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Why Are Hotel Sheets So Comfortable? Best Sheet Materials

What do you often pay attention to first when residing at a hotel? Aside from basic customer services like accommodation pricing, food, and drinks, obviously, where you sleep also plays a critical role. According to many experienced hotel frequenters, the bed sheets here are unbeatable regarding quality and feel! 

What makes the hotel sheets so comfortable, then? This insightful guide might give you a hint or two about the issue. We also gladly deliver tips to help you purchase the most high-quality linens – in case you want to introduce such heavenly comfort to your household beds.  

Why Are Hotel Bed Sheets So Comfortable?

There are many reasons they give off relaxed feelings

Most customer reports recount that the hotel beds always give them a relaxed feeling – even if they do not come from a 5-star brand, but it’s not without reasons. Our research team has successfully narrowed a list of important factors behind such quality linens: 

Frequently Clean

Most hotel services aim to bring luxury and relaxation to customers – and such ambitions are often well-reflected in almost every service and item in the hotel room, even something as trivial as bed linen. 

Hotels always deliberately draft the sheet with the most calming and fantastic smells using premium cleaners and deodorizing softeners. Even better, consistent cleaning schedules are also maintained to ensure the sheets always stay at their peak condition.

Preferences For All-White Linens

An all-white ensemble can bring major differences to a hotel or residence room, to your surprise. 

Even when the interior aesthetic does not work well, adding one white sheet will change the guests’ overall perception. White is always regarded as a calming and relaxing theme, giving guests the tranquility needed for quality sleep. 

Most people also have the impression that the room looks much cleaner this way, which adds further to their ease.

The white tone gives off a pleasing feeling

Thread Count

Although inexperienced novices would not pay attention to thread counts, most experts actually understand their importance in delivering well-deserved treatments to your tired body.

Researching how many thread counts are ideal for what situations are a must. Thread counts of 200 or below are often found in most standard hotel linens, whose light cotton and breathable textiles are wonderful for summer days. 

Meanwhile, more premium hotels adopt high thread counts of 600 to 800 (ex: Kings of Cotton). These luxurious linens are dominant in terms of smoothness, creating a soft feel rarely found elsewhere. 


Materials are the most decisive aspect that marks the difference between a rigid, uncomfortable sheet and its greater quality counterpart. 

They must be easy to wash, last longer than average, and easily withstand unwanted damage or external force, regardless of what materials the hotel opts for. 

Hotels will also choose machine-washable sheets; they keep welcoming new guests all year round, meaning these linens are frequently subjected to washing and cleaning.

Materials play a decisive role

What Are The Best Materials That Hotel Sheets Use To Make Comfortable?

One of the crucial reasons that hotel bed sheets help make customers relaxed and comfortable is the materials that they choose. So, what are some of the most common and best sheet materials to date? Have a quick look at this shortlist: 

Egyptian Cotton

Developed exclusively around the Nile Deltas regions in Egypt, this cotton plant benefits from Egypt’s unique climate and fertile soil to produce extremely fine fibers. It’s easy to spot their presence in the most luxurious textiles from famous brands worldwide. 

Studies also discover that Egyptian cotton threads are more absorbent, moisture-wicking, and breathable than regular cotton, which does miracles for your body temperature regulation.

Whether it’s a balmy summer afternoon or a chilly winter night, you can always sleep comfortably as a result.

Supima Cotton

Supima cotton, a top-notch cotton category produced from the Gossypium Barbadense, is lauded as one of the best (yet still softest) cotton forms are known to date.

Their cotton fibers are extremely long and staple, measuring about 1.33 inches. Cotton fibers in other types can only reach 0.7 inches at best, to compare. Such a vast distinction in lengths renders Supima cotton fibers a more tensile option, easily turning into solid and smooth yarn.

Cotton Sateen

Another popular choice is Cotton Sateen (sometimes called simply “Sateen” for short). They are made of cotton fibers that are carded or combed to lengthen their fibers. 

