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How To Take Apart A Bed Frame? 7 Steps To Do It Yourself

Moving is a process that no one wants to experience many times in their life. It is a time full of fatigue, trouble, and cumbersome. The bedding is one of the pieces of furniture that takes up the most space. So, moving them will take a long time if you want to move them one block. The best option is to separate them into many small pieces to make carrying easier. In this article, we will help you learn how to take apart a bed frame. Let’s get started!

Can You Disassemble A Bed Frame Yourself?

You can completely disassemble the main bed frame alone with just one person. Moving this bulky piece of furniture is difficult, yet dismantling it is rather easy. All you need to prepare is the proper knowledge and tools. The process is quite simple, and the only trouble is that the heavy kit will consume your strength. Besides, the most important key is that you need to do it step by step and in the correct order. Start from the outside and work your way in.

How To Take Apart A Bed Frame? A Step-By-Step Guide

To disassemble a large and bulky piece of furniture like bedding, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Strip the bedding entirely

You definitely can’t do anything if you keep the condition of the bed. Make sure you remove all the bed linen and pillows before doing anything. After dismantling, remove all furniture lying on top and wash them thoroughly.

You’ll want to store these items in plastic containers with lids for the best protection. Stay away from shopping bags because of the potential for moisture to accumulate, damaging the material and this material is also not eco-friendly.

Step 2: Remove the base and mattress

The structure of most bedding on the market consists of five parts:

  • The bed head/headboard
  • The bed base (also known as gas lift/box spring)
  • The mattress
  • The bed frame
  • The footboard

To disassemble the two head-and-footboard components of the bed frame, you must remove the obstacle in the middle. This process will require the help of others to complete quickly and without much effort. As the first step, lift the mattress off the bedding. Please place it in a prepared storage bag.

Then, remove the base such as the box spring, and place it in the same protective pouch. These bags will help prevent the mattress from being stained, damaged, or flattened during transportation.

Step 3: Unscrew the headboard and footboard

Some bunk beds will come with a decorative headboard and footboard. Therefore, you will need to disassemble them before moving on to the next steps. Your maneuver will vary depending on the construction of the headboard and footboard. However, there are some general rules that you should keep in mind. Look for lightweight plastic bags to store bolts, screws, and nuts.

These tiny pieces of metal play an essential role in connecting devices together. If you want to be sure, sort the equipment into the plastic bag by packing tape with their respective name and color labels. Some screws are not easy to find on the market, so keep them intact.

Step 4: Remove the bedding slats

The following step in the disassembly process is disconnecting the slats from the ends of the frame. At this point, equip a hammer in your hand. Look at the rails at the foot of the bedding. The slats have hooks on the pegs if you see gaps in these areas. To loosen the connecting pins, you must use a hammer to apply force to the rail. Decoupling is more accessible when the connection loosens.

If your bed frame connects the slats with bolts, use a screwdriver to loosen them. After letting go of all constraints, you can easily separate the slats from each other. Start on one side first and slowly raise the rails until finished.

Step 5: Place and store all stuffs in ziplock bags

You have finished taking apart the parts of a bed frame by this point. Components and bedding rails will be everywhere under the floor. If you leave everything scattered, it will be challenging to find the necessary components later. You will want to store all the bolts, screws, washers, or nuts. Make sure to mark and categorize them carefully, so they don’t get confused when reassembled.

Gather the bags in one location or stick them on the corresponding part of the bed frame. To prevent stubborn duct tape from sticking and leaving stains, consider sticking the bag in the back or hidden corners.

Step 6: Wrap the bedding frame correctly

For the headboard and footboard, the care will be a little different. The method will also change depending on the bed frame material you choose. If your bed frame is created from wood, a moving blanket is excellent to cover this part. Note that do not use plastic as its shrinkage may damage the surface of the bed frame.

However, you also can combine plastic with moving blankets to form a solid and waterproof wrap. With metal bed frames, bubble wrap is a perfect choice. Because it keeps the edges intact and free from scratches due to impact.

Step 7: Wrap the mattress properly

The last part that you should pay attention to is the mattress. Its price is often relatively high, so the preservation process must also be meticulous. If you don’t know how to store it properly, you will face problems like mold, dirt, and pests. In addition, improper mattress placement can damage the inner box springs. It’s best just to lay them on their backs.


Disassembling a bed frame is a simple task when approached methodically. Start by stripping all the bedding before removing the mattress and its base. Following that, unscrew both the headboard and footboard, then proceed to take apart the slats. For better storage, place small components into zip bags. With these steps in mind, our guide aims to simplify your furniture moving process and ensure a hassle-free experience.


Can you use different screws to connect your bed frame?

You can use different bolts and screws to connect the bedding frame after disassembling it. However, this action is not advisable. Instead, if you want to disassemble your bed, have enough bags ready. Store and sort screws and components carefully in each bag. It will help prevent loss.

How to store slats after taking apart a bedding frame?

When you remove the bed frame, consider removing the bedding rails carefully. You will have to find a way to store these bars to be quickly reassembled later. These pieces can move around and get lost. So the best way to store them is to stack them all on top of each slat and glue the whole pack tightly.

Do all bed frames disassemble?

Always disassemble the bed frame before moving a bed! Beds almost always need to be disassembled in order to be taken out of a house or into a truck, whether they are tiny, straightforward metal bed frames or considerably more intricate creations. Bed frames are created by furniture makers to be stationary.

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David Elkie

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