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How Much Does A Purple Mattress Weigh? (Weight And Sizes) 

Are you considering the weight of a mattress from Purple? You’ve come to the right place because today I will tackle an essential aspect: How much does a Purple mattress weigh? So join me to explore! 

How Much Does A Purple Mattress Weigh? 

The weight of a mattress falls within the range between 65 to 179 lbs, depending on the sizes from Twin to California king. The exact answer depends on the size, type, and foam materials. 

Purple weight table

Purple offers mattresses in multiple sizes, foam materials, and firmness levels. So I will help you summarize some of the most common models of Purple mattress and their weight range in pounds. 

Name Of MattressTwinTwin XLFullQueenKingCal King
Purple®65 lbs 70 lbs81 lbs110 lbs140 lbs140 lbs
Purple Plus71 lbs71 lbs81 lbs111 lbs140 lbs144 lbs
Rejuvenate82 lbs126 lbs160 lbs159 lbs
NewDay66 lbs77 lbs95 lbs
Restore Hybrid72 lbs  98 lbs114 lbs141 lbs140 lbs
RestorePlus94 lbs125 -128 lbs 145-147 lbs 176-180 lbs175-179 lbs 

Depending on the size of the mattress, the Purple Hybrid Premier might weigh between 105 and 202 lbs when it is sent. 


Twin mattresses are the lightest size available. Purple targets single sleepers and adolescents when making these products. I appreciate how easily I can move them around, making them a perfect choice for shipping and set up, such as bunk beds.

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Twin XL

The twin XL models are quite similar in size to twin ones, but they have the advantage of being a few inches longer. Hence, they are more suitable for taller sleepers. 


Full-size models work quite well for single sleepers because they often have limited bedroom space. However, they offer more sleeping areas without being overly heavy. The weight of a full mattress is 66 to 128 lbs.


Queen-size mattresses are ideal for couples as they provide ample legroom while giving sleepers personal space. Thus, they are heavy with a weight range from 77 to 147 lbs.


Big mattresses are perfect for sharing beds with your partner, kids, and even pets. I value the generous personal sleeping space they offer. These big-sized models are heavy for sure, from 140 to 180 lbs. So, considering this weight factor when moving or setting up the foam layers is important. 

California king 

Cal-king sizes offer the same sleep surface area as regular king models. Yet, they are narrower and longer, so this weight makes them ideal for tall or big size sleepers. 

Purple mattress dimensions 

Purple with hyper elastic polymer comfort layer also offers multiple choices in terms of dimensions. Here is the dimension of each size to consider:

  • Twin: 38 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL: 38 x 80 inches
  • Full: 56 x 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 x 80 inches
  • King: 76 x 80 inches
  • California King: 72 x 84 inches

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There are various options to choose from

What Factors Can Increase Mattress Weight? 

Aside from the size, the type and thickness affect how heavy a mattress is. Regarding different foam types, I find that memory foam mattresses tend to be heavier than the innerspring one. Its because their high-density and supportive foam base contribute to the weight. Meanwhile, innerspring foams are generally lighter due to their steel coil support base and thinner pillow top. You also have latex memory foam, it shares similar conforming properties with memory foam. Thus, they can be heavier depending on their density.

Next, the thickness of the foam layers can impact mattress weight. For example, high-profile beds with thicker layers or more materials surely weigh more. While some sleepers may prefer a thicker foam, it’s essential to consider that it will likely be heavier to handle and move.

Please note that Purple provides users with many options for their purchases. While the heaviness of their products will not affect your sleep directly, you should still consider this factor when transporting them. 

Does Your Mattress Really Get Heavier Over Time? 

The mattresses become heavier over time

Yes. I notice that as my Purple mattress becomes older, it tends to be heavier, and several factors contribute to this. First, consider how you use and maintain the mattresses throughout the years. Over time, regular household dust and dirt start accumulating, this is one of the primary reasons why your bed becomes heavier. 

For example, your mattress weighs 150 lbs. As it reaches the 10-year mark, its weight can increase to around 300 lbs. This is normal because of the accumulation of dust and the presence of dead skin cells from the people who sleep on it. Moreover, the foam breathes less when it ages, making it more prone to dust and dirt. To mitigate this, I try to vacuum my bed every few months. 

Even so, if you have used the mattress for more than 10 years, it’s time to consider purchasing a new one. Then, you can enjoy a clean and supportive sleep surface without the added weight and potential health concerns.

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Purple mattresses weigh from 60 to 160 lbs, depending on the model and size you choose. Besides, you also need to check their materials. Consider your preferences, and then you can choose the best mattress from Purple collections for your sleep!


  1. How can I weigh my Purple mattress by myself? 

    The digital scale can help you with this task. You just need to set it to 0, place the mattress on it, and check the scale's display.

  2. Why should I know the mattress' weight? 

    It can be beneficial when selecting a bed frame since most adjustable beds and frames come with a designated weight limit. Then, you can ensure that the frame you choose can support the pressure of the foam.

  3. How much does a Queen Purple mattress weigh?

    It depends on the model you choose. For example, the Queen NewDay Purple mattress weighs 77 lbs, while the Queen Restore Purple mattress provides a weight of 114 lbs.

Harrison Carolean

Harrison Carolean

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