Does Mattress Firm Take Old Mattresses? (The Fact Here)

Many people are concerned about disposing of their old mattresses before buying a new one. It’s crucial to check if the company you plan to buy offers this service. So, does mattress firm take old mattresses or not? The answer is below.

Does Mattress Firm Take Old Mattresses? 

Yes, mattress firm takes old mattresses if you have purchased a new one from them. Simply put, they will only accept as many old mattresses that are comparable to the number of new mattresses you purchased from them.

Not all mattress firms offer to purchase old mattresses. Some firms provide a liquidation service that will pick up your old mattress once they have delivered it to you. 

This also saves space in your room, as you won’t have an additional space in your house since your old mattress is removed on the day you receive the new one. Furthermore, this alleviates some of the tension associated with removing your old mattress.

Program requirements: Your local provider will send a pickup truck to collect your old mattress and any other large items that cannot be disposed of in the garbage. One problem with this policy is that a high charge is paid for this service.

Conditions Of Mattress Firm When Taking Old Mattresses

  • Only a few large-scale mattress companies provide free haul-away.
  • The delivery team will only remove a used mattress as part of a new one purchase from the company on a one-to-one basis.
  • The delivery personnel will not remove mattresses that are unclean or in unsanitary circumstances. Unsanitary circumstances include, but are not limited to, filthy or moist things, bug or other pest infestations, and items left outside.
  • An approved individual must be physically present and offered at the haul-away address for the whole day that the haul-away is planned. You will be called the evening before with your 2-hour haul away time frame as a courtesy. An authorized person 18 years of age or older must be present at the pick-up address for the haul-away.
  • You will be charged a delivery fee if you want to postpone your haul-away, but not if there are service outages on mattress firm’s end. If the delivery crew is delayed or the haul away date is rescheduled, delivery costs will not apply.

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Some Firms Have Receive Old Mattresses Programs

Some firms provide a liquidation service that will pick up your old mattress once they have delivered your new one. Here are some examples of companies in the United States who provide free mattress recycling or disposal services.


Casper provides a recycling service in collaboration with a recycling organization called “The Retour Mattress Program.” They will take up your old mattresses for free if you buy a new one from them with the privacy policy.


When you buy a modern mattress from IKEA, they will take up your old one for no extra charge as part of their bedding and furniture recycling program.

Other programs

Mattress firm offers a recycling program known as “The Beducator’s Recycling Network” in some locations. Visit their website and input your zip code to see whether this program is offered in your region.

It’s usually a good idea to check with the individual company you’re interested in to see whether they have a mattress recycling or disposal program and what the specifics of the program are.

Organizations Accept Old Mattresses

These organizations are either national or global, with locations throughout North America and, in some cases, the whole world.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity operates a chain of thrift stores called ReStore, the proceeds of which go solely to finance Habitat construction and housing initiatives. ReStore sites differ in terms of what they accept and whether they provide house pick-up–especially when it comes to mattresses. 


Goodwill is a nonprofit network that operates thrift stores and sells donated things. These sales support educational, training, and job placement programs for persons who face employment challenges, such as those who have been laid off, those with impairments, and those with limited work experiences. Some sites accept decent condition mattresses, while others do not. 

Catholic charities

Catholic Charities operates smaller humanitarian service groups throughout the United States. Their programs are open to persons of all religious backgrounds (or none at all), not only Catholics. 

They specifically manage a variety of residential housing programs and shelters, and are frequently in need of beds in appropriate donation condition (particularly twin and full beds) in certain areas. 


So, the fact that only a few major mattress firms accept old mattresses for purchase, but if you have recently bought a new mattress from the firm. It’s critical to confirm that the company you intend to purchase from provides this service.