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Types Of Beds: Based On Style, Frames, And Features

The mattress is not simply a place for you to find sleep. You also need frames to rest, relax, and have peaceful moments. An ideal one will meet your above requirements.

However, not every frame on the market today is perfect enough, and choosing is never an easy task. You have a lot of issues to consider from price, materials, and, more importantly, the types of platform beds.

Not many people know how to distinguish the kinds of beds. This omission can cause buyers to miss out on some great options for themselves. And here’s a comprehensive list of bed frame types.

What Is The Classification Of Beds Size?

There are many ways to classify platform beds, for example, based on frame design, special features, or intended use.

Size is also one of the criteria used to classify models available on the market today. Measure plays a role in classification and dramatically affects your experience and usage.

Single Size

The single bed has dimensions of 30”x75” respectively. This kind of bed has a relatively modest width for the most common users, young children, especially children who are no longer in a crib but are still not old enough to sleep in a double bed.

Due to its small size, the price of a single one is not too high. However, you may have a bit of trouble finding a mattress of the correct size.

Twin Size

The double bed with a width of 38” and 75” is one of the most miniature models you can find today.

The relatively modest size above will be more suitable for a child than an adult. Besides, thanks to its reasonably compact dimensions, the twin is the best choice for small bedrooms or temporary sleeping places such as couches, dormitories, and guest bedrooms.

Not only has the advantage of space, but twin size also scores with a much lower cost than larger sizes, but the feeling of luxury and comfort is not inferior.

Twin XL Size

Twin XL is an upgrade of Twin size frames. You still enjoy the advantages of taking up less space, the preferential price of the smallest size, and more rest space. This mattress size has dimensions of 38” and 80” respectively.

The difference of a few inches is enough to make this type an excellent choice for teenagers. And similar to most miniature-size frames, single adults with limited bedroom space can still use twin xl platform beds.


Another reasonably standard bed frame size is full with length and width dimensions of 75” and 53” respectively.

The above size has long been considered the Standard for double bunk beds. Therefore, this product form can be suitable for many different objects.

A teenager, an adult, or a couple with a modest bedroom can all be satisfied with the amount of rest the frames provide.

However, if the couple wants to share one with young children, the best option may still lie in the following sections.

Queen Size

Queen size is a good suggestion for couples who want to share one with their children. Because of its 60” width and 80” length, the product offers quite a bit of space and is perfect for placing in your master bedroom.

However, it is the kind of bed frame to appear in the master bedroom. You need to make sure the space needs to be at least 10 x 10 feet in size.

King Size

One King size poster bed is equivalent to two Twin XL types of beds combined. Because with the King size, you have a product with a length of 80” and a width of up to 76”.

With twice the width of regular Twin poster bed models, the product will fully benefit if the target audience is coupled with children and pets. And of course, the product can also provide spacious space for active adults to sleep alone.

Because of the large size, this type of poster version requires a bedroom with a size commensurate with the length and width, so it should be 12” or more.

California King Size

If you’re 6 feet or taller, you’re probably looking for metal bed frames that are longer than 80” in Queen and King sizes.

California King is the size you’re looking for with a width of 72” and a length of up to 84”. Possibly, the Cal King is the poster frame with the most extensive size.

And as mentioned, this size is excellent for people 6 feet or taller. Besides, the frame can also serve well for two adults or a couple who want to sleep with children or pets.

In addition, because it has an ideal length but a slightly smaller width than king adjustable bed frames, the Cal King also often appears in some guest rooms with a more limited width.

What Is Classification Bed Based On Design?

According to many studies, beds first appeared more than 70,000 years ago, with the primary material being leaves, grass, and fur.

Through tens of thousands of years of improvement and change, the poster bed frame now has remarkable differences from the original form, especially in design. Currently, there are dozens, even hundreds of types of mattresses with different design styles, and here are some of the most prominent:


Standard beds always receive the attention of many users because of their basic design, and you can use them in many different room design styles.

This type of poster frame always comes with a support beam. At the same time, you cannot ignore the box spring to buy this product.


Unlike a standard bed, you don’t need a box spring when choosing a platform bed frame. This product model uses a large, sturdy base to hold the mattress without the support of other devices.

