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Does Jingxun Mattress Have Fiberglass? Guide For Choosing

You might not want fiberglass, a thermoplastic and glass fiber composite substance, within your mattresses. 

In cases where you buy a fiberglass mattress, you run the risk of experiencing skin rashes, allergic responses, respiratory issues, and having to pay a hefty sum to have the fiberglass properly removed from your home if it bursts from your mattress. 

But does Jingxun mattress have fiberglass? If your family tends to buy a Jingxun mattress, don’t miss this share!

Does Jingxun Mattress Have Fiberglass? 

No. The memory foam mattresses made by Jingxun contain no fiberglass. 

In the production of mattresses from many other brands, memory foam is frequently combined with fiberglass during the manufacture of beds in order to create fire retardants. 

On the other hand, Jingxun excludes them from its mattresses. They make their beds fire-resistant instead, using a safer technique.

Is There Any Harmful Material In This Mattress?  

The answer is no. Jingxun brand is very concerned about consumers’ health; that is also the reason why they do not use fiberglass in their mattress production process. 

Jingxun adheres to a number of stringent requirements and norms for user safety. Only eco-friendly materials are used in the production of their bedding. 

They only use premium memory foams that are both user-friendly and environmentally friendly in their mattresses. 

Their mattresses are free of dangerous compounds, including formaldehyde, mercury, and other metals. One piece of evidence is that they have CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifications. 

Besides, if you detect a “new foam” smell, don’t panic. It is not harmful and will fade away in a few days.

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Do Other Jingxun’s Products Contain Fiberglass?

Fiberglass in mattresses can cause health problem 

Jingxun claims that none of its products contain fiberglass. Typically, fiberglass mattresses contain between 50% and 60% fiberglass for fire resistance. 

And the amount of fiberglass, no matter how much or how little, can affect your health. Jingxun was also aware of this. 

Therefore, this brand advocates not using fiberglass in all of their products, including all mattresses sold in the market.

What Are The Best Practices For Preserving Your Mattresses? 

First, you need to make sure not to remove the outer cover of your mattresses.

Although some mattresses do not contain fiberglass, their materials inside will also be easily damaged without a cover, which shortens your mattress’s lifespan. 

If you want to clean your mattresses, you are better off using a handheld vacuum cleaner, or you can sprinkle some baking soda on the dirty area, wait about 5 to 10 minutes, and then use the vacuum cleaner to clean that area.

About Jingxun Mattresses 

Jingxun is one of the most famous mattress brands today. 

This brand’s mattress is always at the top of the list of the best-selling mattress products on the market. 

So why are the products of this brand always worth considering? In this article, we will help you learn some useful information about Jingxun mattresses.

What Is Special About Mattresses From Jingxun?

You can have a restful sleep on this mattress. An independent pocket spring system that is tailored to your body is used inside their mattresses. 

With the help of pocket springs, this mattress may create a comfortable zone so that both you and your partner can get a good night’s sleep. 

To hide the spring inside while providing adequate support, its top layer employs a soft sponge. 

Also, its surface layer is made of a 3D soft knitted fabric that is skin-friendly, breathable, absorbs moisture, and regulates body temperature. 

The high-density gel memory foam beneath the cover nevertheless provides adequate airflow for your skin to breathe as you sleep.

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The Most Popular Product From Jingxun

A high quality innerspring mattress can help you avoid back pain

The innerspring mattress line is always one of the top highlights of this brand. 

By flawlessly coordinating with the foam, the spring support system minimizes tossing and turning and partner disruption. 

You may avoid back pain and get enough sleep thanks to its independent pocket spring design, which makes sure that your weight is uniformly distributed and fully absorbed throughout this mattress from head to toe.

Why You Should Consider To Buy Jingxun Products?

Everybody has a belief in Jingxun because of its brand. As a self-design, self-production, and self-sales integrated organization, this brand has an impressive reputation. 

After ten years of development, their factory is now fully operational and has a sophisticated sales network. They distribute their items through a network that reaches tens of millions of homes and sells their goods in more than ten different nations. 

Safe quality, mental calmness, and customer experience are the company’s three primary priorities. 

Furthermore, the products of this brand are of very high quality and come in a variety of models, sizes, and prices for your convenience. 

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying Jingxun Mattresses?

First, you need to clearly determine what size and what mattress material you want to buy. A king-size bed does not fit in every room. Thus, if you’re fortunate enough to have an extra room, you might as well utilize it. 

Finding the right mattress for your bedroom also involves taking into account your preferences for bed frames, the compatibility of your furniture, and your access points. 

Also, some people might believe that a firm mattress will always offer more support. But it’s a little more intricate than that. It generally boils down to personal preferences when comparing firm and soft beds. 

Moreover, you should go to Jingxun’s showroom to experience the product that you intend to buy. Because if you shop online, it’s hard to know what material, hardness, size, etc., you’re most comfortable with.


Choosing the right mattress for your family is certainly not an easy task. 

Your priority should be fiberglass-free mattresses to protect family health. In this case, you can consider a Jingxun mattress


How do you know if your Jingxun mattress has fiberglass? 

Usually, you will know some components of a mattress by looking at a label attached to the mattress. To determine whether a mattress contains fiberglass, remove its outer cover.

Can fiberglass be harmful to your children’s health? 

Yes. Fiberglass can affect the health of both adults and children. For children, some of the negative effects of fiberglass will be more serious, especially when they breathe it in. Their respiratory system can be immediately in danger.

When should you replace your Jingxun mattress?

Jingxun mattresses should be replaced every 6–8 years under typical circumstances. Of course, this is merely a general recommendation and not a cure-all method.

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