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What Is A Euro Top Mattress: Definition & Comparison

In this article, we dive into the definition of Euro top mattress and compare it to a pillow top mattress to help you choose the best option for your needs in this post. Join us as we explore the unique features of these mattresses.

What Is A Euro Top Mattress? 

A Euro top mattress is similar to a pillow top, but it includes an additional layer of plush cushion material that is sewn into the mattress’s cover. Euro tops are typically dense and long-lasting, and they are made with foam or fiber fillings.

Benefits of A Euro top mattress

  • The edges are flush with the bed’s sides for a more elegant appearance.
  • It enhances the softness of the mattress’s surface.
  • It offers superior edge support compared to a pillow top.

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A Euro Top mattress makes the surface of the mattress softer

Disadvantages of a Euro top mattress

  • Because the Euro top is sewn into the mattress’s cover, it tends to be firmer than a pillow top.
  • They are often priced higher than pillow top mattresses and other bed designs.
  • They cannot be flipped due to the one-sided nature design.

Who Should Use A Euro Top Mattress?

There are many different mattress designs. Let’s see who suits the most with this kind of mattress.

  • A Euro top is an excellent choice for individuals seeking an additional comfort layer. It gives the mattress’s top a soft layer. This type of mattress provides a soft layer on top.
  • A Euro top mattress is more durable than a typical pillow top mattress if you seek something long-lasting.
  • Compared to a mattress without a Euro top, back and side sleepers will likely appreciate the pressure alleviation and cushioning it can offer.
  • Couples and individuals who are heavy sleepers (weighing 250 pounds or more) can benefit from the strengthened edge support found in Euro top mattresses because it will enable them to sleep all the way to the edge of the mattress.
Euro top is ideal for people who want an extra comfort layer

Euro Top vs Pillow Top: Which Is Better?

Overview of a pillow top mattress

A pillow top mattress has an additional layer of cushioning on top. On top of the mattress cover, a pillow top is a unique piece of cushioning (made of foam or fiberfill). This indicates that the pillow top’s outer edges are typically not sewn to the mattress’s edges. This is in contrast to the Euro top type, where the additional padding is stitched into the cover to be flush with the mattress edges.

Euro top vs pillow top: How to choose?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between these two types of mattresses: A Euro top mattress and a pillow top mattress.

  • Feel: A pillow top is perhaps the best option if you’re looking for an incredibly soft and luxurious feel. Choose the Euro top if you prefer a slightly firmer feel.
  • Durability: The Euro top mattress is definitely best for you if you want the most durable mattress for your money. However, if comfort is more important than durability, a pillow top will do just fine.
  • Edge support: In the same way, if you value good edge support (i.e., how effectively the mattress’s edge supports weight), choose the Euro top. Firm edge support is a desirable feature for couples, heavier sleepers, and persons with mobility challenges because it can make it simpler to use the entire surface of the bed and provide additional support overall.
  • Price: Due to its more complicated construction, a mattress with a Euro top will typically cost more than a pillow top.

Recommended Euro top mattresses

Here are some summaries of the best mattresses from some well-known mattress reviews!

There are many choices of a Euro top mattress for your reference!
  • Birch Luxe mattress
  • DreamCloud Premier mattress
  • WinkBed mattress
  • Brentwood Oceano mattress
  • Saatva HD mattress

Recommended pillow top mattresses

  • Helix Midnight Luxe mattress
  • Avocado Green mattress
  • Nolah Evolution mattress
  • Logan & Cove mattress


In conclusion, a Euro top mattress combines comfort and support, offering a luxurious sleep experience. Through out this post, hope you can consider a Euro top or pillow top that best suit for your needs. 


  1. Can a Euro top mattress be flipped?

    No. The firm base layer is what you'll sleep on if you flip most Euro top mattresses, which typically only have the cushy layer on top of the mattress. But you can always turn it 180 degrees to lessen damage and increase the longevity of the mattress.

  2. Do Euro top mattresses sag?

    Most mattresses will sink over time. A Euro top, however, is a solid shape that shouldn't sag too soon. A good quality Euro top mattress should last 8 to 10 years.

  3. Are Euro top mattresses beneficial for back pain?

    Yes. Euro top mattresses should be helpful for back pain for back sleepers since they offer an outstanding balance of comfort and support. But stomach sleepers should avoid these beds unless they are marked as firm mattresses since they cannot be soft enough for them.

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