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Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass? Secret Revealed

Fiberglass is a glass material and low-cost plastic often used in various manufacturers’ mattresses. 

The presence of this substance in mattresses has caused a lot of controversy regarding health and safety, especially among Molblly customers. 

So does Molblly mattress have fiberglass? This article will give you a detailed answer with the related knowledge you need to know to choose the most suitable item from this brand.

 Let’s keep reading to find out! 

Does Molblly mattress have fiberglass? The answer is yes

Does Molblly Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Molblly mattresses contain fiberglass. They use this material to satisfy the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s flame retardancy standards. 

However, it can affect users’ health if they expose this layer directly.

The good news is that some newer product lines of Molblly have eliminated this component from the material list.

How much fiberglass does it contain in the Molblly mattress?

The amount of this material in the inner cover will be around 60%. It can change a bit depending on the year and model.

As a thermal barrier and insulator, fiberglass is a protective component, melting instead of burning if the mattress catches fire.

It also slows the fire’s spread. The flames will take longer to reach the combustible items on the interior of your mattresses.

Is it safe to use fiberglass?

When touched, this component can irritate the skin. Thus, if working with it, wear safety glasses, gloves, and other protective items.

While inhaling these minute glass fibers may cause coughing and sneezing, they may also penetrate deep into the lungs. 

Short-term exposure to this substance also produces a sore throat, coughing, red eyes, itchiness, stomach problems, and other symptoms. Asthmatics may be aggravated by this exposure as well.

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Are Molblly mattresses safe to use? It causes some problems for those with sensitive skin.

How to deal with molblly mattresses properly?

Don’t be alarmed if your mattress contains fiberglass. It won’t be a serious problem when you know how to use and maintain your bed properly.

  • Utilize bed covers: If a hole develops in the mattress cover, the fiberglass within can readily escape. 

As these mattresses are inexpensive, their covers are likely to be reasonable and less durable than more expensive types

It is best to use a good-quality protector to safeguard the mattress.

  • Never remove the mattress cover: This is because it contains a fiberglass layer that acts as a fire retardant. You might release the fiberglass when you take off the cover.
  • Change the mattress: If you don’t want to sleep on an item with a fiberglass layer, you should swap it out for a safer one.

About Molblly Mattresses

Molblly is a manufacturer founded in 2007. 

When compared to a typical spring mattress with a non-memory foam top layer, this Molblly mattress includes a memory foam comfort layer that can perfectly adjust to your body form to relieve pressure and boost comfort.

Moreover, the product price is affordable, making it wonderful for young people!

Molblly performance

Molblly is a famous mattress brand that not only has a wide range of products but also has great performance and advantages for users, such as firmness, pressure relief, temperature, and odor.

Check out those benefits below:


As the foam settles, you will notice an underlying level of firmness from the 2 inches of higher-density comfort foam. 

This layer prevents you from sinking too much into the mattress while allowing the pushback of the even denser support core to bleed through, offering contoured support for your joints and spine.

However, the exact feel of this product will vary based on body type, weight, and sleeping position.

Pressure relief

Because the comfort layer of this mattress contains memory foam, the bed can feel as though it is caressing the body.

It relieves incredibly precise pressure on the most angular body parts. The foam can gradually conform to embrace the more intricate protrusions and recesses, such as the lower back, shoulder blades, and individual vertebrae.

Traditional innerspring mattresses are unlikely to provide this level of precise shaping since the top layer cannot conform specifically to each section of your body as memory foam can.


Memory foam items tend to sleep hot. That is why, in general, it is a poor choice for customers who prefer to sleep cool.

Yet, this Molblly memory foam product boasts characteristics that help to combat this and may even regulate your body temperature while you sleep. 

The major feature is the cooling gel embedded into the memory foam layer, which is further improved by the breathable top cover.


Because the CertiPUR-US foams used in the Molblly have a low VOC content, the mattress has a less “chemical” smell after opening.

Over time, the hypoallergenic cover makes mold growth more difficult, resulting in a more hygienic and less stinky mattress overall.

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Molblly products perform well and are affordable.


Does Molblly mattress have fiberglass? Yes, many models of this brand contain this material. 

However, newer models are now fiberglass-free for safety reasons. If you want to know whether your mattress contains fiberglass, you can read the certificate label or product information on the Internet. 

Moreover, you should follow some of the tips mentioned above to use the mattresses safely and reduce the risks of exposure. 


Do all mattresses contain fiberglass?

No, not all mattresses contain fiberglass, especially when its disadvantages become more well-known. Nonetheless, the material is employed as a low-cost method for mattresses in the United States to meet government safety regulations. Instead of fiberglass, they can use silica to have the same effect. 

Can fiberglass be removed from your body?

Yes. The skin can get rid of fiberglass. But it takes time, and not all of them may be removed from the skin. Treating the rash and removing any visible fiberglass from the skin is important. If the symptoms persist, a person may require medical attention.

Do glass fibers stay in your lungs?

Yes. Sneezing and coughing work as the body’s defense mechanisms, helping eliminate inhaled fibers from our body. But fiberglass that enters the lungs may be retained there or in the thoracic area. Fiberglass ingestion is eliminated from the body through feces.

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