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Queen Vs Split Queen: Do You Know Their Differences?

This article will compare the queen vs split queen bed, looking at various aspects like size, adjustability, cost, and more. We aim to provide clarity and help you determine which option is better for your sleep requirements.

Let’s find the perfect solution for sleeping with us!

Queen Vs Split Queen: What Are The Differences?

Can You Name These Differences?

Looking at the names, you probably already know their main difference is that a queen bed has one mattress while the other has two.

However, the difference is much more than that, check out this section!


A Queen mattress is one mattress, but a split queen mattress is made up of two independent mattresses that are each 30 inches by 80 inches long.

A split queen model has two 80 x 30-inch separate mattresses. These two mattresses are placed side by side on the queen bed frame, forming a shared sleeping area.

However, there are some considerations to note with a split design. The seam between two mattresses can create a small gap or ridge in the middle (which is easily noticeable when lying directly on it). 

Also, bedding for the split option can be trickier as two sheets and a snug mattress cover are required to accommodate each mattress.


Which Is More Popular?

Regarding popularity, queen beds take the top spot with the most sought-after mattress sizes. They have gained widespread recognition and acceptance, making them the top choice of sleepers.

So regardless of your preferred mattress type (spring or foam), you’re almost guaranteed to find a suitable queen mattress for your needs for support and desired sleep preferences.

Adjustable features

Adjustable Features

The split queen highlights a highly customizable sleep experience regarding adjustable features, including mattress firmness.

They are especially suitable for adjustable bed where you can control each side. Thus, you can elevate the legs on one side while the other remains flat, allowing for personalized sleeping positions and comfort.

Besides, each sleeper can adjust the temperature to their preferences, ensuring a personalized sleeping environment without disturbing their partner.


Who Uses These Beds?

A queen bed is a choice for adults who sleep alone, couples, sleep with a pet or children, and they have a medium-sized bedroom. 

It provides a spacious sleeping surface, allowing sleepers to stretch and move during the night. Also, it is ideal for those who appreciate the proximity and share the same sleeping space.

But, if you want to minimize the disturbance caused by movement during the night, split queen mattresses may be more suitable. 

With separate mattresses, a person’s movements are less likely to shift to the other side, ensuring a more peaceful sleep for light sleepers. 

Also, a split queen mattress size is easy to transport if you have to relocate frequently. The smaller size and lighter weight help it be convenient to move through doorways, stairs, or tight spaces.


On average, a queen mattress costs between $800 and $2,000, while a split option falls between $700 and $2,000.

However, it is essential to note that discounts, promotions, or special offers from retailers can affect the final cost.

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Comparison table

FeaturesQueenSplit Queen
Size80 x 60 inches80 x 30 inches (each)
PopularityMore popularLess popular
Adjustable featuresMany adjustable featuresLack of adjustable features
Price$800 – $2,000$700 – $2,000

Queen Vs Split Queen: What Are The Pros And Cons?

After comparing these options, let’s check their main pros and cons!

Queen mattress


  • Ample space
  • Easy bedding
  • More popular


  • Limited customization

Split queen mattress


  • High customization
  • Reduced motion transfer of partner
  • Ease of transport


  • Need separate bedding

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Which Should You Choose?

Which Should You Choose?

Selecting between a queen and a split queen bed ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, including mattress material.

Choose a standard queen if you prioritize simplicity, cost savings, and spacious sleeping space for individuals or couples that do not require independent customization. 

Choose a split queen if you value personal comfort and the ability to adjust independently. 

In other words, this option is ideal for couples with different sleeping preferences, light sleepers, or those requiring a customized position. 

However, note the extra cost of separate bedding and a small gap or ridge between the mattresses.


By understanding the differences between the queen vs split queen outlined in our article, you can confidently choose the bed that best suits your needs, ensuring a good night’s sleep and optimal sleep comfort.

Whether you prioritize simplicity, communal space, or personal customization, choosing between them is a personal choice that should be based on your unique sleep preferences and lifestyle.


  1. Is a split queen two twins?

    No. It includes two separate mattresses at 30 x 80 inches, while twin mattresses are typically 38 x 75 inches dimension.

  2. Are split queen beds comfortable?

    Yes. With independent adjustability, these beds can provide customized comfort for each sleeper.

  3. Is a full bed cheaper than a queen?

    Yes, a full size mattress is cheaper than a queen size mattress due to the difference in the dimension. But prices can vary depending on the brand, materials, and features of the specific models being compared.

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