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Why Should I Use A Bed Frame? 6 Benefits Of Using Bed Frame

The purchase of bedroom furniture and equipment can be an expensive burden for some individuals. So many people think the budget-saving idea is to cut down as much furniture as possible, such as the bed frame. So, is that idea viable? Why do many people wonder about the question: “Why should I use a bed frame?” Let’s read on to find out via this post!

What Is A Bed Frame?

A bed frame is a piece of furniture that can support a mattress and base, such as a foundation or box spring. It can be made from materials such as wood, and metal, or fabrics such as leather. This furniture has several parts, including side rails, legs, header, and footer.

Some modern bed frames have improved by removing the header and footer. So, they will create a feeling of “floating” to create accents for the room. Let’s take a closer look at the types of materials for the manufacture of bed frames and their characteristics.


One of the most popular bed frames on the market is the wooden bed frame. The main reason is that this furniture has the widest variety of designs and styles. Different types of wood will have different colors and patterns. Choose or customize depending on your personal aesthetic preferences.

The structure of a wooden bedframe usually includes basic parts such as the headboard, the end of the bed, and the side walls. It also features horizontal slats in the middle to encourage airflow and support the mattress. A wooden frame also provides better support for your box spring.

However, box springs placed directly on the floor may scrape the flooring and cause the mattress to roll off, whereas a bed frame keeps your bed stable and elevated above the ground. So, if not necessary, the bed frame is enough.


Although wood is a traditional material, metal is gradually becoming a trend thanks to its modern design and high durability. Metallic material allows this furniture to have higher bearing capacity and loads. It is suitable for heavy mattresses such as hybrid or memory foam mattresses.

It would help if you looked for metal bed frames that are high quality and have a meticulous machining process. Quality products that can withstand 2500 pounds with no noise in motion. Besides the beautiful design, another advantage of this furniture is the quick assembly process. You will only need to spend a few minutes without tools.


Last but not least, a fabric bed frame is an aesthetic choice for those looking for a decorative frame. You can choose or design this furniture from a variety of fabrics. Some places even use leather as a high-grade material to make bed frames.

Why Should I Use A Bed Frame?

A traditional bed frame is essential as it provides support for your mattress. As a result, your body will also get better support from the traditional bed frame to fight potential health problems like back pain or arthritis.

If your body is properly supported during sleep, you will be less likely to wake up with pain or fatigue. Besides, the use of this furniture also improves and decorates your bedroom space. It also makes the room much more stylish and lively. Plus, the bed frame helps circulate air to prevent mold growth and dust mites.

Benefits Of Having A Bed Frame

A sturdy bed frame ensures a stable sleep, keeps the mattress in place, and stops it from becoming a dangerous problem. It also improve the room’s look and shields your mattress from mold, bugs, and grime.

To learn more about why you should equip a bed frame for your mattress. Here are some detailed reasons:


The main purpose of a bed foundation is to provide optimally and even support to the mattress. As a result, it brings several health benefits to the user. In detail, a strong and sturdy frame will help distribute the sleeper’s weight evenly to maintain the stability of the mattress. The floor certainly cannot give this feeling.

A study also found that sleeping on hard surfaces can increase back pain in adults. In addition, different types of products will come with additional features, and some products can even change how you feel about the mattress.

The use of bed frames, in short, gives you support most flexibly. Some products are also specifically designed to provide better support for their respective mattress types.


The second benefit of bed frames is increasing air circulation to make the storage space airier. When the mattress is some distance from the floor, air can get inside. So, it helps regulate the temperature better for the sleeper. Moreover, dust mites also favor damp areas, thus if your bed is on the ground, a lack of airflow may result in more mites around your face.

Improved mobility

For those with joint problems, chronic pain, tender joints, or even pregnant women, waking up from the floor can be daunting. Their limited mobility makes standing up more tiring. Mattresses placed too low on the floor are the main cause of this problem.

In addition, they need to sit up from their knees at a sufficient distance from the floor to solve it. The bed frame is the best answer to this question. You should choose products with a moderate height to get up quickly.


It’s a matter of the fact that the bed frame will be a great decoration for your room. If you just put an empty mattress on the floor, the room will look cold and boring. Except for a few who follow a minimalist lifestyle, most acknowledge the aesthetic of this piece.

