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How Much To Tip Mattress Delivery? Ideal Tip Amount

You have just got your new mattress and don’t know how much to tip mattress delivery? I’ve got you covered! Tipping is a friendly gesture to express how much you appreciate the service. Below, I will provide a reasonable amount of tips for mattress delivery services.

How Much Should You Tip For Mattress Delivery? 

Tips for mattress delivery services often range between $5 and $20. The exact amount depends on the difficulty of the delivery, the shipping time, and the demeanor of the drivers. In some cases, tipping may not be necessary. 

What factors should be considered for tipping?

The amount for tipping is not fixed. However, several factors may influence it as below: 

The difficulty of the delivery 

If the delivery service includes bringing the mattress to your door, you should consider tipping around $5 to $10 per person. If two people handle the task, make sure to tip them equally. However, if you live in a building without an elevator, it will change everything. The carriers may have to bring the mattress to a high floor. So, it would be better to give them around $10 to $20 per person.  

The size of the mattress also matters. Carrying a lightweight mattress is much easier than handling a heavier one. Thus, you can be more generous. If the service includes setting up the new mattress or removing the old one, it deserves extra recognition. In such cases, you may consider adding an extra tip of $5. 

Delivery time

The delivery time does not directly determine the amount you should tip. However, it will impact your satisfaction. Although my previous order was prompt, I needed a new mattress immediately. So I asked the store to ship it quickly. And when the mattress arrived on time, I didn’t mind tipping on the higher end of the range mentioned above.

Their demeanor

The attitude and demeanor of the delivery people also affect how I perceive the service. I often tip polite and friendly carriers as a way to appreciate their customer service. Plus, if I realize the delivery men take extra care with my purchase, I won’t hesitate to increase the tip by $5 to $10 per person. I want to appreciate their attention to detail. 

The tipping depends on various factors

When to tip and when not to?

Tipping is a way to show your appreciation for good services. It means if you have a good experience, reward the carriers in some ways. Meanwhile, you don’t have to give them anything if the service is terrible. 

For example, the delivery guys may have rude behaviors. Sometimes, they refuse to help you bring the mattress into your house or set it up. In these cases, tipping is not necessary. Another case is careless shipping. Part of this service is ensuring the item comes to the right place. If the carriers neglect this regulation, you don’t have to tip them. 

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Only tip when the service is good

Dos And Don’ts Of Tipping Mattress Delivery Drivers 

Tipping is simply about rewarding the delivery drivers with something they deserve. But interestingly, there are some rules for it. 


  • Show your gratitude for their efforts when tipping them. Money is important, but your attitude makes them happier. 
  • You can give them more if the drivers offer extra services, like navigating difficult conditions. 


  • Tipping is voluntary. Thus, the drivers must not ask you for it. If you get stuck in this case, contact the service provider for help. 
  • You don’t have to tip too much. So consider how much is okay for your pocket. 

What Should You Do If You Cannot Tip For The Delivery Staffs? 

If you don’t have any money left, just be honest about your financial situation. There are other ways to show gratitude to the service and the drivers. 

For example, you can express your appreciation for their efforts. A simple “thank you” can be all they need after a long trip. Otherwise, you can reach out to their managers to praise them. Positive feedback is valuable for their job performance. Who knows, it can help them in other ways!

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You do not need money to say "thank you"

Ways To Help The Mattress Delivery Crew 

Tipping is not the only way to say “thank you.” Here are some tips you should try after receiving a good service:

  • You can offer the crew some water on a hot day or clear the way for them to move the mattress. These simple gestures make their job easier. 
  • A thank-you card or homemade treat can also express your gratitude for their service. Yet, make sure to check if the company policies allow them to accept gifts. 
  • If the drivers seem okay with it, you can lend a helping hand when they are carrying the foam. 
  • Sharing positive experiences with your friends is another good idea. The drivers and their companies will appreciate it as you are helping grow their business. 


In conclusion, you should tip the mattress delivery staffs from $5 to $20. Since there is no guideline, you just consider the amount based on the service quality. The key here is to show your kindness, so consider the best way for your case!


  1. Is it compulsory to tip the mattress delivery?

    No. Although tipping is common in many cultures, it is not compulsory. In most cases, kind words and your helping hands are enough to appreciate the carrier's efforts.  

  2. How much should I tip for bed assembly service?

    It depends on how complicated the assembly is. A tipping  range from $10 to $20 may be enough. If you are pleased with their professionalism and customer service, you can give them more.  

  3. Can I tip for mattress delivery service lunch?

    Yes. However, it can be costly, and some drivers are uncomfortable with your invitation. Instead, consider tipping to show how much you like their services.

Harrison Carolean

Harrison Carolean

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