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How Do Hotels Keep Sheets White? Easy Tips Ahead For Guys!

How do hotels keep sheets white, fresh, and pristine like that? Staying in a high-end hotel leaves you with such a question. White sheets are the hallmark of a well-kept hotel, no doubt. Multiple tricks are up their sleeves to keep all sheets sparkling white, ranging from special detergents to bleaching techniques.

But there is still something to surprise you in keeping these beddings whitish. Dig deeper into this post to unfold more tips and tricks for your command!

Why Are Hotels’ Sheets White?

White sheets are the most susceptible to discoloration. As they project stains explicitly, they become widely used in hotels. Any customer can spot all discoloration at first sight with a white background. Meanwhile, a dark or patterned surface is hard for you to notice the blemishes unless you come closer.

That’s how hotels show up their benchmark of hygiene in front of their guests, and it’s easier for housekeepers to spot stains or any damages when guests check out.

White linens also offer a hotel room an opulent and pleasing feel. White is the symbol of cleanliness and crispness. White bedding is a modern touch and outstanding in a vintage space.  The mix of the room’s bright linens and triple sheeting creates a calm and chilling ambiance for guests.

It’s not hard to trace back the trend’s origin to a few years ago. In the 1990s, Westin hotels (belonging to the Marriott corporation) were among the first to adopt all-white bedding widely. Their bedding decorations also prevail for households with eye-catching pillows, mattresses, and linens.

Washing all bedding in white sounds easy, with no color fading or bleeding risks. No separating or classifying is required.How Do Hotels Maintain Their Sheets White and Clean? Opinions may vary, but anyway, you need more than just some hot water and bleach. Each hotel chain approaches the daily laundry avalanche in their establishments differently.

Most of them offer laundry stain removal services. Rather than reaching for the bleach, they use cutting-edge solutions like stain removers and specialty soaps or skincare products. Or they might employ a large pot filled with laundry detergent, baking soda, and cold water to clean the linens. Then, the linens are boiled for half an hour and patted dry.

In other cases, after treating the bedding, hotels use a three-step procedure to wash them. They use laundry detergent to clean before running another cycle with fabric softeners. Bleach is the final step to restoring the white hue.

Hotels routinely favor washing them in the cold over hot water. Hot water breaks down the materials faster, squandering money over the long haul for such daily-wash bedding. 

Laundry detergent and washing technologies, along with the inclusion of skin care products, are top priorities in many hotels. These innovative approaches help reduce labor, water, and energy requirements, all while maintaining the cleanliness and whiteness of their sheets.

In the case of Sonic Soak, for instance, modulated ultrasonic waves can disintegrate even the tiniest stains and debris. They save time and energy while washing clothes, too.

How To Whiten My Sheets Like A Hotel?

Here are some methods to help you whiten you sheets same a hotel:

Spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is a must if you don’t want stains to set on your white sheets at home. This method does wonders to let off stains, no matter how much professional equipment or detergent is used. Ensure each stained sheet receives enough attention.

Spot cleaning techniques include these methods:

  • Throw a cup of ammonia in the washing machine while laundering all of the linens.
  • Use oxygenated bleach
  • Sprinkle salt for red wine stains.
  • Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to remove the stain.

Professional cleaning devices

Investing in industrial-sized washing machines is good to go to minimize the chances of wear and tear for linens. Search for the best equipment that can meet your needs and your financial status. 

Bleach & peroxide detergent usage

Peroxide-based detergents are one of the hotel industry’s best-kept secrets for ensuring the linens’ cleanliness. Mixing with bleach is another step. Though this prevents white linens from turning gray or yellow, they call for some training and experience. 

Improper usage can ruin your bedding because bleach is particularly tricky to work with due to its harsh nature. In the worst scenario, you could damage the fibers and make bed sheets tear more easily.

Proper cleaning, drying, and storage

Have your white sheets cleaned once a week at least to get rid of all body oil timely. This way hinders your bedding sheet from turning yellow. Occasionally, graying or dulling can occur over time if dirt and grime are not eliminated from the fabric using proper detergents.  

It’s also a colossal shortcoming if you overlook the storage and drying steps. Try to preserve the sheets’ material integrity with correct drying or even a cutting-edge textile-drying process. After that, store them to stay away from moisture to hinder mold development. 

Hire a professional service provider

The high-end hotel linen services have the resources to handle even the most complex parts of linen care, from laundering to repairs. This way may cost you significantly more than other ways, yet their quality is out of the question.

Seek and go for state-of-the-art facilities and a highly trained textile care team to ensure that your whites are always clean, soft, durable, and ready to use. 


Hotels use a variety of methods to keep their sheets white and clean. These methods include spot cleaning, using professional cleaning devices, and employing peroxide-based detergents. They typically wash their sheets in cold water and follow a three-step cleaning process. With our guide, we hope that you will be able to understand and learn more.


How Often Are Hotels Required To Wash Sheets?

Most hotels wash their bed sheets once a week, which is also the expert’s recommendation, yet this frequency can vary based on the hotels. Following their policies and procedures, some regularly change their linens every three days, while others only do so at the guests’ request.

Why Did My White Sheets Turn Yellow After Washing?

Your white sheets may gradually turn yellow due to sweat and body oil, including the lotions or other skincare products you use while sleeping. Wash them as often as you can, ideally every 4-5 days, to keep your white sheets from turning yellow.

Do Hotels Wash Sheets Between Guests?

It’s up to the hotels. The sheets and pillowcases should be laundered during each guest’s stay. Most change sheets between guests, including Hilton hotels. Still, many don’t do so; check your bedding sparingly before moving into any hotel room.

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David Elkie

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