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What Mattress Does Marriott Use? – Secret Behind Marriott’s Beds

Marriotts must be one of the first names that spring to mind when the topic of “best quality hotels in the world” is brought up. Aside from excellent food, great customer service, and beautiful views, the comfy and relaxing mattresses have also left a deep impression, wowing even the pickiest guests.

What Kind Of Mattress Does Marriott Use, and is there any secret behind its incredible comfort? 

This insightful guideline will gladly shed light on this mystery for you. And you could even purchase the same mattresses they use for your home and residence!

What Mattress Does Marriott Use?

After I couldn’t help but bring the Marriott sleep experience home with me. It’s funny how much I’m looking forward to bed now! Because of this, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about these valuable items.

What mattress does Marriott use? They usually use Simmons Brand products

The brand behind Mariott’s mattress

Many thanks to their partnership with Simmons, a well-known name for quality and comfort, Marriott hotels offer some of the best sleeping experiences in the world. If you want to bring the Marriott sleeping experience home with you, you can easily buy their mattresses, bed linen, pillows, and other bedding items on their website, Shop Marriott.

What makes the Marriott mattress better than the rest, though? It’s not just the reputation of the name; it’s also the cutting-edge technologies and thoughtful design that go into every product.

A quick scour through the market reveals that Marriott is not the only hotel that joins hands with Simmons; top-quality brands like Red Lion and Intercontinental Hotel Groups also share some parts of the cake! 

What to expect from Marriott mattresses?

You can also expect a typical Marriott mattress to include the following:

Creative Design for the Best Support

Marriott hotels have a wide range of mattresses because they are dedicated to providing the best comfort and longevity. Simmons uses a strong base and individually wrapped coils to make these one-sided beds perfectly.

This design is important for more than just looks; each coil works on its own, giving you customized support that fits the unique curves of your body while minimizing motion transfer. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this design is perfect for you because your partner’s moves won’t wake you up.

Advanced Control of Temperature

Marriott fully understands how important it is to have a cool place to sleep for a good night’s rest. Multiple cooling features have been built into Marriott beds to deal with the common problem of sleeping too hot:

  • Innerspring and Hybrid Models: These models are known for being able to breathe, which helps air flow and gets rid of heat. The space between the springs lets air flow freely, which makes the surface cool for resting.
  • Open-cell technology foam beds: These mattresses are a step up from regular memory foam because they have an open-cell structure that lets more air move. This smart design actively moves away body heat, which should make you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

High-end bedding for a better experience

Marriott pays close attention to more than just the couch. When it comes to improving sleep quality, the brand knows that bedding items should go well with the mattress.

Only the best bed sheets and sleep accessories are used by Marriott. These items are known for being both soft to the touch and great at keeping the temperature just right. A choice of fabrics that don’t hold on to heat means that people can sleep well without being too hot.

In conclusion, Marriott’s partnership with Simmons shows how dedicated they are to giving their guests a great night’s sleep. Every part, from the supportive base and motion-isolating coils to the cutting-edge cooling technologies and plush pillows, was carefully chosen to make sure that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Why You’ll Love the Coziness and Comfort of Marriott Beds?

Marriott's beds are usually cozy and comfortable.

Regardless of the specific Marriott mattress you opt for, you’re guaranteed a touch of comfort that’s hard to beat.

The first night I slept on a Marriott bed, I was transported. It was like floating on a cloud, yet somehow also cradled securely. I woke up feeling like I had the best sleep in years

You might think this exceptional comfort is all down to the temperature regulation and high-quality bedding we’ve mentioned. But they are just a small part of the bigger picture. 

Marriott knows exactly what it takes to deliver an unrivaled sleep experience, and here’s how they do it.

No matter which Marriott mattress brand you choose, their beddings and mattresses always deliver a comfy touch.

Firmness Level

Marriott mattresses are typically medium to medium-firm, a key factor in ensuring they cater to a wide range of sleep preferences.

No matter your preferred sleep position, these mattresses are designed to meet your needs! The medium firmness delicately balances body contouring and support, offering a level of coziness that’s hard to find elsewhere.

