Where Are Serta Mattresses Made? (Latest Update)

Serta has dominated the mattress market and became one of the most prominent mattress producers in the world in 2019 after being acquired by the global mattress juggernaut Serta Simmons Bedding. Recently, more than 50 nations currently sell Serta mattresses. But do you know where Serta mattresses are made? Check our writing below! 

Where Are Serta Mattresses Made? 

Serta mattresses are produced in the United States. But, an interesting that their pillows are manufactured in 3 different countries are The United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. They occasionally import materials thanks to connections with local firms in other nations. 

Let’s talk in detail about the American factories that make Serta mattresses. 

United States

Serta is a proud mattress producer in the US, and they confirmed that they presently operate 25 facilities in several states. When the research team made a trip there, official representatives stated that most of the products from these factories were ordered by high-end retail partners and hotel owners. 

The company uses the materials listed below because it cares about producing adorable, high-quality mattresses at all of these factories: 

  • Refined pure organic cotton
  • Recycled post-industrial steel 
  • Actual wood from the forest

Be aware that the company recently stated that two of its facilities in Janesville and Beloit would now be operated at a new facility in the area of 500,000 square feet. In fact, the facility will provide the newest employment prospects, enhancing the valuable US economy. 

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Serta mattresses are made in the USA instead of China

The finest aspect of these American factories is how they adhere to tight regulations, use cutting-edge technology, and finally create something new. The firm initially only produced the most common basic sizes, but today you can buy mattresses in all sizes.

Research into the company’s finances indicates that a sizeable amount of its entire revenue originates from its mattress line. While other items like pillows perform well on the market, they are not as commonly purchased as mattresses. 


In addition, the business owns plants in many states and produces its goods in Canada. The plants all support manufacturing as directed by the USA-based corporate headquarters. Nearly all of Serta’s products are made in these facilities, but mattresses are their specialty.

Because of the huge demand for its products, the company is considering expanding its domestic production. Serta products are receiving positive feedback from the Canadian market, and the corporation is earning more revenue from this country.  

In fact, the government also offers the business excellent facilities, including cutting-edge technology and skilled staff, at predictable prices. Every engineer working in a Canadian manufacturing facility contributes to the development of new products and facilities. 

Why Are Serta Mattresses The Perfect Choice?

The Serta pillow provides extensive loft facilities to guarantee comfort in the neck and head of a sleeper, so this mattress is the best choice for side and back sleepers. Moreover, products from Serta are always designed with standout qualities that support reduce motion transfer, foam layers, innerspring, and cool spaces are some of the most notable attributes. 

They also invented two coil systems, which were coiled, readily adjustable, and encased in thick foam for the best reinforcement. The resiliency of these mattresses is improved by all of this. Since Serta actually cares about the satisfaction of its customers, according to those who have dealt with them directly, these mattresses are a great option. 

  • Serta mattresses use high-quality foams and create sufficient layers with stitching to boost durability,
  • It takes suitable structure and design into consideration, as well as comfort characteristics.
  • They are offered at prices that consumers may readily pay without going over budget.

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So, you can see that, even if the company manufactures its goods in either the USA or Canada, the quality of the products from Serta is what drives its popularity. The company has promised to more and more advance in the manufacturing to bring the best experiences for all type of customer.