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Where Are Zinus Mattresses Made? (Latest Experts Answer)

Zinus is not a strange name in bedding industry and Amazon retailers. This brand famous because of its affordable prices and good-quality in memory foam they use in their mattresses. So, where are Zinus mattresses made? Let’s check in the content below.

Where Zinus Mattresses Are Made? 

Zinus mattresses are manufactured in Xiamen, China. The company is founded in Seoul, South Korea, and since then has grown to include US distribution hubs.

The original of Zinus Mattresses

For instance, we have the Zinus 12 inch Ultra Cooling Gel Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress which is made in the United States, whereas the Zinus Green Tea Mattress is made in China. For the past years until recently, this mattress manufacturing business has seen significant growth. The brand focus on 2 main models: Memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses.

Who Makes Zinus Mattresses?

Zinus was founded in 1979 by Youn Jae Lee. The brand offers 2 mattress types, including memory foam and hybrid. Individuals who are consistently seeking cost-effective choices may explore both online platforms and brick-and-mortar stores. 

Furthermore, Zinus incorporates a combination of five foam types into their bed construction and also utilizes pocket coil systems or traditional innersprings. 

How Are Zinus Mattresses Made?

Zinus mattresses are meticulously crafted using a specific manufacturing process to ensure optimal quality and comfort.

Material selection

The first step is always important because it affects the whole manufacture process. The manufacturers carefully selects high-quality foam materials, including green tea infused memory foam sources in the USA and steel coil systems to add comfort layers in the mattress. 

Cutting and shaping

The chosen materials are precisely cut and shaped according to the foam mattress design using advanced machinery and molds, ensuring consistency and accuracy for the shape of mattresses.

Layer assembly

Zinus mattresses typically consist of multiple foam layers. These layers are skillfully assembled to create the desired level of support and comfort for all sleep style from side sleepers, back sleepers to stomach sleepers. The specific ranking may vary based on the best memory foam mattress and customer ratings.

Integration of coil systems

Zinus incorporates coil systems, such as pocket coils or Bonnell inner springs into some of their best mattresses. These coil systems are seamlessly integrated to provide enhanced support and responsiveness during sleep.

Quilting and cover attachment

A soft and breathable fabric cover is quilted and securely attached to the foam layers and coil system. This process not only adds a finished look but also enhances comfort and aesthetics.

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Zinus mattresses are made from some factors

How Long Does A Zinus Mattress Last?

Actually, a Zinus mattress may endure for up to 10 years in good maintenance condition, although the firm offers a 10-year limited warranty on all of its goods. To assure their quality, several qualified artisans meticulously design their hybrid mattress and other items.

Furthermore, they continually repair fire damage using the newest technology and fiberglass materials. It intends to establish more production sites outside of China and the US in an effort to gain more customer feedback.

How To Choose A Right Zinus Mattress?

Here is a list of considerations to guide your decision-making process:

  • Mattress type: Consider your preferences for support, comfort, and design to choose the right type for you.
  • Material quality: Assess the quality of materials used in Zinus mattresses. Look for durable and high-density foams, sturdy coil systems, and quality new mattress covers to ensure long-term durability and comfort.
  • Comfort and support: Consider the mattress’s ability to provide adequate support and pressure relief, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing discomfort or pain.
  • Customer reviews: Read customer reviews and feedback to gain insights into the experiences of others who have purchased Zinus mattress reviews. This can help you understand the pros and cons of specific models and make an informed decision.


Zinus mattresses are primarily manufactured in China, with the company operating distribution centers worldwide to cater to global demand. In recent years, this bedding company has continuously gain the best sellers and top choices on popular online retailers such as Amazon. So, you can choose a mattress made in China as Zinus mattress without being low-quality. 


  1. Is Zinus owned by Amazon?

    No. Zinus owned by Youn Jae Lee, Korea and their items are continuously for sale on Amazon's website.

  2. Are Zinus mattresses eco-friendly?

    Yes, Zinus mattress reviews  are made with CertiPUR-US foam, reflecting their commitment to sustainability practices. The green tea infused in these memory foam also non-toxic and safe to use. 

  3. Do Zinus mattresses comply with international safety standards?

    Yes, Zinus mattresses comply with international safety certifications, ensuring they meet required standards. The manufacturing process, materials used, customization options, and production timeline of the best mattress are designed to adhere to these regulations.

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