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Jingxun Mattress Review: Support For A Restful Sleep

Jingxun is a seller from Jingxun Home company, offering a range of affordable products. Although Jingxun Home is a small-scale seller on Amazon, they have garnered over 50 feedback from customers in the last 12 months.

The average star rating of 4.7 suggests that customers generally view the products sold by Jingxun Home as average, indicating a satisfactory level of quality. For customers seeking a cost-effective choice, Jingxun mattresses are recommended. While you’re sleeping on this mattress, it feels incredibly balanced and comfortable. 

Who Is Jingxun Mattress Best For?

  • Tight-budget shoppers: Jingxun Mattress offers high-quality mattresses at competitive prices, making them an excellent choice for those seeking affordable options.
  • Combination sleepers: The combination of supportive layers and contouring materials helps alleviate pressure points, making it ideal for all sleepers.
  • Couples: Jingxun incorporates motion isolation features to ensure minimal disturbances for couples or other partners, allowing them to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

Who Is Jingxun Mattress Not Recommended For?

  • Heavier sleepers: Heavier individuals may require mattresses with higher weight capacities and specific features to ensure adequate support and durability over time. 
  • Luxury features: Jingxun focuses on providing standard mattresses at affordable prices. If you are specifically looking for high-end features, luxury materials, or premium mattress options, you may find other brands.

Jingxun Mattress: Sizes And Prices

SizeDimensionPrice ($)
Twin39” x 75”$159,99
Full54” x 75”$169,99
Queen60” x 80”$229,98
King80” x 75”$319,99

Note: The prices can change depending on the Amazon sale programs.

Jingxun Mattress: Firmness Level 

The Jingxun mattress offers 2 firmness levels: Medium and Plush – firm. 

  • Multiple Comfort Layers: Designed to cater to sleepers of all positions, the memory foam mattress offers a balanced combination of comfort and support.
  • No-Sink Foam: The mattress contours to the body without causing excessive sinking, providing pressure relief and a comforting sleep experience.
  • Spine Alignment: The plush-firm level and contouring support work together to maintain a healthy spinal alignment during sleep.

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The Jingxun mattress offers relaxed and firm level

Jingxun Mattress: Performance

By doing the following perfomances, Jingxun mattress promotes better rest and sleep overall:

Motion isolation

The Jingxun mattress excels in motion isolation due to its specialized foam layers that work together to minimize motion transfer. This means that if you or your partner toss and turn during the night, the movements are absorbed and isolated, allowing the other person to sleep undisturbed.

Pressure relief

With its high density foam layer, the Jingxun mattress provides excellent pressure relief by contouring to the body’s natural curves. This helps alleviate pressure points, such as shoulders, hips, and lower back, promoting a comfortable sleep with no pains.

Temperature control

The skin-friendly fabric and breathable cover of the Jingxun mattress contribute to effective temperature control. The fabric adapts to the surrounding environment, facilitating maximum airflow and heat dissipation, keeping you cool throughout the night.

Edge support

The core focus of the mattress remains on motion isolation and pressure relief, which are its primary strengths, so the Jingxun mattress may not offer the best edge support, as reported by some users on Amazon, who experienced sinking and reduced stability near the edges.


The Jingxun mattress is certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring that it is free from harmful substances like VOCs or formaldehyde. However, some users may notice a slight off-gassing odor upon initial unboxing, but it just temporary and dissipates within a few days.

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Jingxun Mattress: Construction

The mattress layers provides a comfortable sleeping experience
  • Knitted, Jacquard Cover: The mattress features a hypoallergenic cover that is soft to the touch and devoid of any harmful chemicals. This skin-friendly cover contributes to a cool sleep experience throughout the night, promoting a refreshing and comfortable rest.
  • Certified Memory Foam Layer: Designed with cooling gel-infused memory foam, this layer effectively dissipates heat and moisture, enabling a cooler sleeping environment. It also aids in relieving pressure from your body, offering a more supportive sleep surface.
  • High-Density Comfort Layer: The buoyant layer, comprised of no-sink support foam, allows your body to adapt and conform in the right places. It minimizes motion transfer, ensuring an undisturbed sleep for both you and your partner.
  • High-Density Support Base: The mattress is supported by a high density base layer, providing stability and preventing early sagging. This sturdy base maintains the shape and integrity of the mattress, prolonging its lifespan.

Jingxun Mattress: Body Type & Weight Capacity

Jingxun Mattress focuses on providing quality mattresses 
  • Average weight sleepers: Jingxun mattresses are designed to cater to the needs of average weight sleepers, typically ranging from 130 to 230 pounds. These mattresses offer a balanced combination of support and comfort, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for individuals within this weight range.
  • Light sleepers: These mattresses can accommodate young kids  that may weight under 75lbs to help align the spine properly and minimize sagging.

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Jingxun Mattress: Company Policy

  • Warranty: 10 year warranty.
  • Trial Period: 100-nights sleep trial.
  • Shipping/Delivery Fees: Free shipping in US regions.


Jingxun brand provides affordable options for a restful sleep experience. With their range of mattresses, including memory foam and supportive layers, they offer comfort and support. Customers can expect value for money with Jingxun mattresses based on positive customer reviews or ratings on Amazon.


  1. Is Jingxun mattress flippable?

    Yes, but it is not recommended to flip the Jingxun mattress. You should use it from one side to ensure durability.

  2. Does Jingxun mattress come in a box?

    Yes, Jingxun mattress is properly rolled and put in a box. It is delivered to the doorstep, where unpacking and setting are as easy as they can be. Just unbox, uncover, and let the mattress fully expand to its original height within 72 hours.

  3. Is Jingxun Usable With an Adjustable Bed?

    Yes, this mattress is suitable for every type of base. It works perfectly with a slant, normal, box, or adjustable base.

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