Depending on the decoration style you choose, there are many different frame designs and constructions on the market. In addition, placing this piece of furniture also brings some benefits according to the feng shui element.

According to that traditional concept, you need to raise the bed higher than the floor. It will help the energy to circulate efficiently. In addition, place the frame close to the wall to provide the strongest support. Placing the mattress on the floor accumulates cold air that makes it difficult to sleep and stagnates the flow of energy.

Watch the following video to learn some feng shui concepts that apply to your bedroom arrangement.

Prevent mold

The recommended amount of time you need to sleep each day is eight hours. With more than a third of your life spent sleeping, it’s clear that you’re heavily attached to your bedroom. Sweat, body heat, and other fluids can seep into your mattress during sleep.

If you don’t clean your mattress regularly, it can lead to mold, dust mites, and bacteria growth on the surface. Putting the product in contact with the floor speeds up this process. In addition, insects such as ticks, fleas, or bedbugs are always looking for a place to land. The bed itself, when it gets old, is the ideal habitat and a nest for bed bugs if it’s right on the floor.

Therefore, when getting a new bed frame to raise the mattress above the floor, better airflow keeps the surface dry. It also prevents unwanted entry at night.

Storage space

A large bed will take up a lot of space in your bedroom. Elevating them gives you additional storage space. However, keep in mind that this space is not too large. It would be best if you were careful to choose rarely used items and furniture for storage. Some items that you should consider putting under the bed are duvets, sheets, or suitcases.

Besides, you can also invest in storage and roll-out shelves under the bed to organize items neatly without cluttering things up.

Drawbacks Of A Bed Frame

Besides some of the benefits and features, you also need to be aware of some limitations when using this piece of furniture. In some of the following cases, you may not need to add a bed foundation.


Depending on your product, investing in a quality mattress can be very expensive. Retrofitting a bed frame will likely affect your budget. The price for a stable frame ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Depending on the style, brand, and material of the product, you may be able to break the bank’s limit. The wise decision is to create budgets and control them when it’s time to invest.


Bed frames are bulky and large so they can narrow your bedroom. The lack of space will limit your activities and cause many inconveniences living. It is especially true for people who live in small apartments or live with roommates. You will need to pay attention to the space for the smartest layout. Another method you can apply is choosing minimalist and compact bed frames.


You won’t want to be woken up by the annoying creaking sounds of tossing and turning at night. Even if you choose a good quality product, they can still loosen and wear out over time. So you’ll have to endure the squeaky noises and squeaks you get when you’re on the move. To keep that limitation minimum, invest in models that use noise-reducing materials and have tight construction.

Can You Put A Mattress On the Floor?

In fact, we do not recommend placing the mattress directly on the floor. It easily causes health problems and is not hygienic. Even so, some may wonder why the Japanese can do that. There are several reasons for this.

The most immediate reason is that Japanese culture has been ingrained for decades. The people here have developed a special type of flooring that does not reduce the elasticity and effectiveness of the mattress. In addition, the futon mattress they use is a portable and lightweight product.

In short, you shouldn’t lie on the floor unless your bedroom has Japanese-style flooring and a futon mattress. Lying on the floor can even make you slip through the night and disrupt your sleep. Some brands will require some degree of comprehensiveness in the product to receive warranty service. A bedframe will ensure as little damage as possible.


Do You Need A Bed Frame For A Box Spring?

Yes, even if you already own a box spring, having a bed frame still has certain benefits. It makes your mattress firmer and more durable. The bed base is definitely an indispensable device if you are looking for a device that can completely support the box spring.

Do You Need A Bed Frame For A Memory Foam Mattress?

A quality bed base is an indispensable support item for any mattress, including a memory foam mattress. This memory foam mattress type requires even more bed frame support because of its softer texture than usual.

Should you pick a tall or short bed frame?

Tall bed frames are good for taller folks and give extra room below for storing things. They also keep away pets and little kids, which some find useful. On the other hand, short beds have their own benefits.


In short, this product has the ability to provide good support for your mattress as well as bring many health benefits. Although it is not really for everyone, this product still makes your home space more luxurious. The key is to find a product that can secure your bed, hold it in place, and support your weight effectively. This way, you will get a worthy investment.

David Elkie

David Elkie

David Elkie is the CEO at Banner Mattress. He has been in the writing and editing business for the mattress, bedding accessories and décor industries for over 20 years.