However, Marriott understands that one size doesn’t fit all. For those who are heavier or require additional support, they offer specially designed mattresses to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone.

Read more: Mattress Firmness: What we need to know! .

Pressure Relief

Marriott beds are renowned for their ability to alleviate pressure and tension. Thanks to their adaptable materials, these beds conform to your body, providing optimal cushioning for every part.

This prevents stress build-up and promotes relaxation – it’s no surprise that some customers liken the experience to a rejuvenating hot spring bath!

Appropriate Customization

Marriott mattresses are constructed with high-density, open-cell foam, without any memory foam in the layers, ensuring a consistent base.

This flexible structure allows for timely adjustments and customizations based on customer feedback and preferences from around the world.

The addition of premium bedding accessories only enhances the overall comfort, making your sleep experience truly exceptional.

How Does the Marriott Mattress Compare to Other Mattresses?

When you want to buy a new mattress, it makes sense to look at all of your choices and see what stands out. A mattress is, after all, a big investment in your health and the way you sleep. So, how does the Marriott mattress, which looks like it came from a hotel, stack up against other mattresses you might be thinking about getting for your home?

A Good Mix of Firmness and Comfort

The feel of Marriott mattresses is medium-firm, which is a good mix for a lot of different sleep styles. A lot of sleep experts suggest this level of firmness because it offers a balance of comfort and support, allowing for a variety of sleeping positions while still keeping the spine straight. For people who like to feel both cushioned and supported, a Marriott mattress might be the best place for you to sleep.

Durability That Lasts

When used in a hotel, mattresses have to be able to handle more people and more use.

This is why Marriott mattresses are made to last, with sturdiness in mind. This means that for home use, this means a mattress that will last, possibly lasting longer than conventional consumer beds.

If lasting a long time is important to you, Marriott’s choice might work for you.

The Luxury of Choice

One difference between Marriott beds and some hotel mattresses is that you can buy Marriott mattresses to use at home. Thus, you can make your bedroom feel like a high-end hotel room where you can sleep.

When you compare names, you should think about how much customization you can get. While Marriott’s product is always the same, other brands, like the Four Seasons, let you change the hardness level to suit your needs. Your choice may be affected by how much you like flexibility.

Comparative Chart

Here’s a quick comparison to put things into perspective:

Feature/BrandMarriott MattressHyatt’s Grand BedFour Seasons’ Bed
TypeInnerspring with foam topMulti-layered foamCustomizable firmness
Firmness LevelMedium-firmMediumAdjustable (3 settings)
Top Layer MaterialBreathable cotton blendMemory foamGel-touch foam layer
Core MaterialHigh-density open-cell foamHigh-resilience foamPocketed coil system
Box SpringSpecialized design (optional)Platform baseAdvanced spring system
Price RangePremiumPremiumLuxury

Through this comparison, we know that if you want a bed that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in a hotel every night, the Marriott mattress might be a good choice. You should definitely buy one if you want a mattress that gives you constant support and comfort and lasts a long time.

But if you want a very customized mattress with firmness settings that you can change, you might want to look into other high-end choices.

Can Anyone Buy Marriotts Mattresses?

Marriott is one of the highest-quality hotels in the world

Yes, people who are impressed with how Marriotts beds perform can purchase one for their houses through the official website, ShopMarriott.

Other necessary bedding features and accessories are also purchasable, ensuring you can recreate the heavenly experience at the hotel in the safe cocoon of your residence.

Remember to check whether the buying source is official/authentic. Many businesses claim to sell Marriotts beds at a lower price – and they all turn out to be scams or do not have the same quality you expect. Do not fall for those tricks! 

You can find Marriott Bedding items through the official website. 

Are Marriott Beds Worth It?

Is investing in one for your home worth the price tag? Let’s find out.

Considering the Price

Admittedly, Marriott beds come with a heftier price tag compared to some other mattresses in the market. But it’s essential to view this as an investment. Over the years, the cost per sleep on a durable, high-quality bed like Marriott’s becomes quite reasonable.

