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What Size Lamp For Nightstand: Easy tips And Tricks

Imagine having a relaxing day when you want to snuggle into bed and be nestled by the gentle comfort lights, but turn out the disaster when you try to turn off and wipe your big-size lamp out of the wardrobe. Therefore, choosing the perfect size lamp is very important. In this article, we will help you find the answer to what size lamp for nightstand.

What Size Lamp For Nightstand?

We all know that rules are designed to be violated in the design world, and as with anything, there are exceptions to every rule. However, if you want to have stylish bedside lights, you should follow these guidelines.

Whether you’re having a bit of trouble deciding or can’t find a lamp that looks good near your bed, it’s always nice to have some design rules at hand. You have to decide whether you want your lamp to have a purpose or seamlessly be a decoration and how much light it should have. These questions will influence what size you want for your bedroom.

Generally, the size of the lamp foundation should be the same as the height of the top of the mattress, and the bottom of the lampshade should be equal to the chin while you sit in bed. This delivers optimal reading and task lighting without causing glare in your eyes.

If it is too confusing, let me give a visual thought process for a more straightforward example. The king-size bed should have a big lamp and be styled with oversized lamp shades. Another example of a small bedroom is a thin shape, such as a tall or small table lamp with a limited base, making the room look complete and neat.

What Is The Height Of The Nightstand Lamp?

Different bed heights will serve as distinct heights of lamps. Make sure your illumination is at the proper size; you don’t want your reading lamp to glare in your eyes or throw shadows on your book.

This is especially important if you use a broad rather than a pillar lamp. Remember, positioning the shade so that it is at around shoulder height when lying in bed will provide the best light for reading.

Headboard height

The headboard height is also one of the essential factors in choosing the right size for the lamp. It would be best to consider the headboard’s aesthetic proportions when selecting a light size.

On account of the small table lamp, you are constantly shorter than the headboard unless you have a tall headboard on your bed, and because nobody likes to read in bed with a tall headboard at the back of their heads.

In case you prefer the floor lamp, it could shine a warm light for more sleeping comfort. Remember that the top of a floor lamp shouldn’t extend farther than 48 inches beyond the height of the mattress it will be placed on.

Small table lamp

The height of the lamp base and the nightstand should be equal to the top of the mattress for the estimate of the table lamp. If your wardrobe is shorter than the mattress or your mattress is too near the floor, then you should go for the smaller light.

The lamp height might be shorter than 24 inches. You can look for lights that are modern, contemporary, industrial, or have a bohemian flare; all of these types of lamps give enough lighting despite their compact size.

If you have a small bedroom, the standard height is around 24 to 28 inches from the top of the mattress, giving the room a cozy and homey atmosphere. Such an average measurement is a reasonable height if you use the reading lamp in the evening to read your favourite book or have something to rest your eyes while relaxing.

You may go for a lamp with a slim stand if the space on the nightstand is limited, or you can go with a light with a more extensive base or a tripod if the bedside table has more area.

Tall lamp

A tall lamp is very suitable if your bed has an extra bunkie board, box spring, or even if your mattress is higher than the regular bed. A tall headboard is also a case for having a tall lamp.

If your bedside table is taller than usual, you should look for a nightstand lamp at least 28 inches tall; if it is even taller, so much the better. If it is even taller, then better. It is also wise to check the base and ensure it has a long enough cord to reach your bedside table.

Some designs are more suited to nighttime brightness because of features like a swing arm or the flexibility to switch positions quickly. A lamp with a height of around 28 inches or higher has good aesthetic appeal but shouldn’t overpower the bed or the nightstand.

What Is The Width Of The Light?

The bed is the room’s primary furniture piece so that any smaller light will seem dim in comparison. Your mattress width should be the first consideration when selecting a nightstand.

Since this is the case, a general rule of thumb is to use light the same width as the mattress. A bedside lamp for a twin bed may get away with being between 18 and 28 inches tall, so that’s what you should aim for if you’re shopping. Scale-wise, a king-size bed has to be between 30 and 32 inches tall and 4 to 7 inches wide. In the end, the broader the bed, the more spread out the light is.


Many different factors go into choosing what size lamp for nightstand. The size of the light will depend on the size of the nightstand and mattress. It would help if you also considered the room size before purchasing a bedside lamp. If you are planning on buying a new lamp, we hope this guide has helped you find the right one.

David Elkie

David Elkie

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