Where Are Nectar Mattresses Made? (Your Answer Here)

Nectar is a common name in the bedding industry, but where are Nectar mattresses made is a popular question for buyers. In fact, Nectar falsely claimed that their mattresses were made in the United States. Is it true? I will answer for you now!

Where Are Nectar Mattresses Manufactured?

Nectar mattresses are manufactured in China and assembled in the US. Nectar only keeps mattresses in the US while they wait to be shipped to the right customers. Due to the strong demand, they only recently extended to imports from the UK or China.

Why Would Nectar Make False Claims About Their Origin?

It seems strange to a mattress buyer why a large firm like Nectar would mislead about where they assemble mattresses. However, it makes a lot of sense from the standpoint of the producer and seller.

First, ‘Made in the USA’ is a powerful slogan not just United States but all across the world. US-made goods are well regarded for keeping high standards of quality, unfortunately, this cannot be the same for Chinese-originated mattresses.

Nectar knew the consequences of admitting that their beds were made in China because they had to spread lies to compete in the US market. However, given the large number of “ Made in China” mattresses purchased by consumers, this is not a sufficient and long term defense. I think Nectar does not need to mislead where the mattress manufacturing takes place, as long as Nectar guarantees that its mattresses are solid and good.

In addition to the previously mentioned, Nectar mattresses also misled consumers by using fiberglass which is a sensitive component of beds produced in China. There wasn’t a lot of information around the use of fiberglass for flame-retardants at that time. Nectar, however, was one step ahead. Mattress manufacturers do not use flame retardants in China because this country does not enforce this law while the US standard must have a flame retardant in the mattresses production.

Sleepers and consumers would never discover Nectar mattresses contain fiberglass because they falsely claim to be made in the US. Although they may have benefited from these false statements, but the truth is reveal after that. 

Is Nectar Mattress Still A Good Choice?

Yes, except the scandals or lawsuits that related to Nectar, if you still decide to purchase a Nectar mattress, you still can consider about their high quality and supports that these mattresses bring to sleepers. After reveal that Nectar mattresses are made in China, we will analyze the pros and cons of this mattress to help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Nectar mattress

First of all, Nectar allows 1-year sleep trial for these beds. During this trial period, you can sleep on it to test the quality of a Nectar mattress and consider if it fits you or not. If you are not satisfied with what this mattress offers, you can return it and get a full refund. 

The next pros of Nectar bed is that it is cooler than other memory foam mattresses. These memory foam mattresses are made from premium gel memory foam and hybrid technology for full body support and cooling through heat-wicking cover and comfort layers . Try it out if you are a hot sleeper who prefers the wrapping sensation of memory foam.

One more highlight is Nectar memory foam mattress offers sufficient sinkage, so it is ideal for pressure relief of side sleepers and individuals above 250 pounds. 

Drawbacks of Nectar mattress

Next up in the benefits review is the drawbacks. Durability is one of the primary complaints made about Nectar mattresses, some reports that I read on Amazon say it sags and drops after 5-6 months use. This might be the result of the Nectar mattress might not made with high-quality materials as in the US. 

Some reviews from individuals of average weight claim that their Nectar beds began sagging a few months after purchase. Can you imagine what would happen if a heavy person slept on such a bed?

Nectar mattresses have also been criticized for lacking sufficient support and comfort. If you are back or heavy weight sleepers, it may not be the best mattress for you.

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So, the truth for the Nectar mattress manufacturer is exposed. This mattress is made in China but assembled in the United States. After the origin of Nectar, you can see that it is important to find and research carefully the information of the mattress to avoid mislead when shopping.