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What To Do With Old Bed Frames? 6 Most Effective Ways

Whether you’re moving or simply upgrading your property, deciding what to do with old bed frames is a challenging task. Thankfully, you have many options rather than just throwing your furniture away. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of old bed frames and when you should do it.

What To Do With Old Bed Frames?

Your old bed frame’s fate depends on how good it is and how convenient you want things to be. Check out the different ways to handle this bulky furniture and pick the one that works best for you for an easy and quick answer.

You shouldn’t get rid of old bed frame

Getting rid of old bed frames without thinking will harm the environment in the long run. These large objects, especially those made of materials that don’t break down, take up valuable room in dumps and pollute the soil and water as they decompose down.

The glasshouse effect is made worse by the release of methane from decaying wooden frames in dumps. This shows the need for more environmentally friendly ways to get rid of trash.

Both metal and wooden bed frames can escape the landfill fate through recycling. Metals can be recycled repeatedly, reducing the need for virgin mining, while wood can find new life as mulch or in bioenergy production.

What should you do with your old bed frames? You can choose to sell, donate, or recycle them. There are many DIY projects to try if you like the idea of recycling. On the other hand, you may want to throw them away. In this case, contact the local junk removal agencies and let them take care of the rest.


When the time comes to part with your old bed frame, the guiding principle is simple: sell it while it’s still in a condition that can serve another. It’s a practical move, both for you and the potential new owner.

The key to a successful sale, I found, was all about presentation. You start by making your bed frame look its best. A good clean, a little polish, and it’s ready for its close-up. Photograph it from every angle in clear light to show off its true condition – this honesty not only builds trust with buyers but also showcases the frame’s best features.

I’ve sold a few things online before, and the most important thing was always setting a fair price. It’s a mix of being fair with yourself and appealing to buyers. Think about how much you paid, how long you’ve had it, and how it looks now. Then, choose a platform like Craigslist or eBay. If you’ve taken the time to refurbish it, make sure to highlight that in your listing.

If your bed frame has a unique design or a vintage feel, it might fetch a better price. I was lucky enough to have a vintage frame, and it was snapped up in no time!

You can talk about the bed frame’s past in the description. You can say how it fits in your home and how it might look in theirs. Do everything you can and be honest. Then get ready for the negotiation. That’s all part of the process. Keep in mind that every message you send brings you one step closer to making a sale.


If you want to get rid of it quickly and don’t want to make money off of it, donation is a commendable choice. It is an easy and kind way to make room in your home while helping others.

I’ve found that organizations like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are excellent options for such donations. They make it easy, and it’s nice to know that your old bed frame will be used for good.

Take a moment to look over the bed frame before you give it. It shouldn’t need any fixes and should be in good enough shape so that the next person can use it right away. I remember making sure our frame was strong and safe by looking at the joints and bars.

Then, do some study to find charities in your area that will take your furniture and learn their unique rules.

Once you’ve chosen a charity, you can usually either drop off the bed frame yourself or make arrangements for it to be picked up by the charity. We were glad for this ease because it saved us from having to carry a big item.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt. These receipts are useful for tax deduction purposes and serve as a record of your contribution. It’s a simple step, but one that can have benefits come tax season.

Donating our old bed frame was the smart thing to do because it saved time and trouble from having to sell, and it felt good to give the bed frame a new home.


When your old bed frame is too worn out for another person’s home, recycling can be a noble and eco-friendly avenue to explore. This is especially true if you’re keen on sustainability and want to ensure that the frame doesn’t just become another statistic in the landfill saga. You can turn the frame into something new and cool.

The process begins with a bit of deconstruction. Break down the bed frame into its component parts, which can then find new purpose. I’ve seen the slats of a bed frame reborn as a charming garden bench, the headboard transformed into a quirky bookshelf, or even the legs repurposed into a rustic coat rack. This way, old bed parts get a fun new life.

Recycling our old bed frame is a simple choice that helps avoid waste. You can make new things yourself or get help. Recycling helps us all do our part for a cleaner world.

Contacting a junk removal service

Another option for quitting your bed frame is to have it picked up by a junk removal agency. Rather than hiring a hauling truck or selling anything yourself, this alternative helps save time and money.

