Does Dreamcloud Mattress Have Fiberglass? Behind The Rumor

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, many people turn to hybrid mattresses like Dreamcloud. Hybrid mattresses are known for their superior support and comfort, thanks to the combination of multiple foam layers. 

It’s important to consider various features before buying a new mattress, such as pressure relief, firmness, edge support, and temperature control. 

But there is one factor that many people need to think about: fiberglass. So does Dreamcloud mattress have fiberglass? Let’s check it out!

Does Dreamcloud Mattress Have Fiberglass?

No. It’s important to note that Dreamcloud mattresses do not contain any fiberglass beneath their covers. You can have complete peace of mind when choosing the best mattress without fiberglass, as there is no risk of fiberglass leaking into the air or being found in your mattress. 

In addition, there have been no reports of fiberglass contamination caused by Dreamcloud mattresses, so you can be sure that your bed will remain safe and free from such potential hazards. 

Dreamcloud makes an extra effort to ensure their mattresses are free from toxic chemicals, such as PBDEs. This is confirmed by CertiPUR US certification, which is given to mattress manufacturers that have gone through rigorous testing. 

As such, this means that all foams used in Dreamcloud mattresses are made without ozone depleters, mercury or lead, and other heavy metals. The foams also do not contain formaldehyde or phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

In addition to the safety of their products, Dreamcloud mattresses are also fire-resistant due to their unique design and construction process. 

Instead of relying on fiberglass for protection, Dreamcloud uses a combination of different materials including rayon from bamboo charcoal to act as a natural fire barrier. 

This allows them to comply with flammability standards while creating a safe sleeping environment for anyone who purchases one of their products. 

Furthermore, the cover is treated with an extra-strong fire retardant fabric protector that provides additional flame resistance for added comfort and peace of mind. 

Its combination of polyester (Dacron) and pocket coils ensures that the mattress is able to regulate both heat and airflow throughout the night, ensuring maximum comfort no matter what your body type or sleeping position may be. 

As such, this mattress can provide a good balance between softness and support. 

About Dreamcloud Mattresses 

The DreamCloud mattress is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a mattress that offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. With its luxurious cashmere-blend cover, gel-infused memory foam, and individually-wrapped coils, this mattress gives sleepers the best of both worlds. 

Its medium-firm construction is designed to provide just the right amount of softness and stability to keep you comfortable all night long. 

Plus, it provides excellent bounce and contour, so you can move around in bed without feeling restricted. Whether you’re looking for an affordable solution or just want a mattress that will give you a great night’s rest, DreamCloud has something to offer.

DreamCloud mattress construction

The DreamCloud Mattress is a hybrid mattress featuring both coils and foams, which make it incredibly supportive and durable. Its 14-inch height makes it taller than many bed-in-a-box mattresses, making it ideal for sleepers who need extra pressure relief and cushioning. 

The five inner layers of the mattress are designed to provide superior comfort, support and temperature regulation. 

  • The base layer of the mattress is constructed from a thin foam layer that acts as a support system for all other layers above it. 
  • This is followed by an exceptionally thick layer of individually wrapped pocketed coils that provide incredible support while also promoting airflow. 
  • On top of this is a layer of foam that helps transition into the comfort foam layers above it, providing an additional level of contouring comfort. 
  • Above this is a gel memory foam layer with superior temperature regulation compared to standard memory foam. 
  • Finally, the cover of the mattress is made with plush polyester, rayon, and cashmere materials that are quilted with memory foam underneath for added softness and pressure relief. 

It’s worth noting that although luxurious looking, you cannot remove this cover from the mattress – so in case of any spills or stains, you’ll have to spot clean it with mild detergent and warm water. 

DreamCloud popular models and products 

The DreamCloud mattress range is the perfect choice for those looking for a luxurious sleeping experience without breaking the budget. 

The original DreamCloud mattress offers an excellent combination of support and comfort, while the DreamCloud Premier and DreamCloud Premier Rest models take things to the next level – these ultra-premium mattresses offer additional layers of memory foam and cooling gel, meaning you can get a truly restful night’s sleep. 

Of course, the Premier and Premier Rest models come at a higher price point than the original DreamCloud mattress – however, this extra cost is undoubtedly worth it if you are looking for the very best in bedding technology. 

Why you should consider buying this brand?

The DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid mattress specifically designed to provide the user with an optimal combination of pressure relief and support. It features a combination of memory foam and polyfoam in the top layers, as well as individually wrapped support coils that add extra responsiveness and ensures good posture alignment. 

With its medium-firm firmness (6.5 out of 10), the DreamCloud is great for back sleepers and front sleepers who need extra support, as well as those who may move around in their sleep.

When looking at the benefits of owning a Dreamcloud mattress, it offers superior support and comfort that comes with multiple layers of memory foam, individually wrapped coils, and breathable fabrics, which help keep your body cool while sleeping. 

They also feature edge supports that prevent sagging over time and increase the lifespan of your mattress. All these features make Dreamcloud a great choice for those looking for both comfort and safety in their mattress purchase.

More On Fiberglass In Mattresses

Fiberglass is actually what you should consider when purchasing a new item of mattress. Because its presence is very popular on the market, but in fact, it is not desiring stuff found in your bed, reading more to find out why this should be the case. 

Acknowledge the inclusion of fiberglass in mattresses

The mattress industry is full of suppliers who prioritize safety and sustainability, using organic materials and respecting relevant regulations to ensure clean manufacturing. 

However, there are some manufacturers who employ potentially dangerous substances to extend the lifespan and fireproof their products. One of these substances is fiberglass, which is among the most widely used fire retardants in the industry. 

The use of this material can create hazardous dust particles that have been linked to acute and chronic respiratory problems, as well as skin irritation. 

Moreover, fiberglass has also been found to emit a variety of carcinogenic chemicals when it burns, making it a potential hazard for anyone who sleeps on a mattress containing the material. 

In addition to health risks, fiberglass can cause damage to property if not properly managed or contained while being transported and stored. Thus, it is important for consumers to be aware when shopping for mattresses that may contain these hazardous chemicals. 

It is also vital for manufacturers to adhere strictly to regulations designed to limit exposure and protect workers from potential long-term health consequences associated with the use of fiberglass in mattresses.

How to discover fiberglass contained in your mattresses?

Removing a mattress cover to check for the presence of fiberglass can be a difficult and potentially hazardous task. Therefore, it is important to research beforehand in order to avoid any potential contamination of the home. 

Most mattresses have a removable cover that reveals the first layer – often made from fiberglass. Fiberglass has a white and shiny appearance, resembling threads or string, making it easy to identify. 

However, some mattresses may have a different feature, making it more difficult to determine if fiberglass is present. In such cases, it is best to look at the mattress tag for information about the materials used in its construction; if words such as ‘fiberglass’ or ‘glass’ appear in the list of ingredients, this should raise an immediate warning flag. 

If this fails, consumers can always contact the manufacturer directly via their website or social media channels for further clarification. 

It is essential that due caution be taken when attempting to investigate the presence of fiberglass in mattresses due to its potentially hazardous nature; fiberglass particles are tiny yet sharp, which can cause skin irritations upon contact. 

Therefore researching and inquiring with manufacturers prior to engaging in such endeavors is always advised as an extra precautionary measure.


Overall, Dreamcloud stands out from other mattress brands due to its commitment to quality materials, safety certifications and assurance of protection against fires – making it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a luxurious yet safe sleeping experience. 

If you want to know whether Dreamcloud mattresses contain fiberglass, the answer is no. Then if you want to know whether you should buy it, the above information hopefully has helped you to decide.