What Size Sheets Fit A Futon? Perfect Guides To Choose

Futons are versatile seating options that help you save more space in your house and, at the same time, are stylish. These pieces of furniture are generally more cost-effective than sofas and allow for an easy transition from a couch to a small bed. But you’ll need to search for the right sheet for your futon to make it extra homey and comfortable.

What size of sheets fit with your futon? If you’re wondering what sheet suits your mattress, this article will help you decide what to purchase.

Do Actually Futon Mattresses Need Sheets?

Essentially, a futon doesn’t need sheets if it has a mattress cover. Nonetheless, these toppers can protect the mattress from wear and tear and make sleeping in futon mattresses way more comfortable.

People using their futons simply to sit may not need to add a sheet. Yet, using them as sleeping places means they need to invest in sheet quality. The different thing about using sheets for futon mattresses is that while most beds need you to fold the sheet under the mattress, futons don’t.

Simply putting one on top will be enough in most cases. However, one thing to note is that while standard bed sheets apply well to futon mattresses, fitted models don’t. These products tend to bounce off the pad when you transform the sofa into a bed because they’re not specifically designed for futons, so it’s no surprise you don’t see a fit.

If you intend to top your mattress with fitted sheets, it’s better to size them up. A larger size will help reduce the possibility of your fitted sheet popping off the mattress.

What Size Sheets That Suitable With Futons?

Futon mattresses come in various sizes, so it may be tricky to seek the correct sheet for your bed. It depends on what type of futon you have.

Therefore, we’ve listed the most common types of futon mattresses below and pointed out the suitable sheet for each.

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Standard Size

Standard models are those appearing like actual chairs folded up. It is a standard model if your furniture is easy to fold up and can function as a bed/sofa combination.

This mattress applies best to bedsheets that can double to make a slipcover. Typically, standard products have a mattress size similar to full-sized beds, 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length.

Twin Size

These beds are perfect for homeowners with cramped living spaces or who don’t demand much room for resting and sleeping.

Thus, they’re also suitable for children. They have a similar length to full-sized and standard mattresses but are mildly narrower, coming at dimensions of 39 x 75 inches.

While you intend to use your twin-sized furniture like a bed/sofa combination, this futon size usually functions as a loveseat or chair with an ottoman. You will need to do some assembling to form a bed.


A double or full-sized bed comes at 54 x 75 inches in width and length. This dimension is the most popular option among homeowners regarding buying a futon.

Like twin futons, full-sized models are collapsible to fold to act as a loveseat or couch. When wandering around online or brick-and-mortar shops, the most commonplace size mattresses are the queen and full size, which offer a fantastic blend of practical value and size.

Notably, since they can act as a loveseat or couch, they’re perfect for guests, fitting two people.

Queen Size

You may have a queen-size bed that serves as a split or lounger, yet we’ll focus on the general dimension sheet for today’s most regular large-sized pieces of furniture.

Queen-size beds split into multiple pieces may pose difficulties in transforming them into sleeping beds. When it comes to the size of sheets for these beds, the best idea is to go for those with 60 x 80 inches dimensions.

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King Size

This type is the largest size, though it is not as common as standard beds. They’re 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length, offering lots of room to lie on and sit.

However, the California king’s sizable dimensions make it complex to operate. You will have a width of 16 inches hanging if you place it on your platform bed.

How To Buy A Right Sheets For Your Futons?

You can simply measure your couch using a tape measure. We often measure our futons’ loft by beginning at the bottom and moving up to the surface.

Choosing the correct sheet for your furniture may be daunting since it is either a bed or a sofa. Also, topping it with a sheet after folding takes extra work.

We have various different sizes, so it’s essential to measure your futon before purchasing sheets. Measure carefully the length, width, and thickness to find the right size sheets.

Besides the dimensions, choosing suitable material is also necessary to help you buy the right sheet for your futons. This not only helps you choose the right size of futon sheets but also extra the comfort level for your sleep.

If you intend to purchase a topper when using your sofa as a sleeping bed or if your pad is thick, it’s better to size the sheet up slightly.

Is A Futon Mattress Protector Alone Enough?

Use a fitted sheet or mattress cover in addition to the futon mattress protector if you want to make sure that your futon mattress maintains its quality for as long as possible. Your mattress may be kept clean and fresh by using a fitted sheet or mattress cover to shield it from dust, grime, and other kinds of debris.

However, although a futon mattress cover can help shield your futon mattress from spills, stains, and other sorts of damage, it might not be sufficient on its own.

If you decide to skip sheets, ensure you equip your furniture with a robust mattress protector to cover the entire surface and zip up. Otherwise, it will take a lot of work and time to keep your furniture pristine.


An elegant sheet can turn a decent couch into a luxurious, comfortable place to binge-watch your fav movies for hours.

Finding what size sheets fit a futon may seem daunting since it is not like a regular sofa or mattress.

Most sofa beds coordinate with standard-sized flat sheets of 54 x 75 inches, but it’s necessary to check your furniture’s measurements and its material before shopping.

Thank you for reading!