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Vibe Mattress Lawsuit: Does It Exist?

Despite being released a long time ago, Vibe’s controversy is as fresh as new: the brand is constantly on fire as people keep spreading not-so-positive rumors about its quality. 

With such a questionable reputation, are there previous records of any Vibe mattress lawsuits, and how does the brand manage such situations?

Our inclusive guides have the answers you need. Let’s dive in. 

About Vibe Mattress Quality

About the brand

Classic Brand has been around in the foundation/mattress industries as early as 1970, and its Vibe collection stands out the most due to its budget-friendly options. 

From a personal standpoint, we believe their designs are dependable and at least of a decent level, with some of the notable highlights listed below:

  • Good Motion Isolation: Its high-based and contouring foam absorbs all extra moments, keeping motions from transferring through the bed’s surface. 
  • Nice Body Support: The flexible memory foam conforms closely to your body curves, distributes weight, and alleviates possible pressure points. 

Nevertheless, keep an eye out for the following drawbacks:

  • Low-Quality Temp Control: The contouring is sometimes excessive, leaving almost no room for subsequent heat dissipation.  
  • Lackluster Edge Support: Vibe doesn’t live up to expectations in this regard. Those rolling near the bed’s edge often feel as if they were slipping off. 
  • Difficult Movements: Combination sleepers – or those often wriggling in their sleep – would prefer other, more responsive alternatives (ex: high-quality hybrid or latex).

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Is There Any Vibe Mattress Lawsuit Currently Going On?

No – at least not from what we know. Despite our tireless research, no records of any lawsuit (either filed by or filed against Vibes) have been spotted. 

So why do people assume there is one in the first place? Here comes the bad news: aside from the ever-going drawbacks discussed above, new issues regarding its mattress qualities have been dug up: 

Fiberglass Containment

Many customers complained about fiberglass shards littering beneath their beds, which became even more visible once the flashlight was turned on. It’s easy to see the tiny, sparkling fibers of fiberglass in the mattress that make customers feel worried. 

Some lucky people did not suffer skin irritation, as the fiberglass only came from the mattress’ very bottom. Others were not so fortunate: the particles poked them through the thin layers, causing serious skin rash and itching in the eyes, lungs, throat, and nose.

Worse, like all thin glass, fiberglass is prone to easy breaking. This may end up dusting fine glass all over the houses.  

Sagging Problems

Recently, new buyers started filing complaints about early sagging – after one year in certain cases and only one month in others. Regardless of whatever reason Vibes uses to justify the problem, it is unacceptable – and that’s why a lot of people are trying to return their mattresses. 

Here comes another issue: you would have to spend time skimming through third-party policies (Amazon, for instance). Vibes mattresses are not distributed through the brand’s website, so you can only contact the retailer/platform where you bought them.

Why Have Users Not Sued Vibe Yet? 

Why has nobody filed lawsuits against it? - Time-consuming is one of the reasons

With all these hazards going on, why has no one filed any lawsuits against the brand yet? Curiosity has prompted us to do a quick survey, and these are the results: 


Lawsuits are not overnight; they might drag on forever, especially when fighting big brands like Classic Brand. And sadly, except for the special power, we don’t have all the time in the world. 


Most Vibes users have no budget capabilities to pay attorney fees. Their financial struggle was what pushed them toward cheap mattresses like Vibes in the first place. Some would rather spend money on a new bed than file lawsuits. 

Other Benefits of Vibe Mattresses

As discussed above, Vibe is not all about bad qualities. Sagging, fiberglass, etc. aside, the products still enjoy numerous advantages that many people appreciate. As a result, they feel reluctant to sue the brand, believing their mattresses are still of good use for at least several more years. 

What To Do If I Find My Vibe Mattress Has Fiberglass?

You can use a protector if you spot fiberglass on the mattress 

Discovering these flame retardants in your beloved mattress is horrifying, but don’t panic. Keep calm and follow our guides on what to do next:

Use High-Quality Protectors

Vibes mattresses are cheap, so it’s natural to assume the covers are also low-quality; the developed holes on these covers are probably where the fiberglass inside can escape. Seal them by purchasing premium mattress protectors.

Most importantly, never lift the cover. Otherwise, you will risk setting the fiberglass completely free once the cover is removed!

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Replace Your Mattress

Not fond of the idea of sleeping on fiberglass, even after there is a mattress protector? Then you know what to do: replace your Vibe mattress with a higher-end option. Don’t be too stingy with your health this time; a little more spending than usual in this case is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.

File A Lawsuit

Nobody has yet filed a lawsuit against Vibe, so why not be the first? (Given enough money and time, so double-check on that first.) Also, ensure you have met these qualifying criteria to take legal action: 

  • You own a Vibe bed where fiberglass escaped from. 
  • The fiberglass has harmed you/other members or contaminated the house. 
  • The bed is still kept (in a safe place where it cannot injure anyone, of course). Do not throw it away!


Our well-researched article has properly addressed all common questions regarding the Vibe mattress lawsuit. 

For now, Vibe is still safe from all legal punishments, but we are not so sure things will stay that way if the brand refuses to address its issues. Until it does, it would be best to turn to other, safer mattresses instead. 


How much compensation can one get for fiberglass injuries?

The range is pretty wide: $1,000 to $300,000, depending on the damage’s extent and severity. Don’t forget to count the filing and attorneys’ fees (if any).

How can you remove Vibe fiberglass from your skin? 

The first step is to wash your skin with mild soap and warm water and use a washcloth to wipe it. Then, apply adhesive tape to your exposed skin area to pull the shards out, and take a bath right away.

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