Find those junk removal services that focus on using eco-friendly disposal methods. They can make sure that the materials are thrown away, recycled, or reused in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

Moreover, junk removal companies are aware of their actions and will make every effort to recycle the items they gather. This solution keeps your furniture out of the garbage and helps other individuals in the community obtain beautiful equipment for their houses.

If you’re not one for wielding tools and sawdust isn’t your style, there’s still a green path forward. Your local recycling center can help.

Professionals, on the other hand, have an innovative DIY streak. They know how to handle the existing structures and transform them into new items. You may rely on them to deal with your old furniture if you want to decorate your house.

Some centers will accept the frame as is, while others may require it to be broken down into smaller parts. They can make sure that the materials are thrown away, recycled, or reused in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

Hiring a dumpster

If you’ve got a lot of stuff to toss out, like an old bed frame, renting a dumpster is smart. It’s great for big clean-ups or fixing up your house.

Here’s how to rent a dumpster:

First, think about how much trash you have. This tells you what size dumpster you need. Then, call a dumpster company and ask them to bring one to your house. All you have to do is to choose a container in the right size to fit your project. They come in different sizes, from 10 to 40 yards.

I had to do this when we cleaned out our attic. It made getting rid of junk easy. They drop it off, and you start filling it up. We filled ours over a weekend.

Once it’s full, call the company again. They’ll come and take the dumpster away. It’s a big help and keeps you from making lots of trips to the dump. When we did it, it saved us so much time.

Contacting a scrap dealer

When your metal bed frame has reached the end of its journey with you, a scrap dealer can step in to give it a new purpose. This is a smart move if you’re handy with tools and can take apart the frame yourself. I’ve done this with an old frame, separating the metal from other materials, ready for recycling.

Here’s how to go about it:

First, figure out what kind of metal you have. Non-ferrous metal is generally more expensive to recycle than ferrous one. If a magnet sticks to it, it’s ferrous metal. This little test helped me when I was sorting through what I could take to the scrap dealer.

Then, give a call to the scrap dealers in your area. Ask them if they take the metal you’ve got. When I did this, I found a place that offered to pick it up, which was super helpful.

You can either take the metal to the dealer yourself or, if they offer the service, have them come and collect it. It’s a practical solution that clears out your space and helps the environment, too.

Ideas For Recycling Old Bed Frames

While selling and donating are good ways to extend the life of a bed frame, reusing it in do-it-yourself projects is a more hands-on approach to environmental stewardship.

Garden bench

You can transform an old wooden or metal bed frame into a beautiful garden bench in just a few hours. This idea helps you recycle the bed frame. You will also get a nice bench that will look great in your garden or on your balcony.

This video shows you how to carry out this project:

Cargo trailer

You may even transform the old slats into a cargo trailer that can carry almost anything. This handy small trailer can haul boulders and other garbage around the garden and is simple to construct. You start with the old frame and add recycled materials like bicycle wheels and discarded metal pieces.

Console table

You can put this beautiful table behind a couch, in the doorway, or anyplace else, and it makes sense. It’s a wonderful wooden table, but you could obtain one just as nice by repurposing a metal frame. All you have to do now is add the rustic wood top and tie everything together.

Pet bed

Metal bed frames can be used to make sturdy and durable pet beds. Simply remove the mattress and box spring, and then sand and paint the frame to your desired color. You can then add a soft cushion or blanket to the bed for your pet to sleep on.

Photo hanger

We often use metal pipes to make a photo hanger. Yet, you can achieve the same goal using the side rails of your bed frame. You just need to clean and repaint the frames before transforming them into wonderful picture hangers.

Garden bridge

You can use an old bed frame to create a small bridge that crosses a stream or pond in your garden. This will add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your outdoor space.

If you don’t have a stream or pond in your garden, you can still create a bridge by placing the bed frame over a raised flower bed or walkway. This will create a unique and interesting focal point in your garden. Moreover, you can also paint or decorate the bed frame to match the style of your garden. This will make it a more eye-catching addition to your outdoor space.

Garden bed

An old bed frame can be used to create a raised garden bed. This is a great option if you have limited space in your garden, or if you want to grow plants that require well-drained soil.

You can use the bed frame as-is, or you can add some additional supports to make it more sturdy. You can also line the bed with landscaping fabric to prevent weeds from growing. Once the bed is prepared, you can fill it with your favorite soil and plant your favorite flowers or vegetables.

