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Can You Use A Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a great solution to improve sleep since they allow you to adjust the frame’s position. So, can a regular mattress be used on an adjustable bed? To find the answer, I tested various mattresses. In this article, I will share my findings and recommend the mattresses that work best with these beds.

Can You Use A Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed? 

The answer is yes if the mattress is made of memory foam or latex. Innerspring mattresses are not recommended for adjustable beds due to their stiff coil construction and restricted range of motion.

Besides, the size, firmness, durability, and flexibility factors are also important considerations. 

Mattress type

Based on my tests, I found that non-innerspring models such as memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses work well with adjustable beds. I will tell you more detail for each type below:

Memory foam

Memory foam is an excellent choice for ergonomic beds due to its flexibility and sturdiness. It can bend easily with the movements of the frame, allowing me to find the most comfortable positions. Moreover, memory foam can contour to my body’s shape. This feature is beneficial for those with joint pain. 


Latex is also a good option. Like memory foam, this material is easy to bend without putting too much strain on the frame. Additionally, latex has natural cooling properties. Thus, I can stay comfortable at night, especially during hot weather.


Hybrid mattresses combine foam and springs. Sometimes, the combination of fantastic qualities makes them a choice for adjustable frames. For example, they are flexible. The combination of foam and springs allows the mattresses to bend and adjust with the movements of the frame. 


The coils inside these mattresses don’t bend as easily as memory foam or latex. So, when adjusting the bed’s position, the mattress doesn’t flex smoothly.  

Water bed

Water beds are filled with water. So, water beds are not compatible with adjustable frames and may become heavy or develop leaks.  

Air mattress

Air mattresses are suitable for short-term use, such as camping trips. Unfortunately, when I adjust the bed’s position, my air mattress can block airflow and be damaged when adjusting the bed’s position. 

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The material of the mattress is important


If the mattress is too big or small for the frame, the adjustable features do not work properly. So, I always check the size of the foam and match it with the dimensions of my bed frame to get the best result.  


Some foams are too stiff to bend with a moveable frame. On the other hand, if you pick a less firm foam, it can move more easily with the bed’s adjustments, making it more comfortable.  


The mattress should be easy to move along with the bed frame. Its thickness also affects how well it adjusts with the frame. For example, if the foam is too thick, changing according to the frame’s position will be challenging. Hence, you should choose a foam that is about 10 to 12 inches thick for optimal flexibility and adjustment with the bed frame.


The mattress should be durable too, so it can handle all the moving without wearing quickly. Flexibility and durability together make sure your mattress works well with the moveable bed frame and you can stay comfy for a long time.

Do Adjustable Bases Ruin Mattresses?

Using an adjustable base does not ruin the mattress above it, as long as a compatible type like latex or memory foam is used. However, it may cause the mattress to wear out faster. 

The constant adjusting and bending of the bed put more pressure on the mattress. So, to make mattresses last longer, go for flexible materials. The options I recommended above are durable and can handle the bending better, making them excellent choices. 

The adjustable frame does not ruin the mattress

Why Adjustable Beds Are A Good Choice?

Choosing the right bedding for this kind of bed is tricky. However, many people still like using it for the following reasons:

  • First, after a tiring day, you can enjoy a soothing massage in your bed. It even allows you to customize the massage functions to your liking. 
  • Besides, adjustable beds help reduce strain on the shoulders and neck by allowing you to raise your head and feet for ergonomic support. These features make your relaxation time much more comfy. 
  • Adjusting the bed to the ideal position also helps you fall asleep faster. Plus, you don’t have to keep fidgeting with the pillows. 
  • If you snore while sleeping, then this option can be a game-changer by elevating your head slightly. 
  • Back pain can be a struggle for many people. But if you use this product, you can find the perfect position that eases the pressure on your back.
Adjustable beds can improve your sleep quality

Can I Replace The Foam On The Adjustable Bed? 

Yes, just like I did. High-quality mattresses can last for years. However, it doesn’t mean forever. So, you have to replace the old ones when needed. 

The good news is you can replace the foam on the adjustable bed with any compatible foam that works well with the bed’s ergonomic features. It means that you can switch any foam when you want until you find the most comfortable one for your sleep. 


Overall, memory foam, latex, or hybrid mattresses fit the adjustable bed well. Their size, firmness, flexibility, and durability also affect their compatibility. Hopefully, this article can help you choose the best mattress to fit with your adjustable bed. 


  1. How thick should a mattress be for an adjustable bed?

    A thickness of 10 to 12 inches is recommended for an adjustable bed, as thicker models may affect flexibility and durability. Do not choose the too-thick models because the thickness can affect their flexibility and durability. 

  2. Can I use a pillow-top mattress on the adjustable bed?

    Yes. Almost all latex and memory foam mattresses can go well with the ergonomic bed; your options include those with a pillow top layer.

  3. Can side sleepers use adjustable bed frames?

    Yes, side sleepers can adjust the angle of their upper body slightly on adjustable bed frames to relieve pressure on their hips, neck, and shoulders for more comfortable sleep.

Harrison Carolean

Harrison Carolean

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