Usually, the platform bed will reach a height between 6 – 8 inches – a few inches lower than standard product models. However, you don’t need to worry too much. You can completely use a mattress to increase the height of the product.

It can be that the most significant advantage of this type of frame is the disappearance of the support spring box, which saves you a considerable amount of money. Taking the place of the box spring is an empty storage space that you can use to store documents and gadgets.

The second remarkable advantage of the platform lies in the thin board base. Compared to other soles, the platform has the advantage of air circulation. This feature makes the user more comfortable and helps prevent the mattress and wooden boards from being affected by mold.

However, independence from box springs does not always have a positive effect. The truth is that this lack of bedding can cause the mattress to be damaged or not as soft as new.


As the name suggests, the most extraordinary feature of this poster bed frame is the four stakes in the four corners. The four poles provide a stylish design of the last century. Many poster bed frame models also provide decorative curtains to use with four stakes.

Forging in this case not only has the task of shielding you from light, preventing sleep disruption but also can bring a quite romantic, nostalgic atmosphere.

It can be said that to this day, the beauty of the nostalgic style that the four-poster brings still retains a great aesthetic.

In addition to the most classic design, the four-poster, you have many similar options, such as low stakes or half stakes. The new options above all revolve around reducing the height of the piles, creating a product that is both retro and modern.

Canopy Bed

If you do not have too much experience in choosing, you may be confused between the Canopy style and the Four-poster because the four-column design is quite similar. However, if you consider it seriously, you have reasons to own a particular product like a canopy bed.

The first difference of the canopy bed frame is that instead of only owning four columns at four corners, this design also adds horizontal beams to increase sturdiness. Add to that the appearance of a veil on all sides.

With a bedroom pursuing a luxurious, classic style, the presence of a Canopy bed frame will be a great highlight.

However, you need to consider the cost of the visual impression that a canopy brings. In addition, the dust cover is quite dusty, which will take a lot of time and effort to clean.

Sleigh Bed

Luxury and elegance are words that accurately describe the highlight of Sleigh Bed. The defining feature of this design is that the head and foot of the mattress frame are curved outwards.

Currently, you can find many sleigh beds in different materials and sizes. However, this type of bed’s most popular and traditional design is the king-size and high-quality wood material with quite large bed frame edges.

When choosing a Sleigh frame style, keep in mind that you will have less space under the mattress. Price and bedroom space must be large enough are also issues you need to consider before making a decision.

Magnetic Floating Bed

The principle of operation of this type of bed is based on the action of permanent magnetism.

Specifically, the manufacturer will equip both the mattress and the floor with two unique magnets. Based on the magnet’s push and pull principle, the frame will always hover a certain distance from the ground.

Magnetic Floating is quite an impressive creation. However, the high cost of this design makes it difficult for many people to access and experience.

Therefore, the Magnetic Floating bed frame is not a very popular product. But over the next many years, with the development of technology, floating beds will gradually become a trend with products with more favorable prices.

Round Bed

Have you ever thought about owning a bed frame that doesn’t have a traditional rectangular shape instead of square and even round?

In fact, circular beds do exist, even with many exciting advantages.

The first advantage that cannot be ignored is undoubtedly originality. No matter what style you put it in, the version can become the center of attention.

Besides, the version will not bring you bruises or hurt children because there are no corners.

Finally, a rather exciting revelation from leading psychologists: circles provide a more secure feeling. And that feeling is what this particular bed frame brings.

There are many exciting advantages, but that does not mean that around the bed frame is a perfect product. In fact, the particular design of the product may bring you some trouble.

Specifically, you will have a hard time finding the right mattress. Not only that, but you can also hardly use this design in small rooms.


The most basic design of this type of sleigh bed consists of two parts: The essential part is the rigid frame that holds the plywood floor in place. Meanwhile, the highlight of the product is an exceptional mattress containing water.

Although the water-filled mattress is remarkable, it will be quite difficult for you to detect the abnormality with just the naked eye with the right design and style.

Only when you use it can you feel the product’s changes. You can adjust the water temperature, thereby regulating the mattress’s temperature.

