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Zinus Mattress Lawsuit: A Wakeup Call To Zinus Users

Among the numerous brands accused or sued in recent years, Zinus probably came out as the most shocking, as it has always seemed well-received by millions of users worldwide. 

The Zinus mattress lawsuit is the latest evidence that one should not always trust five-star ratings and positive customer feedback: everything could be fabricated these days. 

So what exactly is the lawsuit all about? Let’s leave it to our team for more revelations below: 

The Most Recent Zinus Mattress Lawsuit – Fiberglass Accusations

Fiberglass is a famous lawsuit of Zinus

Vanessa Gutierrez, a California user, led a lawsuit against Zinus and its Green Tea mattresses. She represented nearly 2000 customers who had their belongings and health severely damaged as a result of fiberglass exposure. What about the details?

What Happened?

The woman claims to have never removed the mattress cover, as instructed by Zinus. Nonetheless, the fiberglass still leaked, causing her children pain, itchiness, and redness. Her other family members were also affected, resulting in a total of $20,000 in total. 

As per Insider, Gutierrez claimed the medical issues were so severe that she was forced to take her daughter (an infant at the time) to numerous medical appointments for proper treatments. Later, she told the LA Times more about the first signs of health problems in her daughter – all the rashes and sores.  

Her other daughter (9 years old) also experienced an asthma flare-up during those periods. The glass fibers invaded Gutierrez’s entire apartment, forcing them to discard all costly furniture, bedding, and clothing and relocate temporarily. 

Similar Cases

Gutierrez’s latest lawsuit is definitely not the first allegation against the brand of fiberglass. Before her, the two other customers, Robert Durham, and Amanda Chandler, also took legal action. 

The two cases shared a lot in common, especially in the total cost of remediation services and property damage ($20,000). Most importantly, their children all suffered from physical injuries. 

One difference, though: Durham and Chandler had actually removed the covers. 

The mattresses they bought arrive with a tag reading “62% glass fiber,” locked zippers, and an extra label that warns customers not to pull off the cover. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no clear information about what users will encounter if the cover is removed. 

Even the FAQ segment, where the inquiry “Should I wash the mattress cover?” is brought up, is filled with vague terms that give away nothing about fiberglass hazards.

That’s why Durham and Chandler decided to sue; the brand never warned them that cover removal would release fiberglass particles. 

What Is Zinus’ Reaction?

Despite all the rage and fire, Zinus kept its stand. Its spokesperson said in the “Best Life” paper that fiberglass is chemical-free and used to ensure fire safety to comply with inflammatory standards. 

Other involved parties also told the press that mattresses with fiberglass always arrive with protective covers to separate consumers from the material while maintaining its fire-resistant nature. Provided that the cover is never removed, they claim exposure to glass fibers will be “minimal.” 

The brand representatives explain further in the “Best Life” paper: 

“Our currently-sold mattresses have locked zippers, no pull tabs, and extra labels to warn customers against pulling off the cover.” 

Various scientific bodies and regulatory agencies also find no connection between this material and chronic health issues. 

Hence, they are willing to defend our products’ construction and composition in court, if needed, and are confident in their prevalence.

What Is The Outcome?

There’s no final decision yet. Nevertheless, the company seems oddly certain about its victory; and from what we gather, the brand does not and will not stop including fiberglass in its future products.

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Should You Throw Your Zinus Mattress Away Due to Fiberglass?

Should you throw Zinus's mattress away? - The answer is no

No. Throwing the mattress away is a not-so-smart move; you would discard the last shred of hope to get compensated by this brand! 

Keep it as evidence for future lawsuits, and wrap it in heavy plastic and tape. Put a warning sign on the mattress if necessary to keep others from accidentally stepping on it. Also, double-check whether you still keep other purchase proofs (ex: receipts, invoices, etc.). 

But what if the fiberglass starts leaking?

Inspect the mattress cover you have put on to ensure no pets or children have approached it. Then, ask for help from an expert.

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What To Do If You Want To File Claims Against Zinus?

You need to include criteria to sue the Zinus mattress

To file a lawsuit, you must meet these eligibility criteria:

  • You purchased an affected mattress
  • Fiberglass has escaped and harmed you or contaminated the house
  • You are within limitation statutes 

These limitations vary depending on regions and states. Hence, we strongly suggest contacting attorneys as soon as possible to guarantee your compensation recovery is not lost. 

Plus, preparing for product lawsuits like these takes a lot of time – all the more reason to contact law firms immediately to build stronger, more solid cases. Only then will your chances of victory increase. 


Even if Gutierrez, Durham, and Chandler cannot win the Zinus mattress lawsuit, the truth is clear: this brand has neither considered nor solved what its victims have gone through. 

Otherwise, except for the fiberglass issue, you might also consider other benefits of this brand if you still want to buy a mattress from Zinus. 

Low prices and discount programs are not worth all the hassles; it’s time to look out for other high-quality alternatives! 


Are there any recalled mattresses from this brand? 

Yes. Its Euro Slats models are reported to have no reinforcing brackets, which might break down the frame and pose injury hazards. So this product might be recalled.  

What does its warranty cover?

Its 10-year warranty covers all manufacturing defects, provided that the product is properly used and its cover has not been removed. The official website stated that removing covers “exposes your mattresses to outside environments, which leads to faster deterioration.”

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