How Often Do Hotels Change Bed Sheets? Pros and Cons

Do we all love to travel but are afraid of the quality of the hotel’s facilities? There have been numerous reports of people becoming allergic to the hotel’s pillowcases or bedsheets, whether the services, food, or bedding, especially the bed sheets. Do you ever wonder how often hotels change bed sheets? Imagine snuggling in the most comfortable bed and recognizing things on the bedsheet that did not originate from you.

The hotel’s rules and regulations will determine the answer to this question. In most cases, hotels will adhere to their established procedures regarding changing bed linens. This article will answer your question and show you the pros and cons of changing bed coverings often.

How Frequently Do They Wash Bed Sheets?

Hotels clean their bedding once every seven days. The bedding set comprises bed linens such as sheets, pillowcases, and many types of comforters. On the other hand, the sheets and pillows are frequently changed with each new visitor.

Moreover, it also depends on the kind of beds they have and whether or not they can accommodate two, three, or four people at once. The bed coverings provided by some hotels consist of a flat sheet and bedspread rather than a duvet for the guest to sleep under.

These surfaces can be laundered at home on average and replaced twice a week. Thus, if the hotel has an average number of visitors per day, some hotels will wash these linens once every three days.

Additionally, the frequency of sheet changes can be impacted by various factors, and it often depends on the type of room to determine how often the hotel changes the sheets:

  • Standard rooms: These rooms offer standard-size beds and simple furnishings. In mid-range hotels, the sheets in these rooms are usually changed every 3 to 4 days, while in luxury hotels, they tend to be changed daily.
  • Suites: These are spacious, multi-room accommodations with added comforts. Here, sheets are typically changed 3 to 4 times a week, although luxury suites may enjoy daily changes.
  • Premium rooms: These higher-end rooms, sometimes labeled as “executive” or “deluxe,” come with upgraded bedding and additional perks. Sheet changes in these rooms commonly occur every 2 to 3 days, or daily in luxury hotels.
  • Extended stay rooms: Designed for long-term guests (weeks to months), these rooms or suites usually have sheet changes on a weekly basis, although more frequent changes can be requested.
  • Villa or Condo rentals: Ideal for groups or families, these spacious rentals often come with extra features like kitchens. They generally offer daily sheet changes, much like a luxury hotel.

Why Change Bed Sheets Regularly?

The sheets should be replaced regularly for new visitors to avoid these problems:

Building up harmful resources

It may seem extravagant to wash your linens and make your bed every week, but you will be glad you did. Harmful resources such as dirt, dead skin cells, body oils, perspiration, and the corpses and feces of dust mites may build up rapidly on bed linens, even after only a few days.

Microscopic parasites known as dust mites may be found in almost every home. They won’t bite, but they could cause an itchy rash on your skin. Washing bedding frequently might help. Even if you’re not allergic to dust mites, you don’t want to share your bed with thousands of them.

Dust may also trigger an allergic reaction or asthma attacks in certain people. However, dust may be acceptable at a hotel because someone will vacuum the bed.

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The person who occupied the hotel room before you had an illness or a lesion, both of which might have transferred to the sheets. Consider someone who is allergic to certain kinds of animals, for instance.

In hotels that accept pets, the resident can share their mattress with their animal companion, which is not always something that appeals to everyone. It’s possible that some individuals have allergies to certain animals; hence, it would be a significant issue for those with allergies if a prior hotel visitor had brought a pet with them to sleep in the bed.

Eating in bed

It’s possible that crumbs from a meal will be left behind, mainly if housekeeping did a lousy job of cleaning the room. Please look at all the crumbs; it makes the individuals who are about to walk into that new room feel nauseous and not want to spend the night in that disgusting mess. 

The previous customer, who stayed in the hotel room, went straight to bed without cleaning up their mess, leaving all the uneaten food behind and spreading filth and dirt over the covers.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Bed Sheets Regularly

There are benefits and drawbacks to frequently cleaning the old hotel bed covering:


Sheets are changed between guests in the world’s finest hotels even when visitors do not specifically request them. As new visitors enter the room, they will have an instant feeling of familiarity and ease, thanks to the freshly laundered linens.

In addition, it is always reassuring to be able to lie down, sit, or even dine on your bed, mainly when the sheets are brand new. 

Customers have a better chance of living a healthy lifestyle if the hotels clean their mattresses and change their sheets on a daily basis, since this keeps them free of any bugs or insects that crawl on them and inhabit them.

Last but not least, it is also a pleasant and natural sensation to have a restful and comfortable night’s sleep when having brand-new sheets. Both the aroma and the feel of it are calming to the new customer. Allowing the hostage’s visitors to live a better lifestyle and fostering good skin starts with having clean bed sheets.


Because it may be expensive and take up a lot of time, cleaning the sheets on your bed is an activity that is often overlooked despite its many positive aspects. 

The expenses of utilities and materials are incurred regardless of whether the sheets are washed, dried, or ironed. Keep in mind the contribution it makes to the preservation of the environment in the form of water, detergent, energy, and so on. 

It might be challenging to get oneself motivated to do such a task while they are at home. If the hotel proprietors run their company successfully, they should carefully consider balancing every cost.

As a result, they need assistance to take care of every aspect; hence, consumers are encouraged to provide feedback and bring attention to the issue of altering bed sheets, assuming that this problem even exists.

Aside from the business owner, every employee in a company has two primary goals: to provide excellent service and generate a profit. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on the experience of the customer.