Manufacturers are now trying to provide a body-friendly temperature range, as close to skin temperature as possible

If you own a studio or a small apartment, or you are simply someone who is always looking for space-saving solutions, the Murphy bed frame is well worth the investment.

What Is The Classification Of Bed-Based Beds?

In addition to size and price, aesthetics are also points to consider when choosing a bed. An aesthetically pleasing bunk bed should not only look good but also match the style of the room you intend to use it in.

Based on the existing room and trundle bed design styles, some typical names can be given, such as:

Traditional Bed

Talking about traditional poster beds is talking about 16th-century-style designs.

Some features of the 16th-century interior design style can be mentioned as the preference for wood and the wood tone in the design. The vast majority of bunk beds from this period were made of walnut, cherry, mahogany, and oak – woods that have stood the test of time.

Ornate is also one of the notable points in traditional style design. Unlike the simple beauty with straight lines that modern interiors aim for, traditional furniture favors curves and sophisticated and intricate decorative details.

In particular, the traditional furniture, including the mattress, stands out with its rounded corners and high-quality patterned fabric.

The classic style of the product may make you hesitate to use it in your modern room. However, the traditional and luxurious beauty of the bunk bed is certainly not out of place in the apartment but also creates a unique highlight.

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Rustic Bed

Born and developed in the 60s of the twentieth century, Rustic is one of the design styles characterized by simplicity and rusticity.

Nearly every piece of furniture designed in this style is modern and elegant, bringing a warm, comfortable feel to the living space.

Rustic-style beds are no exception. The materials that make up a rustic bed are usually stone and raw wood – the most natural materials. The lines are pretty rough and old with deep, natural colors.

Maybe a rustic bed won’t be an option for everyone with a look like this. However, if you love natural, rural, and peaceful spaces, you will not be able to ignore this unique furniture.

Country Bed

Like a rustic bed, a country one is also characterized by rustic elegance.

However, the new feature of this style is the mark of each region. The same country style, American country, and French countries bring different impressions.

An American country style gives the impression of natural beauty and simplicity. Common wood is the most popular material for creating a country-style interior. Iron is also a material that can make a bold American country product.

Besides, this style is also characterized by the beautiful oil paint on the outside, and the design has gentle curves, creating a rough feeling.

Meanwhile, the mattress in the “Frentin Country” style is softer when carrying the characteristics of the French countryside: beautiful curves, gentle, and somewhat feminine.

In addition, one of the defining features of the French country style is the white color, featuring pine wood grain, creating a sense of elegance and taste.

Modern Bed

The modern version has a simple design that can fit most of your existing bedroom styles. In general, this type has almost no decorative accessories and is overall less decorative.

As for color, this type of interior often uses soft tones such as monochromatic or dark brown. The colors above seem quite monotonous but can bring a modern, aesthetic bedroom if you know how to combine colors with bedding.

In terms of materials, the best candidates to create a modern beauty for the mattress are leather, wood, and steel.

In particular, glossy leather creates a luxurious and mature impression. Meanwhile, wood with a painted surface is always the most popular choice. And steel is neat, and modern in the spirit of style.

Industrial Bed

Contrasting with the country style, Industrial Bed is inspired by studio apartments in modern cities.

Every detail in this style of furniture is modern and sophisticated. Certain staple materials such as metal, brick, and pipes are among the hallmarks of this style of design bed.

Besides, unlike the modern style, Industrial allows interior decoration accents such as mesh, wood grain, and many other minimalist art motifs.

The industrial one is an excellent choice for young people and has modern bedrooms with all the above features. If you want to use a version in your apartment with a classic, you can prefer models made of wood.

Retro bed

Retro is a style that blends idyllic nostalgia with a bit of modernity. The furniture of the retro-style bedroom, especially the mattress, also carries the above characteristics.

The typical colors of the interior in this style are pastel shades. Sometimes models with contrasting colors are also the perfect choice if you want an impressive retro space.

Mission Style Bed

Mission Style first appeared in the nineteenth century, but to this day, it is still one of the most distinctive and loved interior design styles today.

The most distinctive feature of Mission-style furniture is the wood material and the parallel walls that highlight the natural veins. Along with that are rectangular shapes, and realistic and robust 90-degree angles.

