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Are Wayfair Mattresses Toxic? (Truth Will Surprise You)

Are Wayfair mattresses toxic? is a concern for many buyers as mattress shopping can be overwhelming before deciding to buy a mattress from this brand or any mattress on the market, especially when customers prioritize health and safety like me. With so many options on the market, knowing which mattresses are truly safe and non-toxic can be challenging. In this article, I will answer for you are Wayfair mattresses are toxic or safe to use.

Are Wayfair Mattresses Toxic Or Safe? 

No, Wayfair mattresses are free of toxic chemicals. However, some models have fiberglass availability to meet the fire safety standard. Customers who tend to be allergic to this material should check extra caution by carefully reading the mattress description before buying. 

Different types of Wayfair mattresses will have different answers

A fiberglass warning appears when you click on specifications on the Wayfair website. The notice makes it quite apparent that removing the mattress cover would be unsafe for both health and safety. 

The Nora and Sleep memory foam mattress from Wayfair is the ones with the most Wayfair mattress fiberglass warning. On the contrary, the hybrid versions have no warning against the fiberglass. However, it is still true that mattresses from Wayfair do contain this material. 

What Are The Cons Of Fiberglass In Mattresses?

In fact, Wayfair does not use toxic chemicals in their products, but I still have a responsibility to remind you of some drawbacks from fiberglass might cause for your health if you are a sensitive sleeper.

Respiratory irritation 

First, you will inhale these particles when the fiberglass in your mattress begins to leak through the cover. Your entire respiratory system will become irritated if you do this. Your neck will itch, your nose will start to run, and you might have trouble breathing.

Eye inflammation

You will experience eye inflammation if fiberglass fragments from the mattress fly into your eyes. But this inflammation doesn’t stay long, yet it can still be unpleasant.

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Fiberglass from Wayfair may harm your eyes

Skin being itchy and red

One of the frequent side effects of sleeping on a Wayfair fiberglass mattress is skin irritation from coming into contact with the fiberglass shards, which can bring itching and redness to the skin. This is a temporary side effect as well.

Contaminated home air

It might not be a medical problem. However, if your home becomes contaminated  because of fiberglass, you could lose a lot of money on priceless stuff like clothing, bedding, and furniture. So, don’t remove the cover, fiberglass contamination will almost certainly occur.

Does Wayfair Mattresses Still A Good Choice?

Yes, Wayfair mattresses have several advantages. However, as mentioned previously, many sleepers are concerned about the presence of fiberglass. But if you must get a mattress from Wayfair, make sure to follow these instructions: 

  • Never take the cover off: Avoiding taking off the cover in any situation would be more beneficial. By doing such, fiberglass contamination can occur.
  • Purchase a mattress protector: Adding a protector to your Wayfair mattress will make you feel considerably safer. The shards won’t rise to the top because of that.
  • Regularly check the state of your mattress cover: Get rid of the bed as quickly as you can if there are any holes.

Numerous factors influence the choice of whether to purchase a Wayfair mattress than just the presence of fiberglass. Here are some further details on Wayfair beds.

How About The Good Policy Of Wayfair Company?

The entire mattress buying process includes free shipping, sleep trials, and return procedures. Although Wayfair doesn’t offer White Glove Delivery, its shipment is still reasonably quick. To determine whether a particular mattress is best for you, they allow a 100-night trial period. 

However, there are numerous complaints regarding customers being made to pay more when returning items, so you might want to find their website and carefully review their return policy, whether the return is free or not before you buy a bed from them .

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But Wayfair can still be a nice choice considering its price


While Wayfair is best known for its memory foam mattresses, you can also choose innerspring and hybrid mattresses there. Except for the contain of fiberglass, these mattresses do not have any toxic chemicals in their production process, so you can be insecure to buy a mattress in here.


  1. Why do Wayfair mattresses use fiberglass?

    The mattresses that were most frequently to blame for these occurrences were those made of memory foam. Then, the government advised mattress producers to add flame retardants to their beds, especially foam mattresses. 

  2. Do other mattresses have fiberglass?

    Sure, some other mattress manufacturers use fiberglass besides Wayfair, Olee and Zinus are perfect examples. As was already said, fiberglass has excellent popularity due to it can help reduce cost. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that it is included in the majority of cheap or affordable mattresses. 

  3. Are Wayfair mattresses durable?

    I regret to inform you that this mattress is not as durable as another premium mattresses. That shouldn't be shocking, considering that mattresses are a market where you get what you pay for and Wayfair mattresses are known to sag quickly.

Harrison Carolean

Harrison Carolean

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