Why Consider a Marriott Bed for Home?

Consistent Sleep: One of the significant perks of investing in a Marriott bed is the consistent quality of sleep. You’re not just buying a mattress; you’re investing in nights of restful slumber.

Home Luxury: Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on vacation every night? Bringing a piece of that luxury hotel experience to your bedroom can be a daily treat.

Health Benefits: A good night’s sleep isn’t just about feeling rested. It’s about the myriad health benefits that come with consistent, undisturbed sleep. From improved memory to better physical health, the ripple effects of a quality mattress can’t be overlooked.

How to Personalize Your Marriott Mattress Experience

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features of Marriott mattresses and how you can tailor them to your needs:

Maximizing Cooling Technologies

Marriott mattresses often feature cutting-edge cooling technologies like gel-infused memory foam or breathable top layers. To enhance these features:

  • Opt for lightweight, breathable sheets if you’re a hot sleeper, to amplify the mattress’s cooling effect.
  • Consider a cooling mattress protector to further manage temperature and maintain a cool sleeping surface all night.

Tuning Mattress Firmness

The firmness of a mattress is key to comfort and spinal alignment. Marriott offers a range of mattresses, from plush to firm.

  • Choose a mattress topper to adjust firmness. A plush topper can soften a too-firm mattress, while a firm topper can add extra support if needed.
  • Think about the base your mattress rests on; a solid foundation can increase firmness, while a box spring may provide a softer feel.

Customizing Pressure Relief

Marriott mattresses are designed to evenly distribute weight and relieve pressure points.

  • Select adjustable pillows to offer extra support where needed, such as under your knees or lower back, enhancing the mattress’s pressure-relieving capabilities.
  • Try different pillow fills (memory foam, down, etc.) to find the best relief for your body.

Adapting Bedding

The right bedding can enhance your sleep experience by complementing the mattress’s comfort.

  • Choose hypoallergenic covers if you have allergies, to complement the hypoallergenic properties of the mattress.
  • Layer blankets and duvets to suit your warmth needs, leveraging the mattress’s breathable design to prevent overheating.

Your Sleep Position

Marriott’s mattress selection caters to all sleep positions, providing the right level of support whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

  • Side sleepers might add a softer mattress pad to cushion hips and shoulders.
  • Back sleepers could benefit from a firmer topper to maintain proper alignment.
  • Stomach sleepers may prefer a thin, firm topper to prevent the pelvis from sinking too deeply.

Enhancing Aesthetic and Sensory Features

The look and feel of your mattress and bedding can also be personalized for the ultimate sleep experience.

  • Choose bedding colors and textures that appeal to your senses and promote relaxation.
  • Select a mattress with a luxurious cover that feels soft to the touch, enhancing the sensory pleasure of your sleep environment.

By understanding and tailoring these specific features of Marriott mattresses, you can create a sleep experience that perfectly suits your comfort and aesthetic preferences.


So did you know what mattress Marriott uses? We have dived deep into this inquiry, lending excellent tips and advice to all aspects you are wondering about. Now that the secret behind Mariott’s beds has been lifted, its reputation as one of the best hotels in the U.S. should no longer be questioned! 

Feel free to write to us for more advice or clarifications about Marriott’s beds and services! 

Here is a bonus for you – some untold secrets from Marriott’s housekeepers about making beds: 


How Firm Are Marriott Beds?

These mattresses are medium/ medium-firm, which is just the right level to create extreme comfort and coziness for any user.

What Mattresses Does A 5-Star Hotel Use?

Most turn to classic and famous brands like Beautyrest, Simmons, and Sealy. The more luxurious these hotels are, the more expensive (and premium) their bedding gets.

Do Marriotts Hotels Use Mattresses by Jamison?

Yes. The Jamison Hospitality lines are pretty widespread among hotels like Marriotts, Courtyard, and Best Western.

Who Supplies Marriotts Beds?

Serta Simmons (Simmons for short) is the manufacturer behind these products.

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