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Walmart Mattress Return Policy: Explain In Detail

Walmart offers a range of mattresses at affordable prices, allowing customers to find the right fit for their needs. However, your purchase may not meet your expectations despite careful research and consideration.

That’s why it’s important to understand Walmart’s policy, including the mattress return policy. 

This article will take a closer look at the details of this policy, including what you need to know before making a return, the process for giving back a mattress, and any potential limitations or restrictions to be aware of.

About Walmart Mattress Return Policy

Walmart allows you to return your purchase

Walmart‘s exchange and return policy for mattresses may vary depending on the specific model and the reason for returning them. 

In general, however, Walmart offers a generous policy for mattresses that allows customers to return or exchange them when unsatisfied.

Exchange and Return Policy

If a customer decides to give a mattress back during the trial period, they can initiate a request and receive a full refund. Walmart’s policy for mattresses typically includes free return shipping, so customers don’t have to worry about the logistics of returning a large item.

In case a customer wants to do that after the trial period has ended, they may still be eligible for a refund or exchange, depending on the reason for the return. 

When the customer simply wants to exchange the product for a different size or model, they can do so but may be subject to a restocking fee.

Trial Period

Many Walmart mattresses come with a trial period, which allows customers to test out the bedding item in their own home for a certain amount of time before deciding whether to keep it or give it back for a refund. 

The length of the trial period depends on the specific type, but it is typically general within 90 days.

Return Process

  • Initiate the return: You must initiate the process by contacting Walmart customer service. This can be done by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Prepare the mattress: You’ll need to prepare it for employees’ pickup by removing any accessories and repackaging it in its original packaging.
  • Schedule pickup or drop-off: The company may arrange for pickup of the product from your home, or you may need to drop it off at one of its local stores.
  • Receive refund: Once the brand receives and inspects the returned product, they typically issue a refund. The refund may be given to the original payment method, or you may be offered store credit, depending on the circumstances.
  • Allow time for processing: It may take several days for the refund to be processed and appear in your account, depending on the payment method and other factors.

Return Window

The return window of this retailer may vary depending on the specific product and the reason for returning it. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Mattress returns due to damage or defect: The company typically allows returns within 90 days of purchase for damaged or defective mattresses.
  • Mattress returns due to customer preference: Some items may have a 30-day return window for customer preference returns.

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You have up to 90 days for trial.

Delivery And Pickup Fees

The retailer offers free shipping on most mattresses, including delivery and returns. Suppose a customer is about to give an item back during the trial period. 

Walmart typically covers the cost of return shipping and arranges for the product to be picked up from the customer’s home in this case.

If a customer wants to return a product after the trial period ends, they may be responsible for covering the cost of shipping, depending on the reason for the return. 

For example, if the mattress is defective or damaged, the company will typically shoulder the shipping fee. 

However, suppose the customer simply wishes for a different size or model. They may be responsible for paying a restocking fee and covering the delivery cost.

Can I Return Mattress On Walmart’s Website?

Yes, you can initiate a mattress return on their website. The website offers a simple and convenient process for requesting returns, which allows customers to start the process from their account dashboard.

You’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Walmart account on the website.
  • Go to the “Account” section of the website and select “Purchase History.”
  • Select the mattress you want to return and click “Return Item.”
  • Follow the prompts to select a reason and indicate whether you want a refund or an exchange.
  • Print the return and shipping labels, and package up the mattress.

Once the mattress has been shipped back to the retailer, the refund or exchange process will be initiated.

Walmart accepts returned products on the website.

What Are Non-Returnable Walmart Mattress Products? 

While Walmart generally has a generous policy, some mattress products are considered non-returnable. Here are some examples:

Mattress Accessories

It’s important to note that some mattress accessories, such as pillows, sheets, or blankets may be considered personal hygiene items and may not be eligible to give back for health and safety reasons. 

Final Sale Products

Some items sold at Walmart may be marked as clearance or final sale, meaning they cannot be returned or exchanged. It’s important to carefully read the product description and any associated policy before purchasing.

Custom Or Special Order Mattresses

If you order a custom or personalized product, it can not be eligible for return. This is simply because the mattress is made specifically for your favor, so it cannot or will be difficult to resell to another customer.

Used Mattresses

The company will generally not accept returned items that have been used or damaged or are not in like-new condition. This is also related to hygiene, as well as health issues for other customers, so Walmart’s policy restricts returns of used mattresses. 

Opened Mattresses

This means that if you remove the plastic wrapping from a mattress, you may be unable to return it. Only airbeds, air mattresses, or faulty products can be exchanged if the item is opened/used within 90 days. 

Not all Walmart products can be returned.

What Are The Conditions To Return Walmart Mattress?

Here are the general conditions for a return to be accepted:

  • Mattress must be in like-new condition: The product must be in its original packaging and like-new condition, free from any stains, odors, or damage.
  • The process must be initiated within the trial period: Most mattresses sold by Walmart come with a 90-day trial period, during which the customer can give the item back for a full refund. 
  • Proof of purchase: The customer must provide proof of purchase, such as a receipt or order confirmation.
  • Return label and shipping: This retailer will typically provide a return label and arrange for the mattress to be picked up from the customer’s home. The customer must follow the provided instructions for packaging and shipping the product.

What Factors Set Walmart’s Mattress Return Policy Apart From Competitors?

Longer Return And Exchange Time Period

Walmart’s mattress return and exchange time period is 90 days, which is a much longer time limit than many competitors, allowing customers more time to decide if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Hassle-Free Return Process

Walmart’s in-store return option allows customers to return their mattresses to a local store, which can be more convenient and less expensive than arranging for a return shipment. The process is also easy to follow. You can contact customer service for a detailed guide. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Walmart offers a 90-day limited lifetime warranty on some of its mattresses, which provides customers with added peace of mind and protection against certain defects or issues that may arise with their mattresses, such as sagging, body impressions, and broken or loose coils.


That’s all about the Walmart mattress return policy. The return window and conditions may differ with the specific product and the reason for the return. 

Still, the company generally allows returns within a certain timeframe and you may be provided full refunds or exchanges depending on the circumstances.


Can I return an opened mattress to Walmart?

No, you cannot. Its return policy generally requires the item to be returned in its original, unopened packaging for a full refund. However, the company may make exceptions for faulty or specific products.

What does Walmart do with returned products?

The specific handling process for returned products will include: reselling the products (only with the like-new products), returning them to the manufacturer to repair, donating to charity to non-profit organizations, and liquidating or recycling them in an environmentally friendly manner.

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