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How To Hide Adjustable Bed Frame? 7 Effective Ways

Thanks to their advanced mechanisms, adjustable beds give you the best sleeping experience. However, some people find the frames annoying and want to conceal them. So, how to hide adjustable bed frames without affecting their functionality? In this article, we will discuss seven ways to tackle your problems. Let’s read on and determine what works best for you!

How To Hide Adjustable Bed Frame?

There are several techniques to help you conceal the unattractive bars of your bed frame. We also share some tips for each method right here.

Use a bed skirt

This is a reasonable and affordable use to choose. Normally, this skirt is a fabric fitted between the mattress and box spring to conceal the box spring and objects kept beneath your bed, making your room look more organized.

Bed skirts are the most common solution for hiding metal bed frames. They offer full coverage and are easy to set up. Many people decide to invest in them. We will spend time focusing on this topic in the following section.

Use a standalone bed frame.

Most adjustable base beds produced in Canada and the USA can work with separate frames. You can combine the relaxation of your adjustable bed with the modern look of the standalone frame for the best of both worlds.

You can also use hooks to connect the headboard of the separate frame to your adjustable bed for a more natural appearance. This solution is quite costly. However, users have more chances to mix the styles. Feel free to choose a model that can blend well with your interior.

Add a bench

Inserting a bench in front of your bed frame appears the most straightforward method. It helps hide a big part of the bed frame so people can’t see it when they walk into the room. Normally, the benches come in different sizes and shapes. The best model should give a visual and natural cover for the bars. The way to set it up is also important.

The benches may not cover all the sides completely, but you can use them to conceal the front. They are excellent at this job. As a result, if you only want to cover the front or see the front as an essential part, go for this simple method.

Use a big headboard.

You can redirect your attention away from the bed and toward the headboard. Hence, the frame will become less noticeable. The best part is that most current adjustable beds have headboard brackets as an optional attachment. It fits nicely in the whole setup.

Moreover, you can pick the style you like when buying. If you are a minimalist, go for sophisticated wooden items. Alternatively, choose a soft headboard to establish a sense of coziness in your bedroom.

Use a long sheet

The long sheets can cover the empty space of the bed, hiding the frames naturally. You can place two different sheets on the bed foundation, one on each side, halfway off, and halfway on your bed. The result looks like a tablecloth, giving a simple and elegant look. It can cover the space created by the bars successfully.

Add bed steps

The step looks like a chair, and you put it at the foot of your bed. This method shares the same idea as the bench. You can also choose the design and color you want as long as it fits the surrounding.

Why Should You Hide An Adjustable Bed Frame?

Hiding adjustable frames is optional as no guidelines ask you to perform this task. However, many users decide to cover the frames for these reasons:

Protect the adjustable bed

There is a motor inside the bed. Dust may accumulate there over time, degrading your equipment’s operation. Many people decide to hide the bed frame to avoid dust penetrating the motor and control box. Hence, your equipment can work smoothly and last longer.


Adjustable bed frames can be a danger to pets and children if they crawl underneath them. The frames can pinch or trap small animals, and they can also be a choking hazard for young children. Hiding the frame can help to prevent these accidents.

Moreover, they can also be a tripping hazard, especially if they are not properly anchored to the floor. Hiding the frame can help to make it less visible and therefore less likely to be tripped over


Adjustable bed frames can be quite unsightly, especially if they are made of metal. Hiding the frame can help to improve the overall appearance of the bedroom. Besides, they can also take up a lot of space. Hiding the frame can help to create a more spacious feel in the bedroom.

How To Choose Bed Skirts For Adjustable Beds?

As aforementioned, this skirt is the most common option among homeowners. But do the traditional bed skirts work similarly? How to choose the best one for your room? Before heading to the shop, let’s check our buying guide to make sure that you will make an informed decision.

Types of skirt

There are three main types of skirts you can find on the market.

Commercial wrap-around skirts

This option may be the simplest solution for your bed. It demands minimal labor to set up, and you can find it at any bedding shop. Wrap-around skirts have stretchable sides. Hence, you can pull them onto the bed without elevating the mattress.

Velcro strips bed skirts

When your bed has sides that move freely from one another, skirts with velcro strips are typically the best for attachment. You can wrap the steps quickly and directly around the frame. Be careful when installing the strips because they require a lot of skill and concentration. You will crook the strips due to your carelessness.

Amazon sells Velcro strips attached to a skirt. You can use the strips to customize the skirt on the standard bed frame.

Three-piece skirts

As the title suggests, this kind of skirt has three parts sewn or glued into the bed base at the sides and foot of the bed. You can customize the dimensions of the skirt to match your bed. When attaching the skirt, remember to measure the drop to ensure that both sides hang equally.

Some models include split corners, making it simple to set with some edge overlap. This feature adds up to their benefits when working to conceal the frames.


Remember to measure the length and width of your sleeping place and then determine the skirt’s size. You can choose between a skirt that skims the ground or one that touches it. If the skirt is too short, it can’t hide the slats completely. However, it will get dusty and dirty over time if it’s too long. The tripping hazard is also a big concern for excessively long skirts.


Many people use skirts for decoration. Hence, they come in many styles, colors, patterns, and shapes, giving you a lot of choices in this sector. The most important decision must be on the color. Make sure that the color you choose can fit the adjustable bed frames or complement it.


Non-luxury bed frames are generally affordable. The price range for these products is typically between $20 and $40. You can compare prices between different retailers before making a purchase.

Benefits Of Adjustable Beds

The frames of these beds sometimes make them annoying. However, sleepers are willing to spend time adjusting these models’ appearance because their benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Relieved back pain

Sleepers can reduce the pressure on their lower back by lying elevated. Moreover, lifting your legs helps relieve stress on the spine’s central part. These simple features can gradually reduce back discomfort( or instantly in some cases), making the equipment worthwhile.


A split layout comes with several adjustable frames. It enables the sleeper to modify one side of the bed separately from the other. Moreover, split beds substantially minimize motion transfer, resulting in fewer sleep disruptions.

Reduced snoring

Sleepers can quickly reduce by raising their backs on an adjustable mattress. Some models allow easy adjustments, guaranteeing the best support for sleepers even when they don’t lie horizontally.

Reduced apnea symptoms

The sleeping posture helps alleviate apnea symptoms because your upper airways become less constricted. The smoother airways help you breathe easier. As a result, these models can reduce nightly awakenings caused by interruptions in breathing, which is common among people with sleep apnea.


Adjustable beds can make a significant improvement in your sleep. Although the framework doesn’t look very nice to some people, you can fix it with various tools or simply change its position. Do you find this article helpful? If you need further information before making your purchase, please feel free to ask.

David Elkie

David Elkie

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