Are Allswell Mattresses Toxic? (Answer & Explain Here)

Are Allswell mattresses toxic? As a seeker of a healthy lifestyle, I understand how important it is to find a high-quality mattress. I have used Allswell products, and they impressed me with their quality.  

I will explore the materials used in Allswell products and their certifications. So let’s check carefully to ensure you can make an informed decision!

Are Allswell Mattresses Toxic? 

The answer is No. Allswell mattresses do not contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, or any flame-deterrent substances. 

So what are the materials of these products? Does the manufacturer produce eco-friendly mattresses? I will reveal the answers right here!

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What are the Allswell mattresses made of?

This brand combines coils and memory foam to create a hybrid mattress construction for its products. They pay attention to every detail so you can achieve a satisfying experience. More specifically, the manufacturer uses 33% polyethylene and 67% polyester to make a mattress. Then, they secure it to the memory foam layer underneath by stitching. It helps to add to the overall comfort of the mattress.

The use of polyester and polyethylene in the production process offers tons of benefits, such as:

  • Polyester: This material is hypoallergenic and breathable, making it a perfect choice for sleepers suffering from overheating at night. It’s also one of the lowest off-gassing materials to make mattresses.  
  • Polyethylene: Polyethylene foam is heat resistant and can maintain its shape in different temperatures. The lightweight characteristic is another plus. 

Underneath the cover, I find 2-inches of memory foam. This foam layer contributes to its comfort and also helps relieve pressure points. One of the best parts about it is that the company infuses memory foam mattress with copper and charcoal to help regulate temperature by absorbing body heat. Hence, you will have a comfortable sleep experience.

Another benefit that I appreciated from charcoal and copper infusions is odor control. Charcoal has natural odor-absorbing properties. Hence, when infused memory foam, it can minimize unwanted odors. 

In terms of support, the individually wrapped coils play a vital role. These coils are springs wrapped in the fabric sleeve. I feel this unique design enables them to respond to pressure separately rather than all at once. The wrapped coils provide firmness and stability to the mattress. Moreover, with each spring wrapped in its fabric, you won’t encounter noisy squeaks commonly found in older mattresses.   

Lastly, an Allswell mattress features edge support. It means they reinforce the edges to extend the sleeping surface area. It’s a nice feature that lets you use the entire mattress comfortably.

Are Allswell mattresses eco-friendly?

Yes. The company offers eco-friendly conditions. They take steps to be mindful of their impact on the ecosystem. Thus, they use sustainable materials and recycled packaging whenever possible. Moreover, the brand is CertiPUR-US certified, so you can be confident that their products are made of safe and eco-friendly materials. 

CertiPUR-US certification ensures the products have low volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels. They are also free from harmful substances like metals, formaldehyde, flame retardants, phthalates, and ozone depleters. 

Are Allswell Mattresses Good For Sensitive Sleepers? 

Yes. The polyester material in the Allswell mattress is ideal for those who have allergies or cope with overheating while sleeping. I also appreciate the memory foam because it provides excellent pressure relief and contouring support. It can conform to my body’s shape, alleviating pressure points. 

Moreover, the wrapped coils used in the mattresses offer targeted support and motion isolation. Each coil responds to pressure independently. Hence, it minimizes motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.  

Who Is Allswell Mattresses For? 

Products from this brand can cater to many people with various sleeping preferences.

  • Health-conscious individuals: This company’s products come with eco-friendly materials and do not contain harmful toxins. Hence, they are particularly appealing if you prioritize your health and want to create a healthier sleep environment.
  • Average weight sleepers: These mattresses can work well for those who weigh around 130 to 250 pounds. They have high-quality construction and durable materials, making them a terrific option. 
  • Back and side sleepers: These sleepers often need the soft and medium-firm level support of memory foam mattress, this brand offers Supreme and Luxe models for support and comfort. 
  • Couples: The individually wrapped coils minimize disturbances from the partner’s movements during the night.

The company offers a generous 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. So, you have ample time to test their products in the comfort of your own home and their commitment ensures that you don’t have to worry about long-term protection for your investment. 


So, you can clear about the question “Are Allswell mattresses toxic?” This is no! The company manufactures them with safety production. They only use materials that meet standards and certifications. They are also suitable for sensitive and allergic sleepers. So consider your needs, and you can tell if they can be your best mattress choices!