also, people who experience heat trouble may welcome gel infusion ventilation. 

Anyone seeking an affordable premium mattress would appreciate the Twilight hybrid.

Is Sweetnight A Good Mattress Brand? 

Sweetnight is a company to consider when you want an economical mattress that does not include fiberglass. These are good-quality, affordable mattresses without this dangerous ingredient.

However, when you want the most up-to-date sleep innovations, you may need to choose more expensive ones. 

It doesn’t imply that you must buy a luxurious bed to experience one of the most pleasant mattresses. 

Budget buyers can still enjoy great comfort with Sweetnight. The brand’s mattresses are reasonably priced, yet they still offer you their best premium features. 

Some noticeable features are safety, ventilation, and good design. It is worth your money.

How To Check If Sweetnight Mattress Has Fiberglass?

Determining if a mattress contains fiberglass is simple when searching for mattresses. 

Most mattresses are required by law to have a piece of paper or sticker that details the composition. 

That sheet will inform you if the mattress includes fiberglass. It also states how much of your mattress is made of fiberglass. The data will be available on the websites of the brands.

Buyers can do some deeper research by contacting customer support directly, although it may not be easy when you’re attempting to determine whether the current mattress contains fiberglass. 


Now you have the answer to the question, “Does a Sweetnight mattress have fiberglass?” Sweetnight is a good brand that does not use fiberglass in its new product lines, although some of its older ones still do.  

Though their old mattresses contained fiberglass, they have removed them. They are trying to bring the best mattresses to customers.


How long will Sweetnight last? 

Sweetnight mattresses all come with a 100-night, risk-free trial period. Thus, customers can absolutely test it before purchasing. 

Besides, Sweetnight offers their buyers a 10-year warranty. Thus, you don’t have to worry about durability.

Why is the fiberglass inside mattresses more dangerous? 

The biggest issue with fiberglass is that it’s toxic to human health. As previously stated, fiberglass is densely packed with microscopic glass fragments. In the long term, it will cause skin irritation, eye irritation, and even lung diseases.

What do Sweetnight mattresses feel like?

Using memory foam in the comfort layer, you will have a soft sensation when lying on the bed. With coil springs, it is suitable for different sleeping styles. The hybrid mattresses are more breathable and responsive than all-memory foam ones. Meanwhile, they are not as durable and bouncy as latex foam.

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