Mission-style beds are no exception. In terms of visual impression, the above design is indeed a success. Because not only different from many existing product models on the market, Mission Style Bed.

It also feels significantly lighter despite its relatively significant weight.

Cottage Bed

If you love cozy and homely beauty or simply have a budget, a cottage is a pretty interior design style to consider. And to complete this comfortable bedroom is impossible without the contribution of unique models.

You will not be able to confuse Cottage Bed with other designs thanks to the rather remarkable headboard: relatively high and has many splendid decorative accessories.

You also have quite a few color options when pursuing the Cottage style. In which the most popular colors are blue, green, light pink, and brown. In particular, you can choose basic unpainted wooden models.

Mid-Century Bed

A designer mattress with an elegant wood grain pattern is one of the must-have pieces for a Mid-Century design room.

Usually, these types of beds also have low legs and a simple form. What you need in this somewhat classic style is simplicity, lightness, and neatness.

The minimalist design of the Mid-Century mattress offers more benefits than you ever imagined.

First, you won’t have to spend too much effort on maintenance and cleaning.

Besides, the simple design is suitable for many space types, from as large as the master bedroom to as small as the guest room.

Last but not least, the lines of the mattress style, although it is the style of the previous era, can still be suitable for many different types.

French bed

Classic, gorgeous, and luxurious are the most accurate adjectives to describe the French bed.

You will often see French beds made from wood more than other materials. Besides, the most significant difference lies in the high-quality leather-covered headboard and sophisticated design. You can also find intricate carvings on both the headboard and the footboard.

It can be said that there is no doubt about the advantages of the French bed, such as the headboard being quite comfortable to lean on or more prominent than the splendid and luxurious appearance.

Maybe this mattress model is not too suitable for bedrooms with limited space. However, the product is definitely the furniture that attracts all eyes when used in the master or large guest bedrooms.

Woven Bed

It is rare for a mattress to give the impression of being as luxurious and straightforward as a woven bed.

This design is sure to get the attention of young people with a green lifestyle. The loom made from rattan or wicker makes the bedroom closer to nature.

Besides, the mattress is relatively light in weight with rattan and wicker materials, but the capacity is not reduced. It can be that with a Woven bed, you have an option that is both environmentally friendly and durable, easy to clean and maintain.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that this design is always the first choice when choosing farmhouse, country, or even beach-style furniture.

Distressed Bed

Contrary to the rather heavy name, distressed mattress impresses with their liberal freedom that goes beyond their very own wooden mattress frames. This mattress design style is like a statement of imperfection, classic but still different enough when compared to the designs above.

More specifically, you can ultimately create your Distressed mattress with just a razor and sandpaper.

Scandinavian Bed

The first impression that the Scandinavian style brings is rustic and simple, focusing on rustic beauty. Therefore, it is easy to understand when the material that makes up the Nordic-style mattress is usually solid wood, and the common colors are white, light gray, and turquoise.

Fur is also indispensable if you want to create a standard Nordic-style bedroom. Therefore, you can consider using a mattress with similar material.


It can be that types of beds are a whole world with a series of different products in size, design, style, purpose, and object of use.

If you love minimalism, and saving space, you can find a Twin-size mattress with a modern style or experience lying on the floor with a Futon mattress.

Or if you want to sleep with young children, a queen-size bed, and a Trundle mattress are just a few of the options you have.

You see, when you have a list of the most popular mattress models today, your choice is no longer encapsulated in the usual suggestions.

Hopefully, the list above will somewhat help you not get lost in the world of beds, giving you as many valuable suggestions as possible. From there, you will easily find the product that best suits your living space and personal needs.


What is a Murphy bed and how does it work?

A Murphy bed, also known as a wall bed or fold-down bed, is a type of bed that can be folded up and stored vertically against a wall or inside a cabinet or closet. It is designed to save space in small rooms or apartments where a traditional bed may not be practical.

How do I choose the right type of bed?

The right type of bed depends on several factors, including your sleeping position, body type, health concerns, and personal preferences. Consider these factors, such as design, bed frame, or size, to make sure they will provide support and comfort for your individual needs. However, not every frame on the market today is perfect enough, and choosing is never an easy task. You also have a lot of issues to consider, including price, materials, and the types of platform beds.

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