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Avocado Mattress Lawsuit: Why Did It Happened?

Almost all big websites include a screen reader for users to utilize if needed. Yet, the Avocado mattress’s website doesn’t. 

We cannot deny it causes a lot of inconveniences for the disabled. This is the main reason for the Avocado mattress lawsuit. 

This article will provide the details of the lawsuit and other related information. Read until the end!

Is There Any Avocado Mattress Lawsuit?

Yes. There is a lawsuit against Avocado. 

A blind woman filed a class action complaint against Avocado Mattress. She argued that its website is inaccessible to blind and apparently impaired people utilizing a screen reader.

Screen readers are a sort of assistive technology. It converts text and recognized icons on a website into speech or braille, allowing persons with sight problems to access the site as well. Users can install it on their desktop and mobile devices to assist them in accessing digital information.

This problem has caused great frustration and inconvenience for the blind community. That’s why the woman decided to sue the brand. The New York federal court received this lawsuit. 

Details Of Avocado Mattress Lawsuit 

According to Jackson’s lawsuit, the Avocado mattress failed to design, build, maintain, and manage its website in line with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). It was not completely accessible to and usable by the blind or folks with vision problems.

The ADA compels employers, commercial businesses, and public entities to provide the disabled with equal access. Noncompliance impacts everyone who is denied access due to a handicap.

As a result, Jackson wishes to represent everyone who is blind or has a visual impairment and has attempted to visit the Avocado Mattress website.

Avocado has a lawsuit related to an ADA issue

Detailed Information Of The Lawsuit

In recent years, accessibility and inclusiveness have become major factors for home product makers and merchants. Businesses such as Ikea and Pottery Barn have launched accessible furniture and decor lines to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

On the other hand, Avocado was recently chastised in a class action lawsuit over the accessibility of its website. Sylinia Jackson filed the suit on May 25 in a New York federal court for the Southern District of New York.

The lawsuit pointed out: “Inaccessible website content implies that it denies the disabled equal access to the information.” Thus, the website will prevent “unqualified people” from finding out more about the products at the entrance. 

Jackson also reported various barriers, including a lack of alt text, empty/unaccessible links that tripped the screen reader, and multiple pages with the same title. They make her challenging or impossible for the screen reader to translate material on these pages.

“The access barriers Plaintiff encountered have caused a denial of Plaintiff’s full and equal access in the past and now deter Plaintiff on a regular basis from accessing the Website,” the Avocado Mattress class action states.

Jackson’s lawsuit looks for an injunction requiring the corporation to make its website accessible, class action status, damages, costs, fees, and a jury trial.

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Does Avocado Contain Fiberglass? - The answer is no

Is There A Fiberglass Lawsuit Against Avocado Mattress?

No, there are not any lawsuits accusing Avocado mattresses of using fiberglass in their products. Due to major health and safety concerns, The brand does not utilize fiberglass in any part of its certified organic mattresses, including the covers, or as a flame retardant.

How The Brand Handled This Issue

Some people might believe that some lawsuits were filed against the brand for using fiberglass. However, Avocado Mattress has denied the allegations and stated that the lawsuits are without merit. The company has indicated that it will vigorously defend itself against the lawsuits.

Do Avocado Mattresses Meet Ethical Standards?

Yes. Avocado mattress claims to prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in manufacturing its products. Some of their key initiatives and certifications include:

  • Organic materials. Avocado Mattress uses organic materials in their mattresses, such as organic cotton and organic wool. These materials are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • Natural and non-toxic materials. Avocado Mattress avoids using harmful chemicals in its products, such as polyurethane foam, flame retardants, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They use natural materials like latex foam, which is certified by the eco-INSTITUT.
  • Sustainability. Avocado uses eco-friendly manufacturing practices, such as reducing waste and using renewable energy. They are certified by the Rainforest Alliance and Climate Neutral.
  • Social responsibility. Avocado brand partners with various organizations to support social causes, such as planting trees and supporting farmers.
Avocado claimed to prioritize ethics

Final thoughts on Avacado mattress lawsuit

That’s all about the Avocado mattress lawsuit of the inaccessible website for the disabled. It is worth noting that under the ADA, websites that offer goods or services to the public must be accessible to people with disabilities. 

They include individuals with visual, auditory, and other disabilities that may affect their ability to access and use websites.


What is the Avocado mattress made from?

Avocado mattresses are produced with GOLS-certified organic latex rubber foam sourced from sustainable sources. It’s an eco-friendly, high-performance material that outperforms synthetic, mixed, or petroleum-based polyurethane foams in terms of resilience, durability, and temperature regulation.

Why do Avocado mattresses smell?

A spokesperson from Avocado assures consumers that the odor they’ve been experiencing is not popular and not related to off-gassing. It’s rather “a mild, sweet perfume due to the natural latex and/or natural wool we utilize.”

Why is the brand called Avocado?

They utilized their own money to create an honest item that stands out from practically anything else on the market. Avocado Green Mattress was the name given to both the main product and the firm. It is because avocados are said to be green, and everyone likes them!

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