Coffee table

You don’t need to be a good woodworker or prepare many tools on hand for this project. This one is a little more lavish, but you can use the same technique to transform ordinary wooden or metal slats into a stunning coffee table that gets people talking.

Bunk bed planter

This amazing recycled bench is simple to make. You don’t have to do very much for this item. Simply take out the bottom bunk and build the planter boxes with the top. Next, add a bench made from the bottom frame, and you’re ready to go.


The footboard, headboard, and the frame’s sides can make elegant fencing that will complement your garden. Check at your local secondhand shops or online retailers if you don’t have enough of the tools to use. To achieve a similar effect, you can use various bed types and repaint them the same color.

Flower bed

Simply place a wrought iron bed in the garden and grow your flowers there to create a wonderful garden exhibit. The bed frame aids in the organization and maintenance of your flowers, as well as provides a gorgeous focal point for it.

Bunk bed workbench

A bunk bed workbench is a great way to save space in your home office or workshop. You can use the bottom bunk as a work surface, and the top bunk as storage space for tools and supplies.

To make a bunk bed workbench, you will need to remove the mattress and box spring from the bottom bunk. You can then attach a work surface to the frame, such as a piece of plywood or MDF. You may also want to add some shelves or cabinets to the frame for storage space.

Porch swing

A porch swing made from an old bed frame is a great way to add a touch of rustic charm to your outdoor space. You can use the frame’s sides to make the swing’s bottom, and then add wooden planks to make the seat.

To make a porch swing, you will need to remove the mattress and box spring from the bed frame. You can then cut the frame’s sides to the desired length. You will also need to cut some wooden planks to the desired length for the seat. Once the frame and seat are cut to size, you attach them together using screws or bolts. You may also want to add some cushions to the seat for comfort.

Wall decor

Old bed slats can be used to make beautiful and unique wall decor. You can paint the slats in your favorite colors, or you can leave them natural. You can then hang the slats on the wall in a variety of patterns.

To make wall decor from bed slats, you will need to remove the slats from the bed frame. You can then paint or stain the slats to your desired color. Once the slats are dry, you can hang them on the wall using nails or screws.

When To Replace Your Bed Frame?

A bed frame is simply a framework for your mattress to rest on. Unfortunately, you find it harder to identify the state of the frames as you may with the mattresses. How do you know when it’s time to get a new one? Here are a few indicators to check:


Many people think a squeaky bed frame is usual, but things are more complicated. Creaks appear to be the earliest signs of a bedframe’s quality degrading. Furthermore, such noises annoy you, disturb your sleep and make it difficult to fall asleep because you notice them while turning.

Sinking mattress

A wooden slat should support the mattress, your body, and sometimes the weight of another sleeper. After a long use time, you may feel like the mattress is sinking low whenever you lay down. It even dips when you just look at it.

Often, manufacturers make frames with wooden slats. These tools are strong enough to support big mattresses and box springs. Check below the bed to determine if the slats become crooked or broken. If that’s the case, you’ll need a new foundation for your mattress as soon as possible.

Hardware issues

The fasteners that hold the slats together might deteriorate with time and use. For example, screws or other attachment pieces will come loose or fall out and disappear. If you continue to use a frame in this state, more significant issues will arise as it develops. Besides, you’ll need to repair or replace any broken or missing hardware components right away or start searching for a new frame.

Damaged wood

If left unchecked, cracking and splitting in the timber of your supporting structure will almost certainly collapse. This issue could cause injury to you or others, as well as harm to the flooring. Small cracks in the wood can reflect poor quality.

You should regularly check the slats for wear and tear on the wood, especially if you notice squeaking. Start thinking about buying a replacement foundation as soon as you see any signs of damage.

Poor sleep

If you’re constantly exhausted and can’t seem to get enough sleep, your first thought might be to invest in a new mattress. Although the mattress could be to blame, a deteriorating or damaged framework should also bear responsibility.

If you have just got the cushion recently, the problem may arise from its foundation in a few years. Your new cushion may not fit the old frame appropriately. As a result, the cushion can’t get enough support to satisfy your needs. Alternatively, the slats may simply be too old or become damaged to give effective support at this point.

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