The treatments for these fibers also set regular cotton and Sateen apart. In the latter, long fibers get soaked thoroughly in lye and acid – a technique referred to as “mercerized” – and become sealed in the process. They last longer and enjoy greater durability than many untreated cotton types on the market. 

Cotton Percale

Percale stems from plain/basket weaves consisting of one thread above and one below – a technique popularized for centuries. Plus, the total thread counts must be at least 180/square inch to fall under the “Percale” category.

This weaving method lends the sheet better durability and strength, a crisper feel, and a more matte appearance.

A wonderful combination of breathability, strong weaves, and lightweight, Percale makes its way into many higher-end hotels. Though these sheets work well in all seasons, experienced sleepers confirm that their crisp and cool nature makes them a better fit for warm climates or hot sleepers.


Linen, arriving from flax plants, is among the most durable natural fibers in the world. Quality ones are produced mostly in Europe (Belgium specifically), where rich soil and optimal climates give way to beautiful and strong flax.

Upon the first purchase, their textures often seem crisp and rough. Yet, their fabrics become softer to the touch over time and frequent usage. 

Note: Since they are much denser than their cotton counterparts, the total thread count tends to be (and must be) kept lower for better performance.

Using Mattress Toppers

Luxury hotels usually use mattress toppers

Mattress toppers – a couple of thick layers of latex and memory foams added to the mattress’s top to improve the bed’s feel and comfort are no strangers to five-star hotels. 

Whether guests wish their beds to become softer, firmer, cooler, or warmer, there are always suitable topper materials to meet their demands. 

Convenient all-year sleeping is easily within reach. Most importantly, anyone suffering from chronic back pains would feel like they entered a different world when lying down on these toppers.

What To Consider To Get Bed Sheets With Hotel Quality?

Why waste money on expensive hotel services when you can enjoy a high-quality bed sheet within the safe cocoon of your own home? Just remember to keep in mind the basic criteria below when buying and taking care of them.

The Thread Counts

Thread counts are crucial in ensuring a snug fit for your bed, so do not neglect them while shopping. Do proper research to see which material should go with how many thread fibers.

Generally, it would be best to opt for below 200 in summer and at least 300 in winter. Denser materials (like linen) would demand lower counts.

Wash The Covers Often

Even the most expensive linen in the world will fall apart after a few months if its owners make only token efforts to preserve its properties. Keep in mind that these coverings can become soiled with dirt or perspiration, especially on hotter days. Wash them at least once a week.

Note: Should sprinkle deodorizing products, which keep your bedroom in calming fragrances at all times. 

Use Neutral Colors

The neutral colors conveniently blend in with the rest of the decor, giving you much more freedom and flexibility when it comes to interior design. They also often enjoy a great balance of aesthetic and relaxing vibes, which lends your room a gorgeous outlook without being so extra or hurting your eyes. 

The good news is neutral colors are also pretty easy to wash – another upside you should consider!

Your bedsheet can live up to hotel quality with some tips. 


This article has dived into all reasons why bedding in hotels always feels better. That depends on the way to hygiene or the materials they choose for their hotel bed sheets. Also, it delivered excellent tips that even novices have no trouble navigating.

Keep them in mind, and feel free to reach out to us if needed.

Thank you for reading!

If you want to learn more about this matter, watch this video:


How Long Does A Hotel Bed Sheet Last?

An average hotel sheet is expected to survive at least 300 wash cycles. Premium ones from luxurious hotels should exceed that by a landslide, but this number is still the common standard. 

Why Do Most Hotel Sheets Feel Crisp?

They often have tight weaves, which explains their crisp nature. Plus, sometimes, the sheets get starched to keep odors away and maintain the same shape for new guests – another reason for the stiff feel. 

How To Purchase The Right Sheets?

Pay close attention to the fabric, thread count, and colors. Refer back to the previous sections for more guidance.

David Elkie

David Elkie

David Elkie is the CEO at Banner Mattress. He has been in the writing and editing business for the mattress, bedding accessories and décor industries for over 20 years.